When We Need To Obey and Stand

As I shared the other day  in my post  Will You Stand Believing With Me, the Lord said about my situation regarding my dental challenges; ‘Start declaring.  Start declaring My Word and your situation will be shaped and defined by what I have spoken.  Begin with Proverbs 2:1-8.’

He didn’t say begin and end with those verses from Proverbs, He said start.  So that means I start and I will continue declaring His Word and stand in that position of declaration until He tells me to stop and move.  It’s kind of like ‘praying through’ isn’t it.  You pray and pray about something and then the Holy Spirit nudges you and says, its okay, you can move on now.

When we stand in one position for a prolonged period of time, we get tired, our muscles get sore and we feel like collapsing in agony.  That’s why the body of Christ is so important.  We need one another to strengthen and encourage one another, with acts of kindness, words of blessing and encouragement and sometimes just the silent presence of your company is all that is needed.

The exercise class we attend at church on Tuesday evenings is such a great example of the encouragement we give one another when the regime feels tough.  The way we can encourage each other with only a look inspires us  to keep on with those sit-ups and to press through to the end.  Or a gentle word and touch  from our Personal Trainer correcting the way we  move so the exercise is easier and more effective makes a huge difference in spurring us on.

This morning my verses are from Proverbs 3:1-8.  They are words of hope and comfort and I hope with all my heart that you will make these words your declaration of faith too.

I will not forget or push to the back burner the laws of God.  I will keep the fire of God alive and burning bright in my heart.

God’s law is a reflection of His heart for me and His desire for me is that I live a life that is worth living!

A life worth living !  His gift to me is a life of peace and tranquility both inward and outward.

When my heart and soul are tranquil, my body will also be at peace.  Peace and tranquility shall add to the quality of my life.

I will not harbor grudges or allow bitterness to take root in my soul but I will choose to show mercy to others ~ I will be quick to fully forgive.  No strings attached, no ifs ands or buts.  My forgiveness will be quick and complete.

I will look for ways to show kindness and to be sincere in my love ~ for God and others. I will keep on filling myself up with the Word of Truth, act kindly and show kindness to others.

I will love with sincerity and the truth in my heart will guide me.  I won’t look at my circumstances and feel forgotten and washed up.  I will allow the Word of God to reveal Truth to my heart and soul.

The result of showing kindness and mercy is finding favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man.  Favor is the fruit of showing kindness and mercy.

Every morning I will lean on the strength of my God.  With all of my heart I will trust in my God and confidence in the Lord my God shall grow as I continue to trust His unfailing Word.

My body, soul and spirit will be harmonious in the decision to trust God and the result of this choice is peace and tranquility.

Everyday I will choose to trust God and His Word.  I will not rely on my own insights, the Dr.’s reports or my own ideas and understanding.

God’s Word says the Blood of Jesus has already healed every sickness and disease.  Bone loss (name what your need is) is a disease Jesus has healed already and I am thankful for the power of the Word and the Blood.

Trusting in the Lord my God shall be and is NOW, life and health to ALL my flesh, every nerve, sinew and cell and it is NOW strength to all my bones.  The strength given to my bones causes them to regenerate.  I thank you Father for the power of Blood, it was the perfect and complete sacrifice Jesus laid His life down for.

In all the ways I take I will know He is with me.  He is my Ever Present Help in times of trouble.  I will know Him as my Healer and Redeemer.

I will recognize His hand as it moves across the pages of my life.  I will recognize Him for His Word is a light for my feet and continues to shine light upon the path marked for me to walk.

I will acknowledge Him and honor Who He is and how far He has brought me.  These posts of declaration shall be my Ebenezer stones marking the places of knowledge, recognition and acknowledgement of the Lord God Who is my Healer and Redeemer.

Peace and tranquility will be a result of my continued obedience as I hold out my hand to the Lord today and tuck my hand in His.

Walking with You Jesus, hand in hand until I see You face to face.

I love you.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett



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  1. Mel Thompson says

    In keeping with your thoughts, a few weeks back, Dianne (my wife) decided it was time to clip down the dog on the front porch. His hair had grown all winter, and he smelled like a wet mop! Unfortunately, all her stooping, bending and squatting force her to stop the haircut progress. TOO STIFF! This condition lasted for several days, and I decided to diplomatically remind her, “KEEP MOVING!” It will help stretch the sore muscles and a quicker recovery. How often do we believers just sit and pray, but we don’t seem to want to move. We’re comfortable in our not-doing. Our heart is active but we sometimes contract “lockjaw”. We talk about the illness, the soreness, our unfortunate circumstances…instead of lifting our hands in praise and talk “to” the issue. Thanks Jeannie for your Holy Spirit inspired words and the encouragement of this Post!

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