Traveler’s Treasures ~ final

In the years that followed as this man traveled beside me, he told me the many secrets of his kingdom, and my level of intrigue was so high and my love for him so strong that I could not help but stay as close to him as  possible as he taught me about being the the dwelling place of God.
He taught me that holiness befits my heart, making it a place where he can abide in comfort and joy.
There are many distractions that pop up as unexpectedly as a jack in the box, catching me by surprise.  The Father, in his brilliance and empathy, uses these “jacks” to mature me, assuring me that he is my covering and there are no limits to how high I can rise because I am  reaching for him.
His words, “I bid thee, follow me,” burn in my heart like fire.  As I walk in the light of the Love that surrounds me, my  heart recognizes his bidding is much broader than a simple geographical location.  The geography also includes the ground in my heart; he wants to walk in places not yet traversed and, as always, the sheer joy of his presence will strengthen me in the journey.
As we walk, he tells me I am carrying his presence and the closer I come to him the closer my life will resemble his.  Deep calls out for understanding and deep answers my heart with the knowledge that I must issue death to my self nature so that his glorious nature will reign.  And even as the death issued is warranted, he reveals I must have dominion over my flesh and subdue its evil desires.
All things are open to his sight; his gaze penetrates to the deepest core of my being and I know without question that nothing in me will escape the fire.  He leans close and speaks, “Is not my Word like a hammer, is not my Word like fire? (Jer. 23:29)  I am the Carpenter and I am the Blacksmith and I blow on the coals and shatter the rock of men’s hearts, giving them in return hearts of flesh that will seek me.  In finding me they will love me.”
“Are you willing to bear My mark?”, He asked, “Are you willing to allow the holy fire of My touch to brand you, marking you forever as My own peculiar child?” I knew His Word would brand my heart and be seared into my mind. No longer would my conscience be seared by guilt-ridden thoughts and impure motives, but the fire brand would purify, refine and cleanse.
He had my full attention and complete liberty to do with me as He saw fit, and I asked Him to please continue working His redemptive work in me. I chose to be as soft, pliable clay in His trustworthy, gentle hands.
He laughed, and the love from His eyes shone brightly, shooting like rays of light straight into my heart where from flowed all issues of life. He issued Life with His words as He quietly spoke…

(Contained in Beckoned by the King)

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