The Promise of Peril

Days of difficulty, days of peril, we hear all about this whether it be in our own backyard or halfway across the world. Wherever we are, whenever we are, in 2 Timothy 3:2 Paul promises one thing: perilous times will come.

A description is given of society’s attitudes and it is as if Paul is warning us that these are the attitudes and attributes of peril itself. Let’s take a look at what he says about us:

  1. we will be lovers of ourselves

  2. we will be lovers of money

  3. we will be boasters

  4. we will be proud

  5. we will be blasphemous

  6. we will be disobedient to parents

  7. unthankful

  8. unholy

  9. unloving, unforgiving, slanderers

  10. lacking self control, brutal, despisers of good

  11. traitors, headstrong, haughty

  12. lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God

  13. having a form of godliness but denying the power of God

Did you see it? Tucked away, right in the middle of these characteristics that are obvious and clearly unappealing to us is one simple word: UNTHANKFUL

Unthankful – most all of the other attributes that are listed, we can read and think so easily , “no, that doesn’t apply to me” – “oh no, I would never be like that!” – “unholy? heavens no, I’m a good person”, or ” a money lover? I’m just trying to get ahead”.

The rubber met the road this morning for today, November 8,2011 at 8:11 a.m. I saw for the very first time unthankful. I cannot tell you how many times I have read these same verses and not seen.

Sometimes we need to start small. Sometimes we need to start with just one thing and practise being faithful in it. When we are faithful in the small, seemingly insignificant things we will find that more is added to us.

Once we begin to practise being thankful, I believe God will give us eyes to see how much He has blessed us with. When we see how many ways and how lavishly and richly God provides for us…

When we see that God has provided for us in every crisis, every time of need…

When we see our bulging closets… our fridges, freezers, cupboards stocked with edibles, dainties, snacks…

When we see the overflow in our bank accounts… when we see that we have never begged for bread, never been forsaken…

When we see the Blood dripping red over our lives, when we see the plenty that we have been blessed with… and see those shivering in the cold… see those begging for bread… see those who have not the warmth of a home, a bed… have not a warm blanket…

Something as simple as “Giving Thanks” will begin the turn of the tide. The tide of dripping red will flow mightily as we love not ourselves, love not our money, boast not in the works of our hands, but humbly bow at the foot of the Cross. Thankful.

Thankful for the Blood that cleanses us from all unrighteousness. The Blood dripping red gives us grace and power to see with heart wide open.

To live with arms wide open, arms outstretched, hands filled with worldly goods to meet the needs of another. Dripping red in the giving.

Living to love, living to give. Giving with grace and humility… Can you see the red staining everything we have, everything we do?

We have centered on the obvious, we have centered on the things we can see and taste and feel. We have centered on the obvious and missed the most important of all.

The Giving of Thanks. The following of the pattern Jesus laid out for us.

Jesus in the crowd of thousands, looking up to His Father, gave thanks, broke bread and all ate and were satisfied.

Jesus, in the face of crisis, gave thanks. The Garden of Gethsemane received His seed of thanks and we, His children have become His Garden of Grace.

Give thanks with a grateful heart. Let it become more than a song we sing. Give thanks and name and count your blessings. Give thanks and be present in each moment. Give thanks for all that God has given. Give thanks and begin giving out. Let the tide turn. Let your hands drip red. Let the red bring healing, compassion, mercy, grace, … everywhere the red drips.

Give thanks. Name that for which thanks are given. Count them all up to find you have more than enough to give away. Give thanks… now give.

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  1. Ed Lawrence says

    Just finished a study on Daniel in relation to the islamic spring going on in the mid east. This is just one more sign that we are getting close to the return of our Lord Jesus! Thank you for reminding us to always be thankful in all things big and small~! Good article! Keep up the great job!

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