When You Need to Listen to Words of Truth

Beloved, listen to My Words of Truth.  Even though you didn’t have an earthly father who raised you in the fear of the Lord, he raised you in love and showed you love; complete with the sacrifices you know he made for you.

I speak to you now as your Eternal Heavenly Father, pay attention to My Words, listen for My words of truth and they will teach you wisdom.

I have asked you to declare My Word over what you call your ‘dental challenge’ (insert your need here).  It is no challenge to Me.  I am capable, willing and able to do a perfect work of healing in unseen places.

When you hear those quiet words of wisdom in your spirit, do not ignore them for I am speaking a sound word, a word of truth to your heart.

Father, Your Word is a rushing, roaring river.  All of the water flowing into the Ocean of Your love.  Should I abandon my fears and throw myself into that raging river, I will not be overwhelmed by the rushing waters. 2013-08-05 23.42.05
Your Word promises You are holding me by Your mighty right hand, You hold me upright and I can immerse myself in the Deep Waters of Love.
The jagged uprising of rocks showing through the white waters ~ we fear ~ until we realize You lift us up to stand upon those rocks and peruse the view of the River.  Suddenly we see our surroundings from a higher perspective.
Your care and love for me make me want to laugh!  I hear Your Words clearly over the rushing waters:

Hold fast.  Hold fast to My Word.  Do not fear or be afraid of what you cannot see.  Hold fast to My words in your heart.  Live with unabashed love as you abandon all of yourself to My Love.  A life worth living, a life as I intended and purposed for you shall be your reward.

Shouldered and protected by Your Presence, my heart knows great peace.

Thank You for speaking to me, for encouraging me with Your words of life.  I am Yours.

with you in His palm

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