The Land of Nod

  1. How can we sing the song of the Lord when we are hanging out in a strange land ?

    By the stale waters of death and defeat so many of us who are children of God, allow ourselves to be carried away captive.  It is then we sing, not the songs of the Lord but songs of sorrow.

    … Oh, dark night of the soul

    when demons dance in the darkness debilitating us with doubt, despair and dread;

     oh dark night of the soul

     when sorrows abound and the vale of tears looms large

     threatening to draw us in and suck all life from us…

    It is here that we weep and remember “Zion”.

    Even in the darkness, there is the light of hope for our demons and despair have caused us to bring to the forefront of our memory,

     memories of our life in Zion.

     Our life in the Church, our activity within the Body of Christ where peace, grace and joy marked our lives.

    How did we ever allow ourselves to drift off to the Land of Nod 

    so that we find ourselves now at the crossing of compromise and complacency, our eyes heavy with sleep?

    Can we shake off our slumber, can we rise up from the depression?

    Not when our hearts are wavering, wallowing in an unwillingness to surrender, not with eyelids heavy with sleep.

    With eyes half closed we have crossed the boundary line, we are caught.

     Caught in the snare of the Fowler, caught trespassing on the land of the enemy.

    Ah but wait, listen…The love of God is so great…

    He is singing  a love song over us, for us, to us,
     to us  who have wandered,
     to us He is singing He is for us

      because of His great love for us, He has promised to deliver us from the snare and set us on a firm and solid foundation.

    It truly is so that God has promised to deliver us, He said it in His Word and

    • God is faithful – He pays attention to His words so He can remain faithful to them and fulfill His promises in our lives.

      Jesus has set us free, by the Blood that dripped red as He hung upon the cross.  He set us free and He has carried us to a place of safety and rest.

      That place is by His side proven by the wound of the spear where the Blood dripped red…

      We are held by His right hand

       marked by the hole of the nail that was then hammered onto the Cross

      …where the Blood dripped red.

      It was love, 

      it was love, 

      it was the agony of love that held Him there 

      while His life blood dripped red to give us life.

      It is the power of His love that rescues us from the Land of Nod, carries us away from the rivers of Babylon to His River of Delight.

      It is there in that great River that Jesus takes His nail scarred hands and tenderly washes us clean with His blood.  

      …We are washed clean from the stench of the worldly things we have decorated the walls of our heart with.

         Our sin is cast into the Sea of God’s Forgetfulness.

      We agree with God and remember it no more ourselves.

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