To Love Surrendered

Don’t you just love it when the truths of God’s word, truths you have known since forever blast a hole in your heart and you see something brand new and fresh?

The phrase “the law of the Lord” is one very such verse that has been playing in my mind for the last several days and this morning something exciting is rising in my heart, filling me with the joy of wonder.

The law of the Lord is stringent, it never changes and we are required to keep it.  Yes, even in New Testament days, days of grace and mercy, we are required to keep God’s laws.

When Jesus was asked by a lawyer (Matthew 22:36) to tell him which was a heavy commandment, the one that was the greatest and most important to keep, Jesus responded with a verse most of us have memorized.  I heard it the first time in Grade 5!  I heard it today for what seems the first time…

In verse 37, Jesus replies that we SHALL love the Lord our God with all of our heart and with all of our soul and with our entire mind. He lets the lawyer, and us, know that this is the most important, the heaviest commandment and the second one is very close to it. We SHALL love our neighbour as we love ourselves and the doing of these two commandments are an integral part of fulfilling the others.

Shall,” in the dictionary, indicates something that must happen and that somebody is obliged to do something because of a rule or law.

When we have determined to choose obedience to God’s Word, all we have to do is determine to love God.  This was categorized as a “heavy law” but when we choose this as the focal point of our hearts and minds, this heavy burden of the law becomes easy.  Why?  Because as we draw near to our Father, we are consumed by His love as He draws near to us.

Living by the law sets us free – sets us free to love and understand the intrinsic value we are to the Father.

We are enabled to love because we have come to a place of understanding our worth and value to God even though it may be difficult to rationalize how we can be loved so unconditionally.  After all, we know ourselves, but He knows us even better, He knows who He created us to be and His love speaks to that part of us.  He calls out the gold and treasure in us and it is with great certainty that God is promising the inevitability of our future.

He is promising that if we keep the law of loving Him, His promise to us in return is that we SHALL love Him with all of our hearts, souls and minds.  He is bound by His Word and desires to see it bear fruit in our lives.  He watches over the Word He has spoken, breathes life with it, fans the flame of desire and nothing keeps it from coming to pass in each one of our lives.

Money cannot buy or build character into our lives, something far greater than gold has begun to shape our characters.

A key is found in Proverbs 15:6 “In the house of the uncompromisingly righteous is great priceless treasure.”

Our acts of uncompromising righteousness are revealed in our walk of love towards God and others.  When we obey the “you shalls”, the “you shall nots” will take care of themselves.

Can we make Psalm 119:72 a reality in our lives?  Can we say and agree with the Psalmist when he says, “Oh God, the law from your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.’

He goes on to reaffirm his understanding that the hands of God carefully fashioned, shaped and established him and asks for understanding; a deep heartfelt understanding that he can truly hold and cradle in his heart the laws of the Lord.

We are His house, the place where His glory longs to dwell.

Will you allow the light of His word to chase out the darkness within you?

Will you stand and take your place in the Kingdom as God’s son or daughter?

With eyes that see with Spirit eyes, can you see yourself all glorious within, seeing your clothing, the very fabric of your being wrought with gold?  Can you see how surrendering to Love has brought freedom to your soul?


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