What to do When Facing Fearful Circumstances

                                                          What do we do when we are facing fearful circumstances?


We reach out for our Belt of Truth,  wrap it tightly around our waists and then cinch it a little bit tighter so rivers of living waters will flow freely.

We live like we know we can depend on the unchanging and unfailing Word of God. When doubt, uncertainty and fear come ~ and they will ~ we will trust in the Lord our God all the way through our fearful circumstances.

We will speak out His Word through trembling lips and unfaltering hearts.

I’ve been in that place of trembling lip, unfaltering heart all month; pen frozen, heart pounding, fears rushing like the roaring waters. ~ what will the Dr.’s  report reveal?

Will my faith hold?   Will He be true to His Word?  A thousand times Yes!  But I have had to live like I know His Word is true and act on it.

What we do when facing fearful circumstances is paramount to our victory over them. It is so important we speak God’s Word out and over the circumstances.  Because the Word of God IS over all of our circumstances, it is greater than anything we can ever face.

We can be, because we ARE, strong in the Lord.  Yes, in the midst of crippling circumstances we feel weak kneed and faint BUT we are constantly being empowered by faith through our unbroken union with the Lord.

 We really are one with Him and He will never let go of our hand.  Even when the waters rise and winds howl, He hovers over and protects us because we are His and He loves us

We can draw strength from Him.  The strength of our Beloved Lord never wanes, never ceases to be for it is provided by His boundless might!

 God supplies everything for which we have need, including an entire suit of armor that is specifically designed to stand up against all the strategies and deceits of the devil.

By faith I put this armor on right now.  I am so thankful to our Father for helping me to see and clearly recognize the deceitful strategies the devil is trying to blind me with.

 We can withstand those onslaughts because the armor God has given us is fully sufficient against any and all powers of the enemy.  The schemes of the enemy will not prevail because we have spoken God’s Word OVER our circumstances….there is rich  truth in those words.

He brings calm to the storm, peace to our hearts even in the midst of being tried.  The result is our hearts are tried by fire, refined as gold.  We are learning to depend on the unchanging Word of God.  We find rest in the secure love of our Almighty God, thankful we can hang our lives upon His Word.  The anchor of His Word will hold us.                      

Thankful He walks with us through the fire and the flood. 

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    LOVED IT JEANNIE! One thing I’ve learned over the years, if I don’t put my BELT on in the morning, my pants will likely fall to the ground. “Stand therefore [hold your ground], having tightened the belt of truth around your loins…” (Eph. 5:14 a). And of course…JESUS is the TRUTH! Pretty good belt to rely on, wouldn’t you think?

    • Jeannie says

      Thank you whole heartedly Mel. The belt of truth has been and will always be my life saver. Appreciate your encouragement and glad you keep the belt of truth cinched tight too.

  2. Mary Gemmill says

    Jeannie- this one was for me today- I have been meditating upon: Every word that rises up against me in judgement, You shall condemn. I bring my thoughts into captivity to Christ Jesus, then I put on my helmet of salvation, my breastplate of righteousness and the belt of truth etc….I am so grateful as people prayed on the day of the most recent onslaught, and God’s deep. abiding peace has been my portion, even though nothing has been resolved. Trusting Him to bring good from it all, as He does every time. I love it that we are one with Him, and He is as close as our breath. Loved your line: We will speak out His Word through trembling lips and unfaltering hearts.Oh yes !! Indeed- We find rest in the secure love of our Almighty God, thankful we can hang our lives upon His Word. YES AND AMEN. God bless you Jeannie.

  3. Amy Hagerup says

    Sounds like you are going through a hard time, sweet one. I am praying for you. So happy for this reminder and the great visuals, especially the last one!!! Blessings, Amy

    • Jeannie says

      Thanks for the prayers Amy, always appreciated. God is faithful and if it weren’t for circumstances oft times we would not know how true to His Word He is, how infinitely faithful and compassionate. Storm has passed, all is well.

  4. Karen says

    So often we let our feelings define what we believe. When we do that, we’ll find ourselves shifting and wavering all over the place. Only when His Truth trump our feelings will we ever find the strength to stand firm in the storm. Thanks for posting!

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