When You Need to Press On Through the Night

Psalm 119:55-56

O Lord, I remember your name in the night and keep your law. This has become mine, that I observe your precepts.

This, this one thing is mine, His precepts hidden in my heart are unseen treasures carefully guarded and I will not allow the enemy of my soul to steal them. This one thing is what stills my soul and keeps the ground below my feet firm.

When the day dawns dark and gloomy and joy is scarce, this one thing encourages us to press on, the Word of God hidden and tucked away in the corners of our hearts.

Dear One, when your day is dark, press on, walk into the Light. When the shadows loom and tomorrow feels uncertain, press on, and go forward pressing into the One who holds you close.

Trust in His Word; allow His words of comfort to distill the fear that wants to press close. He is closer still. His Word rests upon your heart, speak it out, let it rise up so you can walk forward with joy and trust. Rest in His Word.

I know life is difficult sometimes and the challenges of it then seem too much to bear, but Adversity births hope. Hope keeps walking forward, hope wants to take you by the hand, lead you by still waters and minister to you in green pastures.

Hope will lead you to the Comforter, lay you down beside Him and He will remind you of words spoken long ago. Trustworthy Words that ring out truth loud and clear.

Hope really will bring a smile to your countenance right smack in the middle of the mess. Hope’s infusion of joy will cheer you, encourage you and bring strength to your weak places.

Your legs will not grow weary in the walking even though you cannot see where the path is leading. That’s just the way of faith. We don’t use our natural eyes but rely on the instincts faith has honed within us.

When we listen, when we decide to really listen and still the other voices, we hear the Voice of the One we love,

“I am watching over you, My love in songs brings comfort to your soul. I lead you by the well and invite you to drink. Long, deep drinks of Living Water to satiate and refresh your weary soul.

I prepare a feast before you; My skillful hands break open the Bread and Wine. I am your Feast.

When you have Me; My Word; The Word dwelling within you, you will hear My voice reminding you of My Word, as you lay awake in the night season.

Even though, now, you feel weak and weary, you will remember My Name in your darkest night. Even though, now, in your weakness and weariness you wonder…you listen…you hear Me speak.

Words of comfort rise up in your heart and you feel the delight of My consolations deep in your soul. You want to keep My Law! You want to walk in My Truth and Light.

I have set a hedge of protection round about you, My eyes are ever upon you, My hand is ever ready to protect and provide for you. I know your every need.

I know your limitations; but do not be surprised at the stretching… Press on, Dear One, press into My side.

Know I have gone the distance for you and have prepared the path for you. I see the skip in your step as My Words bring joy and delight to your heart.

They have become your words too as you think about them, whisper them in the night and wait for the entrance of Light. Your soul is stilled and at peace ~ all because you have chosen to live by My Word and counsel.

Revelation of Me is stored as treasure in your heart and revelation of My Name has become greater than gold to you.”

Precious One, I love you.


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  1. Joyce Glass says

    Jeannie, I love the comfort this brings for the hurting. People who are not walking close to God, and who are hurting have no idea what comfort and help they are missing when they refuse to turn to God. Some refuse out of shame thinking God can not love them for what they have done. Some refuse, because they do not believe God can or even wants to help them. However, if they only spent some time in the Psalms they would see how much He loves us and wants to help us.

    • Jeannie says

      Joyce I know first hand how shame can drive us from coming close to Jesus and I long to share His tender heart with those who have felt the need to stay at arm’s length, not feeling good enough to be scooped up in the Father’s arms of love.

  2. Sharon O says

    wonderful words. reminded me of Hind feet on high places book when she had ‘two’ helpers walking along side her. If you have never read the book, put it on a ‘must read’ list.

    • Jeannie says

      thanks for your comment Sharon. I have read Hinds feet on High Places and loved it. If you have never read Beckoned by the King it also should be on your ‘must read’ list. Blessings to you today.


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