What Has God Wrought In Your Heart?

What work has God done in your heart that you give thanks for?  This is a question on my heart this morning, a profound question and it has come even before my morning coffee!
I need to take the time to answer for I am feeling I am in a dry land kicking up the dust as I scuff my feet along the path.  I feel as if I am surrounded in a cloud of dust, when how much more I long to be surrounded in a cloud of glory!
These feelings have reminded me of what the King spoke to my heart in the chapter titled ‘Lamed” in Beckoned by the King
The love of God is the goad that prods us, its sharp point zeroing in on our area of need…
When the land is dry and you feel like you are kicking up dust, remember it is Me tilling and preparing the ground of your heart for the planting of new seed.  Healthy harvests come from healthy seed planted in healthy soil.
He asks me and He asks each one of us the same question…”Will we yield our hearts to His sickle and plow?”
These “feelings” give me HOPE for I have the hope and expectation of new seed being birthed in the soil of my heart.
Beckoned by the King, based on each Hebrew letter of the alphabet found in Psalm 119, is intended to provoke, challenge and motivate the reader to a deeper place of intimacy with the King of Glory.  My heart is provoked and challenged this morning as I consider that the meaning given for Lamed is a picture of an Ox goad; it prods the oxen with a sharp point so that they do not stop in the middle of plowing.  It is also shaped as a sickle in order to clean the plow.
…I think I’ll  pour myself a cup of coffee now and get back to you later after I have spent some more  time discovering what the Lord would be saying to my heart… blessings to all
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