The King’s Heart ~ part 3

We obey and bow in recognition of God’s broken heart.  We bow because we catch just a glimmer of the grief God felt over the sinful ways of mankind.  We bow in utter humility.  Each bowed figure comprising a holy nation, a people of kings and priests, a nation, holy unto the Lord, the King whose unified cry resonates in the King’s ears.

They were proclaiming that the very heartbeat of the nation was to love and honor the Lord their God.

… The Image of the Son was being formed…

The eternal and timeless purpose of the Son’s life was being carried out…

The Father, the King felt the pain in His heart as He foresaw what it cost Him to have unity amongst His children; heirs of salvation.  The King was grieved in His heart as He saw the hardness of the hearts of men and watched their utter disregard for Kingdom principles.

Each one doing what was right in their own eyes without even realizing how jaded for eternity their sight without a Deliverer and a Healer was.

The pain in the heart of the King grew exponentially as men multiplied and sin increased.  Scenes of men’s lives would pass through the eyes of the King.  Eyes that ran to and fro throughout every corner of the land searching for the man, the woman, the child, anyone whose heart was blameless that the King could pour out mercy and grace and reveal the mighty strength of His power.

Earthly kings and kingdoms would rise and fall as the people would turn their hearts away from service to the King of all kings.  …The King grieved over the dullness of men’s hearts.  They did not understand that the systems and kingdoms He set up on earth were to replicate His Heavenly Kingdom.

There was not one righteous to show them by example how to live by the rules of heaven’s realm.

… The Son…  The King’s precious Son…  Only by Him coming to earth would an example be set.

God, the Great King could not look, could not bear to look any longer at the sinfulness of man.  He had grieved in His heart and was sorry that He had made man and in the days of Noah He flooded the earth to wipe out mankind’s sin.  But in His heart He knew.

He knew He could not stay angry forever because the core nature of sin was birthed in hearts of men after His first creation, Adam and Eve, betrayed His love.  And if for no other reason He could not deny that the core nature of His own heart was love.

Even then, the sacrifice of God came about as a broken and contrite heart.  The hands that held the dream of His heart had to slay an animal to sacrifice as atonement for Adam and Eve’s disobedience.  Their sin would cause a vast amount of bloodshed.

The cycle would be vicious.  Jealousies, envy, selfishness, anger, greed, hate; all of these were now lodged within the nature of man’s heart.  Here a man would be killed, there a family would die.

War would arise and a vast multitude; men women and children would be slaughtered.  The old and infirm would be put to death before their years were lived out and worse yet, showing the cold hardness of the heart of man, millions of children, yet unborn would see death before even a single breath could be taken.

… The King’s heart was sorely grieved.  He knew that He had already made the costly sacrifice.    …Death would not triumph over Life.

He had committed to man the ministry of reconciliation.  The sacrifice of Jesus, the King’s son had opened the door to forgiveness and the life He had lead as He walked this earth replicated the heavenly kingdom He was from.

Reconciliation would bring man and King together in right relationship.  Not just in the manner of sin’s forgiveness and man putting on the kingly cloak of righteousness.  Mankind would wear the cloak of the King and relate rightly to Him.  His impoverished spirit would be satisfied with nothing less than the truth and fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Man’s will would be so tightly knit in love with the King’s heart that soon their purposes and desires would be united.  As the King perceived in heaven so would it be done in the earthly lives of men.

The King holds the hearts of earthly kings in His hands and He turns them as He sees fit.  An impoverished spirit becomes full and rich when the understanding comes that everything man has belongs to the Kings of Kings.  Therefore man must always find and know that his very life’s breath is in and from the King of Life.  Humility will always bring a man before the King and humility will see that the humble man, poor in spirit will receive reward from the treasury of the King.

Jesus set before us Himself as a perfect example to follow.  He revealed Himself as a bond servant and a Son.  The heart of a bond servant is tied by loyal love to his master and service is always rendered with love.  A benevolent master ensures that the needs of his bondservant are amply supplied and the servant understands that all he has is due to his master’s benevolence.  The Son on the other hand knows that he is rightful heir to everything the father has and that even now the father desires to lavish him with good gifts for his enjoyment.  If we believe rightly, we will grasp the concept of God as King and that His rule and reign must be supreme.  The Law of the Kingdom that takes priority and in fact covers over all sin and offense is Love.  We are to love the King with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our might.

Our heart… is to be taken up, consumed by matters of the King.  What matters to the King will be of utmost importance to us.  Our question then must be, “Oh God, what is Your heart taken up with?  What consumes Your heart oh Lord and King; You Who have made Yourself Redeemer and Friend to us who are the intricate creation of Your hand.”

“My heart”, You would say, “is consumed.  The fiery love that burns in every part of Me blazes with love for My children.  My heart is consumed by fiery love so that nothing remains in Me but the power of love.  If it were not so you would be consumed by My anger and My jealousy.  My jealousy is balanced by and surrenders to the love that blazes in My heart.”

If our hearts and ultimately our very lives are to mirror His how do we come to this place of consummation?  No matter what our lives consist of, our energies, passion and focus are to be directed into loving God.  How though, are our hearts directed into the love of God?  It is not an easy thing to empty ourselves of our fleshly nature and become full of the Word of God.   And yet we must have the same attitude Jesus had when He walked the earth as a man.  His bondservant heart formed His attitudes and His sonship gave Him unprecedented authority.

Humility caused Him to bend His noble knees and petition the King for our lives.

Humility gave Him grace and favor in the heart of the King.

He was the perfect Son whose Image stamped upon the hearts of men across the ages would bring eternal joy.  The King knew the broken and contrite heart He had would be healed through the perfect sacrifice of His Son.  No greater love in all of history would ever compare to the Son’s gift of laying down His life for His brethren, for His friends.

As the Image of the Son was formed in the hearts and minds of those who inherited salvation so the Kingdom would be built on earth.

Salvation was by grace and faith; it was a free gift because as children of the King it belonged to them.  It is a free gift not just because of the kindness of God, but because it is our inheritance.  The King, Eternal, Immortal created the heavens and the earth.

Every star in the galaxy sings the song of joy He gives.  Every creature that has breath breathes as a gift from the One who gave life because He made life.  This is why everything that has breath is to praise Lord – we were created by Him, for Him, to bring pleasure to Him.

The plan of salvation is what God held in His heart even as He watched sin’s drama unfold in the garden. It would be for all, one price, paid one time would enable all men throughout the annals of time to inherit the same gift.

The price for the King would be the highest He could possibly pay, the gift the best He could ever give and the sacrifice of God would come as a result of His broken and contrite heart.  The apprehensions of His heart were held captive by Love and Joy.


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