Until We Stop Panting, We Thirst

Psalm 42

As the deer pants for the water, she stands in the clear, bubbling waters of the brook.  She is thirsty.  Over hill and through the valley of the shadow she has run long and hard.  Thirst has been her friend and has drawn her to where she stands right now. She pants hard and her drink must wait. Refreshing waters of Life

The brook is a place of refreshment; she must rest as restoration takes place. Her heart is racing, pulse pounding, her pants catching her breath. She must slow down. Quietly, reverently, she bows her head and drinks.

As the deer pants, so my soul pants and thirsts for my God. Not yet have I been satisfied. Not yet has His Word transformed my soul.  Not yet have I a constant flow of Living Waters refreshing my soul.

Now, and in the times to transpire, God is pleased.  Now, as He knows our thirst, feels our longing heart, His heart bursts with love for us.

The glory words of God shout aloud, piercing my heart.

The glory You gave Jesus, You have given to me.

Jesus, Father God and me all wrapped in the oneness of His Spirit, we are loved as much as the Father loves the Son.

The Son, Jesus who is the brightness of God’s glory and the express image of God’s person dwells within us believers. Jesus has declared over us, modeled for us the Names of God. Jesus has declared the love He has received from His Father is in us just as He dwells in us.

When our soul is cast down and disquiet within us, God looks at us and sees the peace Jesus gave.

When we thirst, God sees us standing in the bubbling brook, drinking deep of His Living Waters.

When we feel shame, God sees us covered and forgiven by the shed blood of Jesus.

When we feel discouraged and hopeless, God sees the flame of praise burning in our spirits.

God sees Jesus in us!

God sees us as perfected people, the family He planned for and made the focal point of His dreams.  We make Him happy!  He is smiling upon us.

Will you allow His smile to uplift you, inspire you to walk into the deep with Him?  Will you allow God’s smile inspire you to hope?

He opens doors for us too! He helps us to transition from a place of discouragement during the day to singing love songs to Him in the night.

Psalm 42:5 says we will hope in God and praise Him for the help of His countenance.

We praise Him for His countenance.

 His countenance is radiant because of His pleasure with us. The smile of His countenance birthed from His glorious love washes over us and He pours out His loving kindness upon us.
We hope. We joy in the inexhaustible treasure we have in Jesus. 

We are one with the Father; now freely enter into the fullness of His joy.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett



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