We Trust

Today is a new day.  We are no longer wandering, wondering what direction is the path to take.  Our Father has given us the opportunity to glean knowledge and a greater measure of understanding and we have taken hold of those and are endeavoring to correctly apply our knowledge in order to walk in wisdom.

Even knowing that the Lord is walking  by our side this is a journey where we experience trepidation and uncertainty.  We are aware these days that He did not promise us an endless supply of peace; He promised us the gift of His continual presence with us.  God Almighty, Jehovah Shalom, our Peace.  He said He would never leave us and we must choose to trust Him, choose to believe that His word is true.

This morning as I look back over the past few months, I see how He has protected Bruce.  I understand more fully that peace is not always the ruling factor when it comes to making a decision.  Perhaps in our younger days of faith, but not now.  We must walk by faith and by trust.  The Lord expects us to develop in our relationship with Him, as we have, maturity has grown and more is  expected from us than in the days when first we walked with Jesus.

How we respond in crisis is not something we think of when life is pleasant and enjoyable but we must learn to consistently build upon our foundation of faith.  You have taught us well, O Lord.  We are thankful.  He has given us much and we know that from us, much is required.

We have moved now from the place of indecision to entering the road that seems best.  We enter with sheer trust in our Lord, we cannot say we enter with joy and praises in our hearts.  We look back and see a trail of Ebenezer stones marking the places where He has dealt with us, where we have struggled and sensed His overcoming power mark us, change us.

Oh, how hard our hearts have been compared with today.  Hearts of stone now crushed to fine powder.  Crushed, fine as contrite so that with but a breath from You we move in the direction of Your desire.

I remember my Grandma showing me her contrite; it was a very fine powder she dusted across her cheeks. She thought she looked more beautiful when it was applied. If she breathed, the contrite would float in the air.  Bruce and I, we float as a feather in the breeze of His breath upon us, only because we have yielded to the hammer of  His word and allowed our hearts to be broken, crushed and ground.  He alone knows where that feather will land.

Can we trust You?  Will we choose to be confident in the knowing that we will still land in the great palm of Your hand?

Can we know with certainty that we are more beautiful to You when contrite is applied to our cheeks as well?

Your promise to us is that You will not despise a broken and contrite spirit. (Psalm 51:17)

We are Your children, Father.

You are our hiding place and our shield; we wait for Your word.  We choose to walk in the way of Your word.  We are thankful that You have promised to sustain us according to Your word in order that we may live unashamed of our hope in You.

We thank You that You uphold us so we are safe.  In upholding us, we learn to have great regard for Your word, for You.  We tremble in awe of Your greatness; we tremble at Your strength and precision, Your pinpoint accuracy and righteousness.

We love You, in spite of brokenness, in spite of changes in our circumstances; we refuse discouragement and look to You the lifter of our heads. We love You, Lord and know that You have plans and purposes for us that are good and will not fail.  (Psalm 119: 113-120)

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    This message is so appropriate today for a true brother in Christ Jesus, who went home this morning at 9:30 AM. He was much younger than I but oh what a blessing he was to the teachers that were under his blessing.

    I hope his lovely wife will eventually get the chance to read your posting, We Trust for knowing her as I do, she is TRUSTING her Lord in her time of pain.

    You are truly blessed my sister!

    • Jeannie says

      Mel, we can praise God for His mercies and kindnesses towards us daily. It is by His prompting that I wrote this as I tried out my new laptop computer. May He comfort your friend.

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