Worry Will Not Reign

Are there some priorities that take precedence over treasuring the Word in your heart?  Have you ever thought about what you were really  trusting in and be willing to let that go?

The Lord has been showing me what is in my heart and is stripping away the peripheral so that my trust is in Him alone.  No question but that this is the hardest walk of trust I have ever experienced!

I have worried and fretted and yet the Lord knows and is intimately acquainted with the way we take.  Our decisions have been made after seeking His heart and direction.  We are aligned with Him and I am confident He is going to cause a ‘suddenly’ that will see the answer we are looking for!

I do love the way He speaks to us in the still of the night.  In the hours that seem so dark and lonely, He shines His light and gives us hope.

I love the way He speaks and I love the way He gives us ears to hear.

This was my night hearing:

‘Child, You allow worry to reign. You allow worry to shape your thoughts and worry dictates your actions.

Oh yes, I know you love Me, you love My Word, but you have allowed worry to shuffle in alongside My Word.

Too often you listen to the voice of worry and do not use your voice to speak My words of faith, hope and love over your life.  Use your voice to speak those words of faith, hope and love over every area of your lives. 

You are My Beloved, I will hear you when you call, I pay attention to the words you speak.

I created the earth, the galaxies, the seas and everything on the earth and in the seas.  Things too intricately designed for your full understanding.

 I created all from nothing but My spoken word and uphold all things by the power of that same word.

Do you really think, as worry does, that your dilemnas are too difficult  for Me?  Do you not know that everything about you and every moment of your life is seen by Me and is important to Me because you are My treasured possessions?

Do not worry, do not fret.  Do not take upon yourselves the imagined troubles of tomorrow that may never come.

I Am with you, to uphold you by the strength and power of My mighty right hand.  I Am here for you, My precious one.

Speak the words of life and truth I have inspired.  Can you imagine how far reaching they are, the effect they will have on your circumstances?

Worry is the biggest thief.  Worry says, ‘I might not be big enough, you might not be good enough.‘  Worry will surely rob you of My blessings.

Worry pushes you to work harder, longer.  Worry worries you right out of My blessings because you choose to speak what worry says.

 Begin to speak My Word over your circumstances and look with eyes that see transformation.

Waiting upon Me, you will learn the joy of rising up and over your circumstances.  

Look at Me, see My love for you shining through My eyes.

 Hear My voice and you will hear My love for you.

Sit in My presence and joy unspeakable will fill you full with glory! There will indeed be a rising up ‘

Remember, you have been Beckoned by the King,






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  1. Mel Thompson says

    Was reading in Judges this morning and ran across some verses in Judges 8 that fits in I think with your thoughts. Gideon had seen some great feats and miracles done on the Israelites that must have moved him. And after one particular victory where Gideon loses his focus (verse 24). And then in verse 27…”And Gideon made a ephod [a sacred, high priest’s garment] of it [the spoils], and put it in his city of Ophrah, and all Israel paid homage to it there, and it became a snare to Gideon and to his family.” Always enjoy your words Jeannie!

  2. Bisi says

    Very good encouragement. Thinking about it we have the God who created heaven and earth on our side. He has seen millions of people pass thorough this earth. He has healed, delivered and set free many from the beginning of creation. Whatever we are going through now did not catch Him by surprise and not new. What an awesome God we serve. Why should we worry? Thanks for posting.

  3. Amy Hagerup says

    Worry is definitely a thief – a thief of our peace. I remember a song from my childhood called “Why worry when you can pray? Trust Jesus, He’ll be your stay; don’t be a doubting Thomas, rest fully on His promise; why worry, worry, worry, worry when you can pray!” Thanks for reminding me of that. Now it is in my head. blessings, amy

  4. Cheryl Thomas says

    Sometimes it is so easy to let worry drown out the voice of God. We allow what we can see to stifle what God says. Thanks for the reminder that God’s word is bigger than any problem we could ever face! #YetTrusting

  5. Debbie Putman says

    So true. As I go through struggles right now with my mom suffering broken bones and not being able to move, I am praying God’s Word. So thankful for verses I’ve memorized and He brings to mind that replace fear and worry and help me focus on Truth.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Debbie, as I have seen your posts about your Mom, I have prayed for you. Your comment made me think of something else though. Perhaps actively choosing to speak out His word is the works required of our faith instead of stirring the stewpot of worry and fear. It is the small, diligent choices of faith we make that bring us the victory and the answer. Reading His Word, tucking it away in our hearts and choosing to speak it no matter what we see.

  6. Mary Gemmill says

    Jeannie I think that maybe you and I are alike in that we are not always aware that we are worrying !
    I went for prayer after service on Sunday and on returning to my seat a Nigerian Pastor friend called me to sit down by him. He had a clear word from God for me….. which you have confirmed in this post today!!

    He told me to lay my burden down.

    I didn’t know I was carrying it and in doing so was NOT trusting God with my son’s future.

    God is so gracious in that He gets our attention and gives us a clear message, then confirms it so we are in no doubt whatsoever that He has things under control !!

    I feel for you in this difficult season of house selling and buying….but having been through that numerous times I can tell you with absolute certainty that when the right house becomes available for you to buy, yours will sell as confirmation.

    Love you and your writing is always a blessing. Thank you. xx

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Learning every day Mary to trust deeper as the peripheral things are cut away. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. I love how gracious our God is. Thank you for your prayers.

  7. Deb Palmer says

    Oh my yes… worry. I love this post because you’re not pointing fingers at others who partake in the nonsense of worry, but instead giving us an honest inside look at your own struggle. A struggle, I relate to completely. I love the way God speaks to each of us in our own language and enjoyed hearing how He relates to you. Thanks for your heartfelt post.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Deb, He is looking for pure hearts isn’t He, so He will go to great lengths to develop that in us all the while caring for us and turning situations to our good. I am glad for your visit and your comment and knowing you can relate. Bless you!

  8. Karen says

    When you get right down to it, worry is an expression of unbelief. We don’t really believe that God will take care of us like He promised. Love that you brought us back to the importance of the Word as the solution to our problems! Speak the truth over them! Amen!

  9. Walter Kahler says

    Thanks for putting trusting God in its right perspective. Jeannie I connected with letting go of worry and trusting in God’s divine plans. Worry in my past has kept me from experiencing the full fruits of God’s love. Lack of faith shows up in many disguises and worry is one of its most deceptive. Have a wonderful day and your faith is strong.

  10. Mary Collins says

    Love this. I am guilty of letting worry take over but it is something I fight. After all, God is in control of all things in this world. A world that He created. If I stand on His promises, then I have no need to worry.

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