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When I think of the fullness of God’ plans fulfilled in our life, it seems to be as a pipedream, something always longingly wished for and yet seemingly hopeless to attain and walk in. 

Do you think like this too at times?

We all want to walk in the fullness of God’s plan for us, of that I have no doubt.  The getting there seems to be so difficult.  The promises of good plans and His hopes for us seem like out of a fairy tale and not for real life.

Maybe though we are walking in the fullness today.

Maybe today the dreams He places in our hearts will be what inspire us to press forward.

Today we will not give up in the battle, today we will not turn back in defeat.

Maybe today, the dreams in our heart will instigate a desire to press in closer to Jesus and listen for what He would say to us. Dreams are not to discourage us; they are to inspire us to reach for something higher and greater than we know today.

When our hearts are one with the Lord’s heart, His plans, desires and hopes for us flow like a river and wash over us.

How does He want to inspire us, encourage us and lead us through into victory?

Jesus wants us to press through the crowds and press into Him.  He wants to inspire faith and hope in our hearts.

The woman with the issue of blood, all she did was keep her gaze low.  The dusty hem of Jesus’ garment was all she could think about, all she kept her eyes focused upon.  She had heard His promises of abundant life, seen the effect of His hand and gentle touch upon the crippled, blind and deaf.  She had sensed the power in His words and trembled at the thought of what His touch might be like upon her own.

We can keep our gaze low as well.  We can choose to keep our eyes focused upon one thing and fasten them upon the Word of God that reverberates with power and life into our lives today. We can choose to press through the distractions in our daily lives, press into Jesus and press through to the fulfillment of His hopes and plans for us.

The Lord does not want us giving up in defeat when He has already given us the victory in Christ.  The devil has been defeated. Our position in Christ as His child is secure.  We are sons and daughters of the King of kings and He has already given us authority over the work of the enemy.

We have allowed the enemy to sow tares in our fields when we take our authority and position in Christ for granted instead of taking up that banner of victory and proclaiming it over our lives.

God has graciously given us the gift of free will and the ability to choose.

Is that because He knows the power of the strength of His love for us and that once we get a little taste of it we will be ruined forevermore for the ordinary of life?

Can you imagine the depth of His love, the tenderness His hands hold as He embraces us and keeps us in the crook of His staff?

Can you imagine His loving care as He watches our brokenness heal?

 Can you imagine just one touch, just one word from Him, and one glance into fiery eyes burning us to the core?  Forever He seals His love within us and we will never be the same again.

Today, I am keeping my gaze low, my heart bowed in adoration.  Today I focus on the one thing that gives me hope and purpose.  The precious Word of God that is life and health to all my flesh and strength and healing to my bones.

Today, I will meditate on and delight in the beautiful and precious holy Word of God.  Today, I will seek Him with all my heart.  Today His love and mercy will fill the emptiness and overflow me with love, joy and peace.  Today I am His and He is mine.

Today I Am is all I need.  Today His grace will be my sufficiency.

Psalm 119:167  My soul keeps Your testimonies and I love them exceedingly!

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