The Treasure Bags – An Offering of Love

The Magi searched for the Child who was born a King

Matthew says they made a “careful” search for this King

When they found His resting place, they were overjoyed

Their hearts were prepared to worship

They opened their treasure bags

And presented the Lord with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh

We are to search out the Child carefully and diligently

When we find Him our hearts will have found their resting places, our hearts will fill with the joy that comes from being in His Presence.

We will bow down and worship all that this Child born King is.

Have you ever wondered though, what inspired these wise men to bring their particular treasures?

What caused the gifts of each wise sage to be so different and yet of infinite value, each in its own special way?

To carry their treasures, Matthew says each wise man had a Treasure Bag.

Can you just imagine with what care they looked after their bags throughout their journey?

Did they worry about the difference in their gifts or did each of them understand the intrinsic value of what they were presenting to this Child born King?

A man’s gift makes room for him and the hearts of the wise men were so full with ecstatic joy it is highly doubtful that they eyed the others’ treasure and felt their own was inferior.  It is doubtful also that the question of trading arose for each man was satisfied in the knowledge that what they were bringing before the Christ was their personal best.

Today we know from God’s Word that it is through this Child born King that we are able to enter His Majesty’s throne room. As we bow our hearts daily before the Father and bend our knees in sincerity and humility, let us be open and vulnerable before our God.  Ask Him to cleanse our hearts from all unrighteousness and enable us to walk in the way He has for us.

God knows what we can and cannot do.  He is familiar with all our ways and understands, yet He expects us to fulfill the opportunities He gives. To make the most of these opportunities, we need to be sensitive to God and to the way He reveals Himself to us.  Sensitivity is in each of our treasure bags.

When we catch hold of the opportunities, no matter what our gifting may be, the attitude in which we obey ought to be in attitude of love and praise to God.  Love and praise are in each of our treasure bags.

Creative opportunities, as unique and individual as each one of us are; happen when we are in the habit of being alert to God and what He wants to give into our lives.  As we are faithful to respond, God will begin to fill our minds with creative and witty ideas and uses these to fill a need, to bless others and glorify Him.  Faithfulness is in each of our treasure bags.

Our confidence will be in Him and daily we will experience joy as His beloved sons and daughters.    In songs of adoration or quiet prayers and worship, however we express joy; it is in our treasure bags.  Joy is a gift always found in the presence of the Lord. Joy is something we each carry in our treasure bags.

We will discover all of our delight is in Him and we will begin to watch with expectation and excitement to see what He will do through us.  Our willingness to be submissive to His Lordship is also in our treasure bags.

When life seems harried or difficult we can exhibit a peace that passes understanding.    The lightness of the load serves to remind us we are in the shelter of the Most High, we are truly in His hand, upheld and supported by Him…  God’s gifts and our treasures are in Jesus, all wrapped with love. Peace is a gift we carry in our treasure bags, it is a gift we choose to reach for.

As we walk out our lives before God, from here until we reach Heaven, our life is a journey.  A journey totally involved in making a careful search for a deeper and more intimate awareness of the Father.  In Him, all the treasures of divine wisdom are stored up. The knowledge of God will enlighten us and give us insight into the ways and purposes of God; we will learn to regulate our lives and conduct ourselves in union with and conformity to our Lord.  We will be pleasing to Him for it pleases Him when He sees His Word is written in our hearts and we obey and do because we love Him so.

The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.  I cannot trade in some of mine because I think yours are better.  Your gifts and treasures will not fit in my bag the same way and if I do attempt, the effort to walk with them will be clumsy, totally lacking in the grace of God.  God wants to pour specific love gifts into my life and into yours and He shapes the way He reveals those treasures.

When Jesus takes up residence in our hearts, He becomes our greatest treasure.  He is the One who whispers to us to come to Him, to allow Him opportunity to reveal His multi-faceted character to us.  He is calling us to take hold of Him, to receive the grace He wants to give us as best befits who we are, who He has made us to be.

God’s grace is a treasure and the more we serve and love Him, the more grace He will give.

We are to be strong – in Him and to be empowered through our union with Him, drawing strength from Him.  What a treasure to understand that God’s boundless might provides us with strength.

God has given us each a portion; a special place that only you and only I can fill.  It is true God has gifted us to fill this role.  However, to fill it by what we can give and do naturally, in our flesh, without being empowered by the Holy Spirit is not what the Father has in mind.

Isaiah say that Jesus will be the sure foundation for my times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge, and the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.

I pray we will take the time to gaze into the Father’s face through His Word and our hearts will come to realize there is nothing comparable to the pure, sweet loveliness of the Lord.  Our time spent with Him will make all the difference, not only in our day, but in the effect our lives have upon others.  May we rest in the Lord and strive only to enter the fullness of His rest.  Our constant communion with Him will refresh and restore our lives.

We will be daily fed by Him, guided and lead by Him and know deep in our hearts that we have made room for Him.

What greater treasure than Jesus can we have?  What greater treasures than the blessings He gives to those who meet with Him.  It is Jesus who blesses and causes us to be a blessing forever.

 Jesus gives exceedingly more.

It is Jesus, this Child born King.

Yielding my life as an offering of love,

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