The Word of God is Greater than Gold

Hello from my corner of the web!  With our move six months ago and my husband’s retirement, it has been months since I have written here and I have missed this corner of quiet reflection as I ponder all the ways God’s word is greater than gold.

Some of you may have breezed through this kind of transition, never missing a beat, never missing an opportunity to post and stay in touch.  I thought perhaps that might have been my experience, but sadly, the truth is, it is not.

Blogging for me, has been about sharing our learned experiences and learning why God’s word is greater than gold.  Sharing what the Father is teaching us in our day to day lives and how His word impacts and changes our hearts.  I have sure missed my time here at Greater than Gold sharing the lessons God teaches me and even though I have not written posts about them, His hand has been active in my heart.  Very active.

But, my days have been so too!  And that activity is something I have had to grow into.  To trust my Father in.

You see, I have spent many years on my own while my husband has been at work.  I have loved that time.  Never having raised children and learning how to share my daily life with a house full of family is not a gift I have been given and I am ok with that.  I have considered my time to reflect and ponder the things of God a gift however and I am very thankful for the years I have had to immerse myself in the River of God.

My husband and I have dreamed these days even as we treaded the waters of prostate cancer.  Our dream has kept hope alive!  We have dreamed and trusted and believed God for health and the past few months have found us both stripping the kitchen down to the bare walls in order to bring about the kitchen transformation we have dreamt of.  The bathrooms too were taken down to the bare walls and we are thankful for the strength and health to do the work ourselves.  Instead of picking up a pen I have picked up claw hammers to remove floor screws and taken a broom and swept up old tile flooring carting the old outside to be taken to the dump…and wallpaper stripping, choosing fresh paint colours, new bathrooms and  trim and crown moulding, flooring and tile choices…Well, I am still in the River of God, but the current of the River changed and has taken me a little further downstream, a little further from the comforts of the shoreline.

We have dreamed these days in years past and sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure I am really awake!  And all the while, I have thought of you!

I have been awake enough to know I have not written more than six pages in my journal these past six months…awake enough to know I have needed to learn how to transition into this time of life change with grace and wisdom.  Awake enough to know the Father has me in the palm of His hand even though everything about my daily life is so very different to anything I have ever known.

I am awake to His Presence in my life, awake to His Voice in spite of life’s changes, awake to the love He has been pouring into my life through the new family of God He has brought us into.

It wouldn’t be truthful to tell you it has been easy though.  I have faithfully kept a journal for most of my life and written more seriously for at least the last fifteen years and to not pick up the pen or sit down at the keyboard feels  like part of me has been amputated.  I know that is not the actual case, nor is there cause for alarm.

I need only readjust myself as I travel in the River and trust the Father to determine the speed and direction of the current He has me in. 

Today, I have taken the laptop and am sitting in the big leather chair by the front window where I can usually see the cardinals, blue jays and squirrels.  Today there has only been the odd squirrel to make a dash across the street in the heavy rain…

I am here.  I AM is here.  His Presence has never left nor has He forgotten how He has wired me.  He speaks peace to my heart and speaks words of wisdom.  I can hear, I am awake.  Today, I am here and want to let you know that whatever circumstance you find yourself in, God has not forgotten you.  You are engraved on the palm of His hand and His heart is ravished by you.

I ravish His heart too.  My blogging may look a little different these days, but sharing with you why God’s Word is greater than gold is still a burning desire in my heart.  My next post I am going to tell you about how hard it has been to pick a tile for the kitchen and bathroom backsplash.  Such a mundane topic – Nay!  In the choosing He spoke to my heart about how we in the Body of Christ are living, tumbled and honed stones.  Oh, how I want to be that honed stone reflecting His image.

I hope you will meet me here, for He is here.




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  1. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says

    Welcome back, Jeannie. Thank you for the encouraging words. Just this week I questioned if God was still hearing me when I pray. I know He is, but when prayers that I’ve been praying for several years are still not answered, it’s hard to keep your focus on Him. Thank you, sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  2. Sherry Carter says

    So beautiful, Jeannie! It is amazing that God is with us, at work, even when we step away for a time. When I look back on my unquiet times, I see His presence all the more nearby.

  3. Mel Thompson says

    So good to hear from you again. And, such thoughts you laid bare here in revealing the truth in all our lives, even if we are not in the process of moving.

    We all need a spiritual awakening; a stripping down to the bare walls of our lives, then choosing a fresh coat of Word Paint, and then trusting the Holy Spirit to the new transformation. Because of the flesh, we can all become “Fixer Uppers.”

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Oh, Mel, I love your thoughtful comment. You ‘got’ what I hoped you would and shared such a perfect comment…thank you. I have appreciated your online friendship over the years and pray
      God’s richest blessings over you and your family.

  4. Meagan Needham says

    I am just starting my blog and am still trying to figure out how to make time for writing so I know how you feel trying to adjust to a new lifestyle. I love home improvement and I love when God speaks to us through unexpected experiences so I am looking forward to hearing your tile story!

  5. Deb Palmer says

    Such a comforting post. We recently took a couple of short, busy trips to visit family. During such times, I rarely find time to read the Bible or journal. But, as you wrote, He is always near.
    Thank you for sharing.

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