When We Need a Word of Comfort from the Father

Our precious Jesus will be faithful to show His goodness and kindness towards us, enabling us to walk in those same qualities as we allow Him to teach us through our affliction experiences.

Can you see the truth dawning in your heart?  Can you see the light of His Word becoming brighter and brighter so it alone shines as a beacon in your heart?  Is understanding now brightening your mind?

Come ~ come to a place in your walk where you are able to give thanks in times of affliction because you know God is at work in you to purpose and do His will, His good pleasure.

From the open hand of God will come to us His correction and discipline, and we must not shrink back from Him.  He will stir up issues in our lives simply to get our attention and help us recognize our greater need of Him.  We will see beyond ourselves to the greater purposes of God, knowing that He paid the penalty, the full redemption price for all our sin.  May God help us to persevere in our ‘pressure cooker’ situations.  They are there not to drag us down, but to draw us ever closer.  Don’t respond or react to the taunts of the enemy, but listen for that still, small voice that is ever speaking to us, ever longing to be heard.

Listen, you will hear Him speak….

Come and return to the Lord your God.  Let not despondency and despair over your sin keep you away.  Grieve over your sin, rend your heart in repentance and know that I have torn in order to heal you.  I have caused you to be stricken in order to bring healing.

Come, that you would begin to understand Me and My ways; be zealous in your desire to know Me.  The more that you know and understand Me, the more will you appreciate and cherish Me.  Your obedience then becomes a result of your love.  My desire and My delight rise when I see you choose to love and do good.

Never will self and spirit mix.  Never can light and darkness abide together.  Give Me your unregenerate self; give Me your heart, that My love fills it.

I will reveal Myself when you seek Me and turn from your sin.

Be no longer an illegitimate owner of that which does belong to you.  None of your sinful ways rightfully belongs to you anymore. My death cancelled them out.  They are no longer yours to walk in, so step way from the old and begin to steadfastly walk in the newness of life I have created for you.

Do it as an act of your will.  Do it by faith.  Choose the Spirit’s fruit that brings life and blessing, joy and peace.  Then your life will be crowned with love.

Can you hear Him speak?  Can you hear Him remind you of all the ways He has led you, protected you and blessed you in such surprising ways?  Make a list and then remember to count your blessings so you will always remember He is your Faithful Father.

How thankful I am Father for not holding my sin against me.  Even so quickly after speaking your word to my heart ~ no sooner did I hear it but I blew it ~ I let my sin nature rule.  These words from Beckoned by the King are Life to my soul.

with you in His palm

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  1. Mary Gemmill says

    Jeannie this post blessed me so much I shared it on FB so as many as possible can read it- thank you.
    I particularly relate to these words,to which I say a joyous amen: Come, that you would begin to understand Me and My ways; be zealous in your desire to know Me

  2. Ceil says

    Hi Jeannie! Your new home here is so clean and bright! I bet you just love it. And thank you for your words of encouragement to follow the Lord in what he has planned. No matter what I do, he will take me back. I have to make up my mind to abandon myself and follow him.

    That’s hard sometimes! But so worth it.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      So very glad you came by Ceil ~ I am liking the simplicity here although it wasn’t without its challenges this morning! My heart is to encourage others in the Way and Truth and to learn the joy of abandonment to the Lord. He truly does make it worth it. See you soon!

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