Summer of change

There is a reaching in my spirit to touch the deep of God.  I strain, I press forward toward the Voice that calls me to deeper life in Him.

In my garden, I see as if for the first time that there is a food chain of birds and bugs.

In the Kingdom, I see.  I see as if for the first time.

A banqueting table has been set, ready for me to sit and feast in the presence of my enemies.

Jesus, even cancer, that foul enemy humanity hates and fears.  In the presence of it, You prepare a table before me.

God, I sit down.

You anoint my head with oil.

My cup You have filled

It runs over.

“Drink this cup,” You have said. “This is My Blood of the New Covenant.

Seal of the promises I keep for you.”

The Blood runs over

It spills and covers us.

The Blood runs over

You have purchased us by

Royal Blood shed.

We belong to the King,

To the God of amazement, wonder and beauty, the One who is more than enough in every situation, every circumstance.

There at the table, as I lift my face to You

I see a banner blowing over me.

It blows in the wind of Your breath

Blows hard so the enemy sees it.

Jehovah Nissi!

Behold!  I see the enemy scatter

They cannot prevail when Your banner waves.

Jehovah Nissi – our banner of Victory

Jehovah – the Blood, the Blood of Your Son has won the battle.

Goodness and Mercy await my awakening.

I will walk through

I will walk through the valley streaked with the shadow of death.

I will walk through valiantly, victoriously,

Voraciously trusting in You, my God and King.

I am Your child; Your eye is ever upon me.  Your Presence fills me with peace, unstoppable joy.

If I run too fast, the crook of Your staff gently corrals me back to Your side.

Your side, that has dripped with Blood shed for me.  You ask me to keep in step with the Spirit.

I gaze upon You, see only glorious radiance.

Look behind; see Goodness and Mercy bubbling with laughter and joy.

I look upon the enemy that confronts me.  I see only the Table You have prepared for me.

You anoint my head with the oil of joy. Or is that Mercy?

I drink my overflowing cup, the Blood spills over and I am covered.

Your covenant promises are for me.  By the power of them, every need has been met.

There at the Table You have prepared a feast.

You say, “Take, eat, this is My Body which I broke for you.  Drink the cup, drink for it is my Blood shed for you.  Drink, beloved drink, let the Blood cover you completely.  Let its power course through you like a mighty rushing river.  The life for your flesh is in the Blood.  Drink.  Drink and consider Jesus.  Raise your glass high, victory is nigh.”


My soul is crushed and breaking with longing for Your judgments at all times.  Psalm 119:20

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  1. Pastor Sherry says

    Beautiful, Jeannie. My favorite line is: “I look upon the enemy that confronts me. I see only the Table You have prepared for me.” When we look at Jesus we don’t have to see the enemy. And by keeping Him in our thoughts and minds, we don’t even have to worry about an enemy. God takes care of us. He shepherds us. He is our Host. Praise Him!

    • Jeannie says

      My favorite line of your comment, Sherry, is “He is our Host.” As our Host He looks after our every need just as a most gracious hostess looks after the needs of her guests, often considering them beforehand.

  2. Pam M. says

    Well, Jeannie, as we’ve already shared on Facebook, we seem to be sisters of the heart, and on the same page, so to speak, today. This is a beautifully written piece, making me feel as if I were right there at the table. I love this. God is so amazing!

  3. Florence Achama says

    This is so beautiful Jeannie, I have already told you that the LORD gave me a similar revelation but knowing a bit about what you are facing and dealing with at the moment makes this 1000 times more potent and special. God is really the One who keeps you and strengthens you and because you put your trust in Him, yes victory is nigh!!!

    Blessings to you and Bruce dear friend xxxx

    ps: I love your new wp theme :)

  4. Bek says

    Hi Jeannie,

    I am so glad to have finally made it to your blog. Such beautiful words and amazing picture. Blessed for having read it. Thank you.


  5. Eva Popek says

    Praying for you and Bruce this morning before I read this. Yes, raise those glasses high, as we sit at the table with the one who gave His all to meet every need as your cup overflows even at this very time….as you receive joy or Mercy? love that. I will be going to church this morning with your beautiful words on my mind and can’t wait to see how this will align with what I will be hearing! God truly blesses His People.

  6. Dixie says

    Feeling the breeze of that banner flying over me today…. it drowns out the noise of the enemy …and blows the mist of the waterfall of mercy and grace tumbling nearby onto my dry and thirsty soul. Love you friend!!!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Dixie, He is so good and so unchanging. As we trust and follow His leading we are truly refreshed by that beautiful mist of mercy and grace tumbling down over our souls. Love you too Dixie. Bless you my friend.

  7. Patty says

    Beautiful, Jeannie. I am not sure what you are facing at this time but I know the Lord is carrying you through. Lifting you up in prayer, friend.

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