Wholehearted Obedience

Friend to a Stranger

Love is the law in the Kingdom of God and I have been asking Him to show me where I need to observe it the most.

Where do I need to see Love most Father?

(continuing with the chapter “He” from Psalm 119:33-40 in Beckoned by the King)

” You need to see Love stirring and active on the inside of you.  Love is  ready to meet every need not only you have, but also the needs of those around you, through you.

Be moved by compassion and act and speak from a heart filled with compassion. 

Honest, real, sincere love is what matters most.

Love is all Jesus is. Jesus is infinitely patient, ever so tender and kind.  He is always aware of ways He can show you His goodness and faithfulness.  He abounds toward you with blessing.

He is not afraid to give of Himself completely.  You are one with Him.  You too can learn to give yourself completely.  This is the cry of intimacy, the longing of every heart.

You have seen love in the places you have feared.  You have seen how the wine and oil of love has healed and filled those broken places in your heart.  Let others see and feel that love from you. 

Don’t hold back and don’t withdraw or retreat.  Go forward in the strength of my grace and mercy, buoyed up by my everlasting kindness toward you.  I am leading you now as faithfully as I always have.  I do not change and continue to desire to see my plans and purposes manifest in your life.

Go for the gusto, wholeheartedly love and adore me, hold nothing back. You are mine completely and I have given myself wholeheartedly to you.

See Love stirring on the inside.  He has not slumbered nor slept.  He is stirring together all who you are to fashion a woman who resembles Him in every way.  Be aware of the ways I am moving about in your heart and listen for the ways I speak to you.

He is present so you will be fully alive to Him.  Fully alive to others with hands full of wine and oil. Bread for the breaking.

Wholehearted obedience my Child is living before me with a whole heart.  Free from roots of bitterness and anger, free to have a heart made whole by love.  Let it be so in your life, let me do the work that needs to be done and then put away from you those things I root up and show you.

Your joy will be full and pure even as the water of Life bubbles within you.”

Breaking bread with you

Breaking open the heart of Jesus and eating the bread He has given.


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Bread for the Hungry

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