We Can Rejoice in His Testimonies

Psalm 119:9-16, the section of verses that begin with ‘Beth’.

This Hebrew letter has a literal meaning ‘tent or house’ and the symbolic meaning is that of a household.

 As I look at these verses, I sense the urgency of the need to become that household of God, the pure and spotless Bride Jesus is coming back for.

When I admit the wrinkles in my tent to the Lord, I know He will iron them out for me.

 He is so faithful. I am so thankful.

V.14 I have rejoiced in the way of your testimonies, as much as in all riches.

Lord, you say so much that is contrary to my human nature.  So much that requires a dying of my self. And Holy Spirit reminds me ever so gently that to die is gain because I will be found alive in Christ.

I want to be fully alive in you.  I want to be able to hear your heartbeat and not struggle to hear the lovewords you speak to my heart.  More than anything Jesus, I want to be found faithful.  A daughter of the King who not only rejoices at your testimonies but also is quick to obey them and put them into practice.

I need you Jesus.  I need you to love the unlovely through me.  I will yield my body to you.  I am willing to be your hands and feet, your mouth, your ears to hear the person’s heart and not just the words.

Because it is true, Lord, I want to hear your heart and not just your words.

In hearing your heart, I will rejoice because you will give me understanding of the depth and breadth, height and length of your love.

When I have a deeper understanding of your love, forgiving those who have wronged me will not be the difficult task it was in the past.

You want us to grow up in our knowledge of you. Maturing in our faith and becoming men and women who know their God and do great exploits for you.  I may not ever do great exploits for you but I am determined to know you in all your fullness and glory. 

I watched the movie “Listen to your Heart” a few weeks back and the words that have stayed in my mind are ‘I don’t want to be famous; I want my music and my words to be famous.’  It’s true for me too.  I don’t want to be famous but I know the words that fill the pages of Beckoned by the King are words you have given me and I would like those to become famous. 

More than anything, I want to listen to your heart.  I want to rejoice in your testimonies and be as happy about you and them as I would if I won ten million dollars.  I need to go deeper in you; I need to explore the vast ocean of your love.

‘As much as in all riches’ is what your word says…I rejoice Father, I will to find reasons to rejoice.  I will look for you upon my daily path

I will sow seeds of kindness, love, joy, mercy, compassion.  I will sow seeds of monetary value and I will keep watch until the break of dawn.  You have promised we will reap what we sow.  Reaping takes time, but when we sow in good soil the harvest is plentiful. 

You want us to walk in the fullness of your joy. Will you show me Papa King what is holding me back from living in the fullness of your joy?

 I see you Jesus, walking the path with me.  You bend down and pick up something, transforming it in your hand.  The seeds I have sown, these are what you transform.        Make My Way Straight

You transform my fear into trust. My silence into praise and thanksgiving with a heart full of worship for you my King and Papa. Oh, how you love me.  My frailties and faults are precious to you for your love just pours in and creates something new in me.

You give me strength when I am weak. You reach out your hand and lift me up when I teeter.  Your touch steadies me and I can stand because I am leaning against you. I am held in the circle of your embrace.

Your Word is the foundation for life and keeping and obeying it keeps me secure. Your spoken word to my heart draws me into intimacy with you.  I want to keep myself pure.

Its morning and joy has come. Jesus, joy has come.

Shadows flee as your glory light fills my heart. This place you have chosen to dwell is holy because of your presence.

My King has beckoned me and in your presence, I shall live in the fullness of joy all the days of my life.

I love you Jesus,


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  1. Amy Hagerup says

    HI Jeannie, Because my dad deserted our family when I was young, I have had a hard time feeling the love of my heavenly Father. I too long to feel His loving arms around me. Now I don’t have any trouble feeling His love for me. I picture Him swinging me around when I am about 4 years old. I picture HIm holding me up in the air and smiling me at me. Just like a loving daddy would do – delighting in His daughter. I too live in the fullness of His joy. blessed be His name. Blessings, Amy

    • Jeannie says

      Amy everything changes doesn’t it when we have the right view of Father God because when we are in His arms we begin to see our circumstances from His perspective. Your countenance is radiant with His joy and I know you delight in being His daughter.

  2. Pastor Sherry says

    “More than anything, I want to listen to your heart. I want to rejoice in your testimonies and be as happy about you and them as I would if I won ten million dollars.”

    I love that statement! To truly listen to God’s heart would mean that our own will would be submerged into His, submitted to Him, and our obedience to His testimonies/laws would be our greatest joy. Wow, if everyone followed God like this, the world would have to change!

  3. Mel Thompson says

    I wrote POST sometime ago and called it, “The Flag of Joy is Flying Over My Castle”. Your words prompted me to “repeat the sounding joy” in everything I do and accomplish in Jesus’ name.

  4. Bisi says

    Beautiful post, l just saw something when l came across this article. His testimonies are what He says about us, so despite the way we feel sometimes, we can rejoice in them. He believes in us and His testimonies are what are true concerning us. Thanks for posting.

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