What’s Hope Got To Do With It? A Key to Victory

Romans 5:3-5 Tribulation produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces HOPE!

Hope does not disappoint us.

Hope sparks our imagination.  Hope causes us to keep on dreaming, keep on pressing toward our goals.  Hope gives us a confident expectancy for the future.

Hope spurs us to keep on praying. As we draw near to God, He draws nearer still.  He is the God who births hope.

We delight ourselves in His presence and He fulfills and gives us the desires of our hearts!

There is no good thing that He withholds from us.

Oh, we may not “get” what we are asking for right away but God is busy creating character within us.

He wants to shape and mold our character and see the fullness of the Image of the Son reflecting in us.

When perseverance hones our character, strength to press on comes with the hope that rises in our hearts.

Hope – it fills our hearts with joyful expectation a desire to walk uprightly before God all the days of our lives.  Walking with Him will become special we will allow nothing to hinder the growth of our intimacy with God.

Do you want to live in that place of hope, peace and rest? Then enter into the throne room of Heaven and bring all your requests, desires and cares before the One who loves you.  He will hear and answer you.

Do you trust Him enough to place all of your hope and expectation in Him?

Are you confident in knowing He will never fail you, disappoint you or give you a stone when you asked for bread!

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