The Glory of Love and Spring Snow

Spring snow fell upon our land yesterday, covering all the old dirty snow. 

It reminded me of how the fresh wash of God’s grace refreshes and cleanses us when we veer off course.

The way His mercies are new each morning.

He sees us white as snow, redeemed, forgiven, set free by the Blood of Jesus.

God, in His amazing grace sees us all glorious within.

His eyes of grace and love see only beauty, purity and holiness.  He sees our readiness to enter the chambers of the King.

God sees into us, He looks way beyond the surface messiness of our lives.  He sees Christ in us the hope of glory.

He wants us to know that truth by heart and by experience for a lesson learned by experience and known by heart is not soon forgotten!

Sometimes our learning is a little painful! But the pain is only temporary as God’s truth hits home and does deep work in the heart.

All of yesterday’s beautiful snow covered up a sheet of ice behind our Durango.

Coming home after a lovely morning, exiting the vehicle with a few parcels, I did something I seldom do.  Yeah! I walked around, well; my intent was to walk around the back of the truck.

These feet of mine connected with the ice and the side of my head connected with the bumper!   I had forgotten to remember the patch of ice!

My first thought as my head rested on the bumper?  I wondered if my neck was broken.   And then I wondered what the neighbors might think if they saw me kneeling in the snow at the back of the truck, one arm cradling my head, the other still clutching my parcels; if they could hear me muttering…in the Name of Jesus, healing, healing healing….

Slowly rising, still clutching tight to my parcels, one hand to my head, feeling something sticky, I walked into the house. Giving the dogs a very dazed greeting, I realized the best course of action was to get back into the Durango and go to the Medical Clinic.

My distress was obvious and a Dr. saw me right away.  This is where the lesson kicks in.

After asking me what happened, he picks up the instrument to check my ears!  I am thinking, “My ears? My head hurts and is bleeding.  It’s my head that has a lump the size of an egg!”

Before I could ask, he answered. Sound familiar?  He told me he was checking to make sure there was no blood behind the eardrums.  He turned out the lights, checked my retinas with another instrument, and told me if underneath my eyes turned blue (and something else I forget) happened, to go to Emergency.

He was not concerned about the bump all by itself.  The Dr. was checking for signs of a fractured skull!

He gave me six anti-inflammatory pills to help with the swelling and pain and cheerily let me know he thought I would be OK.

The slip and subsequent visit to the Dr. gave the Holy Spirit an opportunity to show me how our issues, what we see on the surface is not what  He wants to deal with in our lives.

He always wants to go to the root.  He is not interested in just a pretty outside.

He is going to look into our eyes and ask us what has caught the attention of our ears.  Are we hearing the lies of the enemy telling us we are not as _____ she is?  Is jealousy, insecurity, inferiority, pride or unforgiveness blocking our love walk?  How can we love our brother or sister if we harbor those feelings?  The answer is – we cannot.

It hurts when we realize we have not embraced the sacrifice of Jesus and we are still holding onto our “stuff”.

The Blood drips red from the Cross-it has not lost its power.

I want to honor the sacrifice, honor the One who died and rose again.  I want to give the Holy Spirit free reign to look deep into my soul and show me how to appropriate the power of the Cross.

Shall we stand at the Cross together and let the Blood drip red over us?

Our identity is in Christ and in Him I am one with you.  Amazing isn’t it!  Can we make a commitment to one another to choose love and exercise grace?

We can  show  the world our love by living our faith.  By expressing sincere, godly love for one another and being examples of the love of Jesus.  To show others the love and compassion of Jesus, looking way beyond the initial bump; ignore the scrape and just love, love, love in Jesus name.

We are after all, all diamonds in the rough.

Beckoned by the King


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  1. Mel Thompson says

    Jeannie, as usual, you always seem to have the gift to take the ‘common place’ in life and relate it in the spiritual. Again, GREAT JOB!
    I wrote down on my note pad next to the computer 4-words that brought my attention into focus in your POST: “Our readiness to enter”. How “ready” am I each day to “enter” into His mercy and grace and find peace in whatever happens. “STUFF” will happen! It’s how I react to the STUFF is what He sees, for He does see ALL! It’s called ‘preparation’ on the believer’s part at the beginning of the day; to boldly, confidently, “to enter into the Holy of Holies by the power and virtue in the blood of Jesus” (Hebrews 10:19).

  2. Helen Murray says

    Inspiration from a nasty knock on the head! We have a God who can speak through anything.
    I hope you’re feeling better by now.
    Thank you for your thoughts on this; the part about the doctor not caring much about the cosmetic effect of the bump struck me. He was looking beyond to see if there was anything more serious going on – I wonder how often we concentrate on the superficial and ignore the profound.
    That’s going to be in my head all day. Thank you.

    • Jeannie says

      Helen, the Dr.’s ministrations reminded me immediately of how God works! And thank you! I never experienced any after effects that I thought I might!

  3. Anita says

    Hi Jeannie,

    How are you now? So sorry for your fall.
    Thank you so much for your reflection, I stand with you under the cross, choosing love and grace, letting go of my stuff.

  4. Steve Patterson says

    We have the other white stuff falling now here in the south, called pollen. I am glad that we are cleansed white as snow and forgiven. We must forgive others and ourself too for this forgiveness or we won’t be forgiven. I even blogged on forgiveness at Courageous Christian Father. Thanks for sharing and I am not home yet. I cannot wait to be home with the Lord for eternity in the new glorified body. God Bless.

  5. Dixie says

    I was thinking when you described the beauty of the fresh snow, “Yeah, but look out for what is underneath!” and as I read on I realized that was your point!! Wonderfully written and so clear that He is constantly giving us daily lessons in His profound love!

  6. Christine Duncan says

    Such a great analogy, Jeannie, and I held my head a little and cringed at your story, so I hope you’re okay!
    I love that nothing is hidden and disguised and forgotten by Him, the same one who bled for us to cover us in His love. He sees way past the stuff on the surface, and can heal what’s there.
    This diamond in the rough is so thankful for your words today, Jeannie ;) Love to you!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      It is my fervent hope and desire Christine, to have eyes and ears to behold my King and be sensitive to the lessons He teaches me daily.
      You are a beautiful diamond and God is causing you to sparkle with His radiant glory! Appreciate your comment!

  7. Lily says

    I love how you can see the spiritual lessons in nature and everyday life! I think it’s SO true that He always wants to go to the root. That’s something we often forget.

    I’m sorry that you bumped your head, but thank you for this thoughtful post. Glad I was next to you the Faith Barista link-up! : )

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      I am glad you were next to me too! It is wonderful to know God doesn’t just put a band aid on our owie and kiss it better, although the breath from His words and His kiss would go down deep and bring healing in the place that needs mending. Thanks for commenting and visiting.

  8. Carmen says

    I sure hope you have continued to heal and feel better. This is what you call taking a life event and teaching from it! Jeannie I really like this, “gave the Holy Spirit an opportunity to show me how our issues, what we see on the surface is not what He wants to deal with in our lives. He always wants to go to the root. He is not interested in just a pretty outside.”

    Oh so good. Thank you for sharing. ~visiting today from Christian Blog Comment Exchange group. Glad we were neighbors!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Carmen, so great to hear from you! I am glad you were my neighbour too! Laughter is good medicine and I was right as rain pretty quick! Will be working on letting the Holy Spirit do a deep work on the inside for – well forever!

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