When Disappointment Comes Hard

Dis appointment

Disappointment is a word we know and a feeling, with which we are all too familiar.

Disappointment knocks the wind out of our sails and it is a stealer of hope and joy.

Disappointment came hard when I found out Bruce had prostate cancer. Disappointment tried to discourage and depress me.

Hope came as I chose to believe and trust in God’s Word for the promise of healing.

Disappointment knocked hard again when we were advised that radiation would be Bruce’s best course of treatment. Disappointment tried hard to knock the wind out of my sails that day!

When disappointment comes hard, desperation can run high. When we view the bumps and hills along the way, it is tempting to travel a different direction. Memories come of an earlier time in life when I used to bicycle to the pool to swim lengths several times a week. The route to the pool was full of steep hills and I was always thinking, wondering if there was some other route to take to avoid those killer hills! There was no other easier route to cycle to the pool.  As I endured, persevered and continued cycling those hills, my body grew stronger…

I no longer hoped I would make it. Perseverance and endurance shaped and strengthened my character and determination saw me climb those hills. Determination did not allow me to draw back in disappointment when hills came into view. I stayed the course.

The same is true in our Christian walk. Disappointments come but if we were to drop the “dis”, we just might find we are actually in an appointment of time and circumstances designed for the building up of our character.

There are choices we can make that will strengthen and bolster our faith. It is up to us to learn God’s word, to know the sound of His voice so we do not cringe and shrink back in fear. We choose to give voice to a song of praise. We choose to boldly declare the Word of the Lord and listen for what He speaks.

I am so thankful that I have learned to recognize the sound of my Beloved’s voice.

Jesus said His sheep know His voice and follow Him. Here I am a sheep in the midst of the fold. Sheep are bleating all about me. My heart is focused. I hear His sound in the pasture. He hears my cry.

Not for a second did I or will I, question the Voice I heard that hot summer night. Not for a second will I wonder who reminded me of the story of Namaan for I know the sound of my Savior’s voice. He comes to me in the night; His sound reverberates within my spirit. He brings calm and peace to my soul.

He leads us in the way that is true and right. A way where the outcome and end result is pleasing because His plans for us are good.

He says, “Here is the road I want you to walk. Do not look to the left or to the right and be swayed in the looking. I am with you to help you as you stay the course.”

May I ask you and encourage you to “dis the dis” and see yourself walking the appointed course, growing in the grace and knowledge of your Lord as you walk through your valleys?

It is a wondrous thought to know we are His ambassadors on an assignment that is holy! He has appointed and anointed each one of us for our specific assignment.

He is with us, in us, and His power is upon us!

Walk in Him knowing you are filled with all of the fullness of God…

Listening for His heart,

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  1. Joyce Glass says

    Jeannie! I love this take on the appointment in dis appointment! Thank You for sharing your heart!

    I will now dis the “dis”!

    It is hard to hear our Beloved’s voice in the midst of pain or turmoil, but He is always there!

  2. Daphne Tarango says

    What a great post, Jeannie! I love that: “Drop the dis!” (Or as another person said, “Dis the dis!”

    We each have an appointment. And the verse you quoted stirs within my heart:

    “He says, “Here is the road I want you to walk. Do not look to the left or to the right and be swayed in the looking. I am with you to help you as you stay the course.””

    What a great promise!

    Thanks for this fresh word.


  3. Mel Thompson says

    That is a great suggestion in “dis the dis”. People could stand to practice that idea with a lot of ‘feelings’ encountered in the spiritual walk. EX. : disheartened, dispirited, disablement…[used a Thesaurus]. Of course, saying “dis the dis” and doing so is not easy. BUT, that’s where we HIRE patience in our doings [James 1:1-4]. To HIRE… simply means to employ and put into action for a short time to do a particular job [Oxford Dictionary].

  4. Pastor Sherry says

    I see that others have commented on the same thing that caught my eye: Disappointment is “an appointment of time and circumstances designed for the building up of our character.” Coming from one who is learning in the fires of life and being victorious in that learning, this definition means all the more. We value comfort, but God values strength and character. Thanks for the thought, Jeannie!

  5. Amy Hagerup says

    Wow! I am one to often dissect a word like that but I have never dissected disappointment like you did here. This is so true. God can use the disappointments in our lives as His divine appointments. So very, very true.

  6. Denise says

    Another point for consideration is that Jesus taught by His example, that one is to hear from God first and live by what God says. So many times most take what God has said to someone else…. about someone else and their situation and then apply it to their own… .expecting and setting up on their own minds what the “results” will be or should be…. and thus this is where the “disappointments” arise. It is when we first determine the “appointment” in our own minds.. and in our own thinking that has not come from God FIRST… that we experience the “dis” part to begin with.

    When we are hearing from God and knowing what it is that God says to each of us about any given situation first, even before it happens, then there is no “disappointment” for us to have to get over or “dis the dis” about.

    As the Bible has been sharing with us from the beginning, God speaks to His creation, revealing Himself what it is that one is to do or not to do… and what the outcome will be when one follows it or when one doesn’t. We will have far far less “disappointments” living the example and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible, hearing FIRST from GOD in all things….

    Be encouraged to hear GOD FIRST in all things….. ?

    • Jeannie says

      Denise, I love the thought you put into your comment! YES! We must have eyes and ears for only Him for then we shall not look around at others and be dismayed or disappointed. We will be confident in Him and not be comparing and wondering why we do not have what someone else has…Our contentment shall be great and our joy full. Thank you so much for sharing.

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