You Reign

You reign O Lord, You reign.

We live in your kingdom O Lord. To you all glory and honor belong. You have been exalted and you are head above all. You are over all, in all, breathing life into all. Breathing life into us. All we have comes from your hand Lord. Riches and honor come from you. All we fill our hands with to bring you is because you have given first to us. Without you, we would have nothing.

You reign over all. You reign over every circumstance and happenstance of life. You reign over the plans we meticulously make. You reign and everything is visible to you. Not a thing happens but you have full knowledge of it beforehand. Nothing takes you by surprise or catches you off guard.

You reign over our lives.  You have chosen to walk with us. You hold out your hand to us and you are pleased when we place our hand in yours and walk with you.  In your hand is power and might, in your hand we find healing, friendship, protection and covering from the storm.

Your mighty right hand is full of power and might. We are holding onto that hand. You said we are one. You infuse your power and might into us. We stand strong in the storm. In the calm, we look to you. You are our song in the night and hear our praises in the sunlight.

You lift us up. You carry us upon your shoulders and as your beloved we are happy and content to be carried there all the day.

You reign. Have your way in our lives. We know your plans for us are good. We know that our life is a combination of experiences, added one at a time at just the right time. We know you have designed and heated the fire just for us.  You are looking for a perfect bride, one without spot or wrinkle and so Lord God, we yield to the fire. We hold onto your hand all the daylong. You have not let go of our hand as we are in our refining crucible. Your hand is shaping us even now.

You are bringing forth fruit that will last for eternity. Without the fire, there is no fruit.

I am thankful for the fire, for the fruit that brings Him glory.

Listening for His heart,

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  1. Mary Gemmill says

    Oh Jeannie- I want to get to the place you have got to so that you can write these words.
    You and Bruce have been refined in the furnace of affliction, and yet you have been able to daily encourage others. You are a wonderful ” mentor” for me- I am learning so much from you- thank YOU:)
    In the battle of recent weeks I have been reminded of Jesus in Gethsemane when we read the words: for the JOY set before Him, He endured the cross. I look forward with eager anticipation to being with the Lord, because I know that then we will see the fulfillment of: These light afflictions are BUT FOR A MOMENT, but work for us an exceeding weight of glory.
    I am so very grateful to all those who have supported me in prayer as it has made such a difference and I have my head above water again and can see light all around instead of away in the distance. I am grateful to God for the people He has surrounded me with- in New Zealand and in the Blogosphere:)
    Today i really loved the word picture you painted for me with these words:
    You lift us up. You carry us upon your shoulders and as your beloved we are happy and content to be carried there all the day.
    Oh, YES~!
    Love and prayers for the Lord’s sustaining POWER to continue to lift you up and keep you on His shoulders.

  2. Mike Fisk says

    Excellent words Jeannie. Such a fitting reminder of who we serve. Keeps our hearts in check and our focus on the promises he’s given. Thanks for these words of hope. ~Mike

  3. Helen Murray says

    “You lift us up. You carry us upon your shoulders and as your beloved we are happy and content to be carried there all the day.”
    I love this! I am His child and I love to be carried on the shoulders of my Daddy.
    Thankyou for this beautiful post. I read it through and then again and my best response is ‘Amen’.

    • Jeannie says

      Bless you Helen! Aren’t you glad our Daddy’s shoulders are so huge and we can all just snuggle in up there without having to push anyone to move over? So glad to meet you Sister!

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