What Is In Your Toolbox?

Make my way straightProverbs 14:1   A wise woman builds her house…

As wise women we have an understanding of how to be productive with our hands, and because we have applied ourselves to getting wisdom we have carefully laid our foundations knowing how important good foundations are.

We are co-labourers with God, therefore our foundation is secure and we build with gold, silver and precious stones.  

As righteous women of God there is much treasure in our homes and we are not distracted in pursuing a deeper intimacy with the Lord.  

We have learned that the treasure is the gold of God’s Word, and we have made sure that our heart, Christ’s home is full of treasure.  Only then are we fully capable of dealing with life situations in the way that reflect the glory of God.

Our lives are models of good conduct and because we fashion our lives after Christ, we are single hearted and single minded.  We allow Christ to fashion us according to the works of His hands and we are clothed with His humility, His compassion – styles that are classic and enduring.

And so, we go about building our house.  Building homes as we sow love into the lives of our husbands, children and friendships.  We reach out with open arms and filled hands to others in our community.

Sorrows and heartache come when least expected and still we are building our house; being productive with our hands, compassion and empathy filling our hearts.  The storms of life come, the north wind blows upon our garden and yet still we stand, still we’ve bid our soul to be.  We have built our foundation upon Christ the Rock and we are  secure.

We are Journey Women – skilled, capable, strong, dependent, needy, fragile

We are Journey Women, we have our papers identifying us as no longer apprentices.  We have our papers and these give us access to come boldly before the King’s Throne of Grace.  We are as familiar with the Throne Room as we are with our kitchens, we know our kitchen utensils – but what is in our Toolboxes?

Any experienced journey woman knows though, that before we get to work with our toolboxes a clothing change is necessary.  We need to don our PPE – our personal protective equipment that will enable us to really get in there and do what we are called to do.

So let’s get ready and see what we need to put on:

  • Overalls – they protect what is underneath.  They clothe us with compassion and confidence so we can really get involved with the work and not have an arm’s length attitude.  With our involvement we remain clean on the inside, we can roll up our sleeves knowing that the Blood of Jesus “coversusall”  We have learned by experience not to attempt things except we know we are under the Blood of Jesus.
  • Gloves – These enable us to never be afraid to touch because we know that we minister healing through our touch.  We are able to assist in the unwrapping of someone’s gravecloths so that person can step forward into the Light, free and unbound.  We are not afraid to minister in the area of practical assistance because we know the dirt and discomfort will not touch us.
  • Earplugs -The noise of the world is tuned out and yet our ears are attentive to hearing the cries of the poor and needy.  We are tuned into the frequency of Holy Spirit.
  • Safety Glasses -These allow us to overlook offenses and protect us from the darts that are directed our way.  They protect our vision so we see clearly and unceasingly through eyes of love.
  • Steel Toe Boots -These give us feet like hinds feet able to stand on the mountain crags declaring victory after tearing down the high places in our hearts and souls.  We have peace in our souls as we stand solidly upon difficult terrain.
  • Hard Hat – An essential element in our PPE – We must practice submission and obedience to the Word of God and we must be under a greater authority in order to have more authority.
  • Turtle Neck – These keep our necks warm so that regardless of circumstances we never become stiff necked.
  • Air Horn - humility causes us to fearless in coming before the King

So are you all dressed and ready to see what your Toolbox contains?

Let’s take a look inside and see what our Toolbox holds that enables us to build so beautifully, etching all we do with such amazing and unique creativity?

Every toolbox will include some very basic essentials so let’s dive in and take a peak….


  • Hammer - The Lord said in Jeremiah ” Is not My Word like a hammer?”
  • Plumbline – Necessary to measure our lives against the Word.
  • Chalk - Purple chalk so we have vision to see how our lives measure up to and align with the Royal Decrees of our King.
  • Sanding Block – Irritants of life that cause our rough edges to be smoothed off so we are jointly fit together.
  • Nails – these pierce our hearts so they open to receive God’s Word and instruction.
  • Screws - They are like prayer, they keep us steadfast and anchored.
  • Full Can of Oil – Holy Spirit Who helps hold everything together
  • Drill - the ability to intercede.
  • Duct Tape - never be without duct tape! It represents unity and fellowship within the Body of Christ.
  • Flashlight – Also part of our PPE – it ensures we have clear vision and a heart set on loving, hearing and obeying God’s Word and shows us how to love the Lord and one another.  This usually hangs from the belt of truth that is around the waist of our overalls.
  • Measuring Tape - God measured the waters in the hollow of His hand. – Isaiah 40:1  God measured, God spoke what was in His heart.  God gave each one of us a measure of faith and with that measure we build our homes speaking out the promises of God for ourselves and our loved ones.  Our faith is secure.  We have dreams and hopes for our homes and so based upon God’s Word we begin, room by room to fill our homes with precious treasure and oil.  We then have order, beauty, strength and creativity at work in our lives as we shape our future with the promises of God.
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  1. Jeannie says

    Comment by Deborah McCarragher
    What a great post Jeannie! Proverbs 14:1 has always been a favorite of mine. I attended a ladies Bible study built around that verse and the content of this wonderful article. Proper tools are essential – and thank God He supplies us with all we need. Of course – our foundation is the bedrock of our service in the home and that has to be built on Christ alone and His wisdom. Thanks so much for such a colorful and metaphor filled picture of our work clothes and tools!
    Be blessed…

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