Whoa to Self

My eyes pick up spelling mistakes without even planning to look for them.  Spelling mistakes seem to be like magnets to my eyes… On her Facebook status, I am sure she did not mean to make the mistake and she probably had no idea she had even made one.  Even less would she have any idea how her mistake affected my heart.

She meant to say ‘woe’ but instead she spelled it ‘whoa’.

I saw the mistake right when I am thinking about Beckoned by the King’s question:

Where would you say is the hardest area for you to maintain the joy of the Lord?  What will you do to see change come about in that area?

Her spelling mistake became my answer.  Whoa to me.  I must learn to say “whoa” to that ugly part of my nature that rises up and

I fall.


You see, falling, for me is when the fruit of beautiful self-control is pushed off the table…by impatience and anger.

I end up feeling so ashamed and unworthy, too hard headed and stubborn to immediately bend low…

Anger has edged out peace; impatience is shoving long-suffering to the edge,

right to the very


Pride pushes away kindness

Kindness and goodness joined together grasp the hand of faithfulness but strength is lacking with long-suffering

on the floor.

Gentleness hides, self-control is lost and I am undone.  I am weak, I lose self-control and anger slides in to take an unwelcome place.

Whoa, to my self-nature must be said.  Whoa…rein it in.

Rising Up I praise His Name

Oh Stallion, fly in the Spirit.

As a child of God, living in the Kingdom of God I ought to be displaying a right way of living. Consistently.

Peace should be guarding my heart and mind and keeping me in, well, Peace.

Joy seems as elusive as a butterfly…I need it desperately.  I need joy to give me the grace to laugh at my enemy.

My help comes from God, from His Word as He whispers;

“My Kingdom is not physical in the way you know physical.  You cannot sink your teeth into the meat of My kingdom, but you can drink of the water of My Word and find a filling for your soul.  Offered to you is the meat of My Word and when you bite there, I will uphold you.  You will not feel you have to hang on.  You will rest in My ability to keep you from falling.  I give you grace.  Living in My kingdom your fruit is seen as seeds are sown.  Peace shall keep you and you shall learn to make peace.  To be a peacemaker, scattering seed and sowing fruit along your way.”

If I sow righteousness, the right way of doing and being, if I plant just a mustard seed size of righteousness into the ground, I will reap a harvest of righteousness…at the appointed time.

At the time when a storm threatens the fruit and the possibility of strong winds scattering them looms large…sow seeds of peace. We reach deep and even just one small seed sown will make a furrow in the ground.

When we fall and feel ashamed and unworthy, the Lord is moving towards us.  Yes, in our brokenness He runs towards us, arms outstretched, hands extended in mercy and compassion.  His heart is bursting with love for us.  The moment we raise our arms to take His hand, our circumstances change.

He raises us up settling us upon His shoulders.  He carries us, comforts us and from the place of calm, He shows us life from a higher perspective.

He says, “Ride with Me.  Ride on the wings of love and soar in the wind of My spirit.  Do not look back and do not look around at others.  Examine your own work for when you look at yourself I will show you your heart; I will show you what I have done in your life.  You will see what I am doing now and you will rejoice at all the ways I have led you, all the ways I have built you up in Me.

I am doing a good work in you. A perfect and complete work will bring honor and glory to My Name.  The work of My hands upon your heart is a praiseworthy work and you have much reason to rejoice.

Rejoicing in the good work I have done will keep you far from self –pity and comparisons to others that serve only to rob you of your joy.

I am the Door of Life.  I welcome you to enter in. You are My chosen sons and daughters, friends I have chosen and appointed to bear fruit.  It is My plan and intention that your fruit should remain so that whatever you ask in My Name I may give it to you.  Love one another and fulfill the highest law in My kingdom.  You will bear much fruit.”

2014-03-26 11.41.29 HDR

You have been Beckoned by the King, you are My beloved.

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Bending low, I bless Your Name,

with you in His palm

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  1. Achama says

    Jeannie so many true and beautiful words here, I can totally relate. The part that touched me the most were these words:

    “I give you grace”.

    As you know YHWH has been teaching me about His precious grace and I am so thankful that we can rest in Him and not strive to make ourselves some kind of perfect.

    Thanks for sharing so openly Jeannie

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