The King’s Heart ~ part 2


  • to become aware of something by use of the senses
  • to grasp the importance, significance, or meaning of something
  • to take somebody suspected of wrongdoing into legal custody  capture
  • to take or seize; to take hold of.
  • We have two hands to apprehend it.

There is a cost to having a pure heart.  The development of the fruit of the Spirit in our everyday lives means we are going to have to be willing to say no to the selfish ambitions of our heart and yes to the purity of Love.  The joyous result will be the glory of Christ being revealed in us, to us and through us.

(Joy – in the hours preceding His crucifixion Jesus spoke of the fullness of joy.  How could He speak of joy when He knew the confrontation with pain that was to come?)

The qualities of the Holy Spirit are to enable us to walk deeper into the Kingdom of God.

They teach us how we are to train our spirits to rule over our soulishness and flesh.  We must give ourselves to studying the Word and taking the time to get to know God for it is then that He can teach us as we make it a practice and discipline of life to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to our hearts.  It is only as we renew our minds with His Word that our thinking and responses change.

The early apostles walked in these Spirit gifts and as they gazed upon the Beauty of the King, the beauty and splendor of His Majesty apprehended their hearts, they saw the complete brokenness of His body and they understood that somehow the brokenness of this Man would result in humanity becoming perfect and complete lacking nothing.

They heard Him, heard His message in their hearts, saw with spiritual eyes the resplendent beauty of their King and when they had seen and heard, continued to gaze upon Him with open eyes and open hearts.  They touched Him and forever after their lives were different, would be transformed by His beauty and by His truth.

Jesus – the Word of Life – held in the heart of the Almighty God until such time as He would reveal Him.  The God Who operates outside of time and yet created time saw ahead to the prophets of old and men years later with names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter.  Each man had a specific purpose, a specific portion of the Word of Life to write about.

The Word of Life – Jesus, was brought forth at a very specific time and the words He spoke issued life and canceled death.  The words He spoke were like fiery shafts of light shot into the darkness of men’s hearts.

Wherever they were received light came, life was implanted in the stony ground of men’s hearts.  With each shaft of light softness grew and He was able to cultivate the soil of the heart of man.

Yet, the Lord was sorry that He had made man as He saw the great sinfulness that abounded on earth.  He was sorry and grieved in His heart and thus this story of Jesus is the story of the repentance of the King.  – a repentance that required a supreme sacrifice that would bring forth righteousness in His people so that He could have relationship with them.  His great love for us compelled Him to repent.

Has your heart ever heard The Voice of the King as He beckons you, His beloved to leave fear behind and draw close to His heart?

He sees each heart as they leap in anticipation of the answering – He sees the minds faltering in apprehension – His heart longs for you to know the depth and height, width and breadth of His love.

If only we could truly understand that He revealed the fullness of His love in His Son Jesus and that the perfection of all of His promises were fulfilled in the Son.  He saw the contrition and brokenness of man, He could not despise these qualities for He, the King of Heaven, and Earth felt these very same things.

The King holds time and eternity in His heart, a picture of each one of us His precious creations is stamped upon His heart.  The Immortal King knows every millisecond of each person’s life.  Not a single thing is able to hide from His sight and yet first He sees the dreams He holds in His heart for us.

He has hopes and dreams for us that are good and bring much benefit to us for He greatly cares about our welfare.  Oh, though He sees the tests and trials we will go through, He sees statuesque servants, sons, and daughters, as well formed and grounded in his love. As He gazes upon His adoring creation how His heart swells with love and joy as the image of the Son is formed in them.

As the Image of the Son is formed…

The King continues His gaze across time and eternity not wanting just yet to confront the pain in His heart.

…As the Image of the Son is formed in our lives we will be able to comprehend and see the fullness and greatness of God’s plan, the reasons for which He built us together in Christ.

…As the Image of the Son is formed in us we will bow our knees perpetually before the Father King of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Royal blood makes a child a royal heir however each child must be taught and trained to live the ways of righteous royalty.  We must govern our lives according to the righteous, holy statutes set in place by the King.  The King has ordained these statutes and we must obey.


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