When You Choose to Trust in His Word

Are there areas in your life where you feel insecure?  Places in your heart that feel full of holes?

In taking an inward glance at your heart, can you find yourself gazing at whole areas where it is difficult to fully trust the goodness of God’s love and plans for you?

It is in these very areas of barrenness He wants you to bear fruit and be fruitful.  He has already prepared the ground and given you seeds of trust.

As we trust in His Word, He will give us an answer for him who reproaches us.  Psalm 119:42

Though circumstances may take our breath away, we can trust in God’s faithful and steadfast love.

For us, to us and in us have His loving kindnesses come.  He is faithful, true, and altogether loyal in His love for us.  His Life laid down to give us life – there is no greater love than this.

The enemy of our souls, and yes, even those we love will reproach us.

Breathe in the fragrance of Christ within you

Breathe in His Holy Word.

Breath of Life speaks.

Let your tongue and mouth be instruments vocalizing the words of Life giving Truth.

Be confident in His unfailing love for you.

His Word is a two edged sword, it cuts away the lies and reproaches embedded in our hearts.

Maybe you have heard words like, ‘you aren’t good enough, you are unlovable, not worth it, not worthy, you will never be healed,’ – are you familiar with that reproachful refrain?

Words of reproach hurt and cripple us in our walk.  They bind us up in untruths and blind our eyes to the Truth.

Crippled, bound and blind we fall.

But the true picture is this; there is a huge hook in the Shepherd’s Keep where our lives hang securely.  The hook is rooted deep in the Father’s love for us, it pierces right through to our hearts and it covers the length, width, height and depth of the love of our Papa King. (Beckoned by the King, chapter Vav)

His Word gives us an answer to him who reproaches us.  Jesus rolls away the heavy stones of reproach in our hearts.  He lays them at our feet and they become stepping-stones to Freedom.

When we speak His Word, always, the purposes for which He gave it are accomplished.  God’s Word is full of great and awesome power and by it; our very lives hold together.

We can trust the Living Word; the more we speak it out over our circumstances, the more He will reveal Himself faithful, completely worthy of our whole-hearted, unswerving trust.

We may feel fried and frazzled in the midst of the fire, but God, but God, He is there with us.  He strengthens us with His might by His indwelling Presence in the midst of …the fire of God…

It is there, in the heat of the fire, in the places of difficulty and darkness He burns the dross from our lives.

We lift up our hands to His; hold onto His Holy Word…Love rises us up out of the ashes.  Our hearts are shining, blazing gold in His sight.

Oh, Beloved, hold onto your confidence in God.  Do not let yourself be moved from the place of security where He tucks you away and hides you beneath the shadow of His wings.

Do not let yourself be moved by the lies of the reproaching one.  Countermeasure with the Word of God oh Triumphant, Overcoming One.

Run, beloved run, run in the way of His commands, fully delighting yourself in His Words of fully committed Love.  Allow yourself to be the recipient of the fullness of His love.

Trust Him.  He loves you with an everlasting love.  The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  He is for you; He is leading you into His intimate inner chambers.

Your Papa King wants to imprint His Word upon your heart.

You have been Beckoned by the King.  Will you answer His call?  With trust full or faltering He welcomes you into His court.

Loving Him with you,

with you in His palm


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  1. Florence Achama says

    As I was reading this Jeannie, I thought to myself how much the world needs to hear a voice such as yours. How much people need to be reminded of the simple truth of God’s endless and eternal love and be given the courage and strength to let go and believe. Thank you for your faithfulness in ministering to people who maybe all they can do is hold on.


  2. Mel Thompson says

    Romans 8, came to my mind while reading your POST Jeannie: “Who shall ever separate us from Christ’s LOVE?” Not suffering, affliction, tribulation, or calamity and distress…persecution, hunger, destitution or peril or sword (verse 35). And if we are in the midst…”we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us” (verse 37). And “NOTHING” can separate us from God’s love for us which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Verses 38-39).

  3. Amy Hagerup says

    I love this, Jeannie. “Run in the way of His commands.” Such a great exhortation. I love being enveloped in HIs Word every day. Thanks for your insights. Blessings, Amy

  4. Karen says

    Several years ago I was under a lot of strain from all different directions. God’s message to me was simple Breathe! It’s as I focused on His Word that I found the anxiety drain away and my “breath” return. No way to overstate the importance of the Word of God to sustain us in everything. Thanks for the post!

  5. Janet Cafer says

    Beautifully spoken.. wisdom.. strength.. truth.. “Run, beloved run, run in the way of His commands, fully delighting yourself in His Words of fully committed Love. Allow yourself to be the recipient of the fullness of His love.” Lord, we know Your Word does not fall to the ground void.. touch.. transform.. strengthen.. all who stop here and refresh their souls…

  6. mary gemmill says

    That BEAUTIFUL post is going straight into my prayer journal Jeannie….you have expressed yourself so well that I know these words were inspired… to bless YOU and then your readers. Just loved it. Thanks.

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