Words to Encourage and Give You Strength

I am thankful my Father carries me on His shoulders and when He sets me down it is in a broad and pleasant place where green pastures and sparkling waters abound.

(My heart continues to be excited about writing out declarations of truth and I know they will benefit you too as you speak them out over your life. ~ At first I thought these would take away from answering the Bible study questions in Beckoned by the King, but the truth of the matter is this; the chapter we are on is “Heth” which refers to God’s Word being the boundary for our lives and how the Word is our hedge of protection.  I believe the Lord wants to teach us how to appropriate His Word now in times of relative peace to prepare us for days to come that may be more difficult.)

Yesterday was a day when fear rose up in my heart so strong I wanted to cry.  These two years past have been days of being strong and confident in the Lord my God and seeing His hand at work in our lives has really motivated me to keep on trusting.  But yesterday my emotions threatened to overwhelm me and I knew I had a choice before me.  I reached out on Facebook!  How I love Facebook ~ how I love YOU!   You who waste no time sharing your words of encouragement that filled me anew with strength. You, who encouraged me to stand so I could gather up my emotions and just give them to Jesus.

Bruce has been having pain in his chest area for ages due to the hormone shots he had before and after his radiation treatment.  All the online information says this is to be expected…and unfortunately is a reason why many men choose to not get their PSA checked….When he called the pharmacy at the Cancer Clinic they told him it wasn’t normal…yes, hello fear!  I am on the phone with him and my heart goes somewhere other than where it is supposed to be, my knees are weak and all I can think is, ‘I need to be strong for him.  But I feel like I am going to fall apart.’  That intense need to cry overwhelmed me and I wanted someone to talk to.  How desperately I felt the need to talk to someone…and you were there.

I had already written the declaration below…and I just keep hearing the Lord say, ‘Will you trust Me?’  He is offering me a choice and the peace that comes with trust is much preferable to opening the door to fear, doubt and worry.  None of which glorify the mighty King of Kings who fights for us and whose Blood has purchased victory for us.

An Intimate View of Psalm 119 - A refreshing and challenging Bible Study on Psalm 119

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the one word the Lord gave me for 2014 is ‘Definition’  ~ as in His Word defining the boundaries of my life…everyday brings opportunity to have my life defined by His Word should I choose to take a stand on His Word of Truth.

Choosing to stand on the Word of Truth is my decision and I am hoping you will walk with me and stand with me.  Your presence strengthens me and helps me to fight the battle and stay determined to see victory.

I declare and decree,

“When trouble threatens, I will not allow it to move me off my stand on the unfailing, unchanging Word of God. I will not be afraid of bad news for my heart is FIXED, trusting, leaning on and being confident in the Lord our God. My heart is established and steady and I speak to myself and say ‘it shall be well with us.’  (Isaiah 3:10)

Blessed be the Name of the Lord our God.

I am a companion of all those who hold You in awe and revere and worship Your Name.  We have hidden Your Word in our hearts; we think about and consider Your Word, making it a habitual practise to put Your Word into action in and over our lives.  The joy You give in return for our obedience to love You and walk in Your way abounds towards me and astounds me.

Father, You have promised that if I walk with the wise, I become wise.  Godly wisdom is learned by actual experience ~ an experience costly to the learner and I value the words of wisdom spoken into my life.

I welcome these words from the lips of the learned, for by listening and gaining understanding, I learn what is vital and prudent for me.

I am learning to exercise understanding and patience in the experiences life throws at me.  These challenges may be unwelcome surprises to me, but they are giving me an opportunity to exercise proper discrimination and discretion as I choose to speak right things only.

As I choose to speak words in alignment with God’s Word, I see positive changes in my circumstances.

I understand why it is so important to keep company with godly men and women.  As I listen to their conversation, I will hear how to conduct my speech.

As members of the Body of Christ, we give strength to one another with our encouraging words.  If it were not for the arms joined to others in the Body, we would fall like a stack of dominoes when trouble comes our way.  Instead, we stand strong as Your Body, You hear our prayers and give us words to encourage and strengthen our brother and sister.

I am not fearful or jealous of my brother or sister advancing because I have learned we are jointly fit together and our Lord has a specific place in the Body for us to fill.  A specific spot to stand and be strong.  I encourage and build others up in the Body; using and choosing my words wisely as a tool for their advancement and strength and in turn, I welcome theirs.

I am generous and genuine in speaking words of blessing and encouragement.  I do not hold back these words when it is within my power to share.

For surely Father, the time will come when we learn why You said Your Word is greater than gold.  Your Word will cause us to attain something so valuable no amount of silver or gold could purchase for us.

You satisfy us Father.  You train us to live by Your counsel. I lift up my voice to You with a shout of triumph and thank You for the victory the Blood purchased for our freedom.”

Lord, I pray that we would be a teachable, pliable people eager and willing to learn of You.  Father, that we would be a people who love You and treasure Your Word in our hearts so when trouble threatens our peace, we would not fall but instead dig our feet deeper into the soil of Your Word.  You are teaching me as I make declarations from Your Word over our life that Your Word is trustworthy and You are faithful to watch over Your Word to perform it.  When Your ears hear Your Word spoken, You go into action on our behalf.

Sharing my heart with you and believing God for a victory in your life and for an abundance as He meets your every need.

With you in His palm,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    You know, I really love the adjective, “ALL” in Scripture. Was reading a very familiar passage in Psalms this morning, and I decided to dig up the meanings and…apply them to your POST: “All” adj. = whole, total, gross, entire, intact, uncut (COMPLETENESS). Now apply the meaning to Psalm 103:1-3, 6: “…and ALL that is [deepest] within me [1]; “…ALL (not part of) His benefits—[2] “Who heals [each one of] ALL your diseases” [3] and “The Lord executes righteousness and justice [not for me only, but] for ALL who are oppressed” [6]. FEAR seems to fade when we KNOW we’re not facing what life throws at us alone!

    • Jeannie says

      A word fitly spoken Mel! Thank you. I also was thanking Him for doing a perfect and complete work and remembering all the way He has led us. When He leads, victory is the result! Thanks for being there.

  2. Wanda says

    Very encouraged as I joined you in declaring these words today. Especially like the part that we don’t have to be jealous of one another because there is a place for each of us. I was just reflecting upon that earlier today.

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