When Hope and God’s Word is Greater than Gold

Some of you may remember that last month I shared I was flying back east (Canada) looking for a home to buy for our retirement years. I asked you to pray for me, that God would give me wisdom. Some of you may also remember how we walked through the valley of prostate cancer last year.

I don’t think I can keep this short…but I shared some of my journey with Cherie Booth Zack after she posted this on her timeline: “Has it dawned on you that you are not where you are by choice? Though you think you made the choice to live where you are, God is who chose to put you there. He did this for a reason and a purpose. Don’t miss what He has for you to accomplish by walking in discontentment.”

Now I am in no way discontent and have always believed God has a particular place for each one of us to live, seek Him and reach out to others and touch lives in a way only we can.

God has blessed me with a precious man of His for a husband and he speaks Proverbs 31 over me, calling me a woman of wisdom, etc. He gave me full authority to “consider a field and buy it” when I was back east.

We long ago learned to write out a list detailing what we were hoping for in prayer and this house was no exception. I knew what I was looking for. Several times I thought I found it, only to find someone else had just put an offer on the house and they got it. Other times, as much as I loved the house, the Lord would speak to my heart, and say, ‘but this is not the place I have picked for you’ and I would carry on looking.

The first week I was away, I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast and after our last year of ‘hard’ my soul was refreshed. It was in the area where we thought we wanted to live.

The second week I stayed with my step daughter and husband in a different town close to a another larger center where she works. I had never seen much of this city except for her work place and when she showed off the “ghetto” as she called it. I never considered for a minute living in that city. BUT her husband is not a Christian and they are one of the main reasons we want to move out there.
We had an awesome time together. One night Chad took me for a drive around all the neighborhoods and I was wowed – I liked it, it felt good.

But the time came for me to return home, empty handed, no house for my husband.

A few nights after returning home, he pulls one up off the internet, he had walked through it several months earlier when he was there on business. He really liked it. For the most part I did too but it needs some work, some TLC.

My husband is so much like his heavenly Father and so much like his earthly father. He is able to imagine something and then build it, create it. He is able to take something not so great and create something magnificent and beautiful because he can see it in his mind and bring it to pass with the working of his hands. He loves to dream, he loves to create and he loves the possibilties he sees in this house. He sees it finished. A work of love.

I had been considering physical fields. I realized yesterday, the field the Lord really wanted me to consider is the heart of my husband. In doing so, God is considering my heart as well. Whenever I feel concern over his health coming my way I speak the Word and declare the power of the Blood of Jesus over him. I began to see that when we have hopes and dreams for the future, we have hope for the future. Hope rises.

This house gives him the ability to plan, dream and create with love. I have long known the verse in Proverbs 13:12 “hope deferred makes the heart sick”.

I didn’t “see” until this morning, the second half of the verse where it says, ‘but desire fulfilled is a Tree of Life.”

Bruce will be picking fruit from the Tree of Life and experiencing the fulfillment of his God given desires. With long life God will satisfy him.

So whatever we are facing in life there is always a turning our hearts can take to see things from God’s higher perspective.

Thanks for your prayers, God did indeed give me wisdom.

Truly God’s Word is greater than gold!

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett
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  1. Mel Thompson says

    Sometimes in life, there are times when we should just SLEEP (I’m studying now in two verses of Matthew). I found out that in the Bible that this is illustrated in several Bible characters: ADAM – Gen. 2:18-22: God caused Adam to SLEEP. Adam didn’t sleep because he was tired; he didn’t FAIL God by going asleep (like the Disciples). GOD CAUSED him to sleep and it was GOOD that Adam slept. WHY? Because God was going to do surgery on Adam. I think this can apply to our SPIRITUAL lives as well including, “looking for a NEW DESTINATION”, a new home, even an illness. Some things in our lives God wants to “put to sleep”, so He can do surgery on us: WORRY – We need to put our WORRY’S to sleep to mention one example. Give them to the Lord, FORGET those things that are behind, look in faith to JESUS (Philip. 3:13-14). Love your personal experiences on the trip and how you are both handling the “wait and see” God has promised to reveal–manifested from agreeing in prayer. Thanks Jeannie.

    • Jeannie says

      Enjoyed your indepth comment Mel. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love what you say about God promising to reveal those things, make them manifest in our lives because we agreed in prayer. May we never forget the power of two or three gathered in His name, agreeing…

  2. Catherine Leggitt says

    Thanks for sharing this story, Jeannie. Following God is not usually what we think we want or need. We don’t see the whole picture as He does. How precious that God knows us well enough to provide His best. We may not know exactly where the road will lead, but we can always trust that He is able to lead us where He wants us and teach us the lessons we need to learn along the way. What a good reminder that I need to just trust Him.

    • Jeannie says

      Our journey teaches us so many lessons, when we arrive at our destination we are prepared. Bless you Catherine, appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Florence Achama says

    I am so happy for you both Jeannie, I can really see how you rested in God on this journey and how He gave you wisdom here too operating through His heart of love for you both. :)

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