The King’s Heart ~ part 4

All too frequently, we go through life feeling unsure and that we are grasping at straws in the hopes that what we hold will be good, true, and right.

Our only sure hope lies in the reality that the Word of God is true and within it are gems that will crown our lives with love and holy purity.  For the Image of the Son to be formed in our life we are required to take steps of obedience and ultimately live in a manner of complete obedience surrendering to the Sonship of the King.

To surrender implies an opposing of the wills and because of the majestic royalty of the King of Ages; it is we who must choose to be like a mighty oak that bends in response to the wind of the Spirit of God.  Does the oak tree somehow know that unless it bends with the wind it shall break?

When the wind of the Spirit blew in upon our lives, we chose to bend and yield to Him.  We chose to determine to live our lives in relationship with the King.  Unlike the oak, however, a breaking must take place within the children of God.

Deep within each of us, the seed of sin has a far-reaching effect…and yet how much greater is the seed of the Word of the King.  When we choose to make it a part of our everyday life – day in, day out meditating and speaking forth the edicts of the King, fullness of life is created for us, we begin to walk in the abundant life Jesus came to give us.

Yet still, life is fraught with difficulty, difficulties that we would wish to ignore, to pray away.  The cold north wind blowing in upon our lives sweeps away the peripheral things that we think are so vital to our survival but because we have chosen to trust in, rely on and confidently lean upon our Lord, we experience being compassed about with mercy and loving kindness.

This means that from every unseen angle the King is pouring out and covering us with His tender mercies and loving-kindness.  He expresses to us His compassion by never giving us more than we can bear; even though He has promised to carry us and be the Lifter of our heads.  Indeed, His Word is carrying us and in the midst of sorrow, our gladness is in Him and not a result of circumstances.

Our gladness is in Him, He who is the source of all joy.

He is constantly at work in us that we might walk and live out His purpose and His will.  Knowing that all of His work is done with complete faithfulness brings great peace to our hearts, peace and joy that keep on growing leading us into the rest of our King.  Peace and joy therefore are the key ingredients to each one of us coming to a place of surrender.  Peace and joy put a spring in our step, a new song in our hearts and peace and joy give voice to a song of praise and victory.

…The Father gazes upon us with pleasure filling His heart as He sees the fullness of the Image of the Son being formed in us.

For in the circumstances that went beyond the boundaries of the natural, Jesus lifted up His voice and spoke, “I praise thee, Father of heaven.”

Jesus lifted up His voice when confronted with seemingly impossible circumstances and gave praise to His Father, the King.

We too can lift up our voices with a proclamation of faith and victory.  We can allow Him to turn our mourning into dancing – we really can rise from a state of depression for He really is tenderly taking from us our sorrows and sackcloth and girding us with gladness.  His joy becomes our strength.  We grow stronger as we allow joy to be an experience of our life rather than something that we hope and long for and pine after.  He has caused it to be an integral part of who we are.

How can we truly ever be disappointed in life when we know that every good and perfect gift comes from the King?  When we know that He is at work in us, His Word is at work in us, His purpose to perform and that there is such an incredible depth and richness in that Word, it is brimming with life.  That Word in fact and in deed spoke forth and canceled out forever the void that existed over the formless and empty dark waste that made up earth.

Without His Word in us creating light and life in the deep recesses of our hearts, we too are dark and empty forms.  The barren waste places of our lives, Jesus wants to make alive with joy, brimming with life.  Jesus is the Word made flesh, He is the Light and the light of His Word within us separates from us that which is dark.

…God, the great and wonderful King, the Maker of heaven and earth sees that separation and He is pleased.

…He sees the fulfillment of His Word coming to pass.

…He sees the fullness of the Image of the Son being formed in us.

The Light is that two-edged sword that is being wielded in our hearts and our souls and darkness is yielding to Light.

Oh, how great is the goodness which He has laid up for those of us who reverently fear and worship the Great King. Oh, how great is the goodness which He has wrought for us who trust and take refuge in Him.

“Wrought” for us implies an incredible struggle resulting in the victory.

The Lord God wrought for us victory and joy at the cost of the sacrifice of His Son.

The apprehensions of our hearts decide the degrees to which the Image of the Son is formed in us.

What apprehends and takes captive our hearts?  The common of the everyday or the glories of the Son revealed in us, to us and through us?

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