Tips to Victory While Travelling Through the Trial

Tips, we all like them don’t we? Tips to lose weight, save more money, communicate better, what we leave our server, you name it and there is a tip for it.

“Tips to help you walk in victory as you travel through your trials” is the subject of these posts. None of us is immune to trials and its best to be prepared in advance so the enemy does not overtake you in the heat of the battle. Believe me he will try. You can trust me when I say that. I have been there.
In reminiscing over these painful, gladly past twelve months, I have put into action tools I have learned over the years.
I have lived the tips I would like to share with you. They work. They are practical applications of the Word of God. They are lessons learned over a period of years, lessons lived and they will help you as you walk through your trials to a place of victory.

It is as this season of trials comes to a close I realize we have lived the grace, lived choosing to bless God as we walked through the mess and pain, uncertainty and heartbreak. We have lived the hard stuff, believed hard and we are not letting go of our tenacious perseverance.
I assure you the trial is not the time to start reading up and trying to figure out how you are supposed to live! When you are in the heat of the battle there is little time for spare reading, little time when you have spare energy , little time to comprehend much else other than “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me. Bless His holy Name”. We must know what we need to do and focus.
In the midst of trials, when we are feeling out of sorts, challenged by life and unsure how to proceed, it helps to have some tools right handy. My heart is passionate about seeing my brothers and sisters in the Lord walk victoriously. The tips I share with you so you can slay your giant, conquer your mountain and stand in victory. Does this sound good to you?
I could list them here right now,
• in bullet form
1. or numerically
Put the pen down, press publish and turn out the light. It is not going to work that way though. I am going to share my heart alongside the tips so you have a practical application right here you can refer to anytime.
It will help you tremendously to have right and true thoughts about God from the start. God is not the author of sickness, disease or lack of any kind. He does allow certain things to come our way and He measures those out according to our faith. He wants us to succeed and He wants to bless us. He wants us to grow up in our faith and become mature sons and daughters. How will we ever be so if all of our life is just a picnic, an easy ride?
How will we ever learn grace if we have no need of His sufficiency?
Would you close your eyes for a minute and imagine the body of Christ as we run our race, encountering hurdles and pitfalls, storms and floods? Can you see Jesus? He is right there with you, cheering you on, encouraging you through other members of the body, through the words He whispers to you in the crowd. You are not alone. He is I AM and He is with you. He will never allow more on your plate than you can bear. Never. Even though He bears your burdens, He knows how much you can handle.
My first tip offering for you is in the form of a plea.
Please remember this one at the beginning of your trial and all the way to the finishing 
You are travelling THROUGH the valley. You are moving, one step in front of the other, you are not stuck in the mud and the mire, you are not road blocked or hijacked, you are travelling through, onward and upward, ever gaining strength.
Will you be strong and courageous, unswerving in your commitment to trust God?

Read Psalm 91 and memorize it. Memorize it so the Word of God is written on the tablet of your heart. When God’s Word is written on the tablet of your heart and not on a “tablet”, you will be more apt to live it, believe it and trust it.

Learn to dwell. This is an action word and requires a sitting and remaining. Dwelling can be difficult if you are not used to soaking in His presence. He dwells in the praises of His people so learn early to bless His Name. He will show up and radically ignite your soaking times with His fiery, passionate love. Your heart will understand the reality of a life hidden in Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places and Christ in us the hope of glory.
Speak the words of Psalm 91. “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, My God in Him I will trust.” When you speak those words into your atmosphere, Heaven hears for the King is listening for your words of praise and adoration. You are loved and you have His full attention. He has given us the power of life or death, blessing or cursing in our spoken words.
Choose to speak God’s words of life and blessing. This is difficult too, especially if you tend to have a bit of a negative streak. This was especially difficult for my husband to overcome. In his work life, he is skilled at creating best and worst-case scenarios and considering every negative aspect is a natural tendency for him. It has actually been a reason for his success, but natural means do not always fit when you need to press in to the Spirit of God. On the other hand, it served him well as he was educated about treatment. On the other hand, God’s way was entirely different from his and we had to walk through trusting God completely!
Today’s first tip, remembering you are walking through a difficult valley is from Psalm 23:4

Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.
You can trust your Papa King to keep you from all harm in spite of what you see all around you.
Ask the Lord to reveal any false thoughts or ideas you may have about Him. This will lead us into the next tip that will be about Preparation of the Heart.
I hope you will join me as we look at the different layers and travel to higher and deeper levels of faith.
In the meantime, remember we travel through our trial and move into a place of victory when we apply the truths of God’s Word.
See you next time.
 Tucked with you next to His heart,
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  1. Achama says

    Jeannie this is beautiful and more so because your words echo and confirm exactly what God has been teaching me, it’s like I’ve just read over a couple of my diary entries. It also confirms to me how intimate your relationship with God is and it lets me know that I on the right track.:)

    Keep on doing what you do and letting God’s light speak through you. xxx

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