When We Mature and Grow Up in Him


Jesus said when we mature and grow up in Him, we bear fruit in keeping with His likeness and the Father is revealed through our lives. What a wonderful promise, to be like Him!

As we mature we learn how to endure the storms and difficulties in life-endure with joy no less! We mature because we have chosen to seek His face in the pelting rain and driving wind the storm brings.

 His face radiating the glory of God is our beacon of hope in our darkness. His face is the light upon our path; He holds the lamp to our feet showing us the way.

When we choose to believe God’s Word, declare and proclaim His truth over ourselves, God is faithful to watch over His Word and perform it.

It might feel silly and impractical to speak God’s Word into empty atmosphere, but the Lord and the angels hearken to the sound of His word.  The declarations of answered prayer are what will bring about the manifestation of the answer.

Our lives are full of the promised tribulations, tests and trials Jesus said would come and it is important that we become skilled at speaking the Word over our lives early on, in the little things that threaten our peace.

When the larger tests come, we will find it first nature to speak out the Word of God.  It is easy to lose our peace when the challenges have grown; it is easy to feel like fainting.  There is a promised rest and rising up in the waiting as we come before the Lord in prayer.

Our emotions will go from feeling battered to being soothed with the balm of His presence.  We will see His kindnesses, His grace poured out, His help as we walk through our valleys. We will thank Him for His provision, for being the God of more than enough.

The joy and strength of grace will flood our hearts.  

Summer is nearly gone and I have been so thankful to be here at home instead of at the Cancer Clinic.  This summer our garden has been the nicest yet, we have sat long in the sunshine, peace and beauty flooding our souls. We are being strengthened with rest for the journey ahead.

I love my raspberry bushes, I love picking the fresh beautiful berries, trying hard to take bowlfuls into the house and not my tummy. The Lord has met with me at those bushes. All summer long, I have sensed Him standing there.  I wasn’t sure how my bushes would fare this summer.  They seemed a little sparse; it was hard to see the fruit.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare this summer, how Bruce was going to fare.  I have sensed Jesus standing over us too, like a mother hen, brooding over her chicks.

This chick heard His voice,

“I will brood over you as a mother hen broods over her chicks.  I will busy Myself with your every need; I will delight in fulfilling the desires of your heart.  I will show you my care and faithfulness.

I will brood over you.  I will protect you from harm.  I am your place of refuge, safety and rest.  I will brood over you.  I will watch over you as you grow.  I know the measure of your stature, the growing love within your heart.

You are Mine forever, My commitment to you is shown by My nail scarred hands and feet.  Never doubt My love. My love for you held me upon the Cross – My blood ran down for you.

I brood over you, I long to satisfy your every need.  Bring them to Me.  I will give you fresh water, fresh manna as you come. Feed on Me.

No matter how difficult circumstances may seem, think of them as sanctified experiences.  Times set apart by Me, in order that My purposes for you and My character are formed in you.  Choose to delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

Bend low

Lift your gaze – do you see Me?

I am the Vine; you are one of these branches.  One branch connected to another, all connected to Me.

Bend low, bend lower still

Lift your gaze – do you see Me?”

Yes I do! I see You standing over, reaching down.  The wind of Your breath rustles the branches. 

Rustles me, rustles my heart.

I bend low, Your wind blows the branches

They bend; the leaves blow back.

I see fruit in places I couldn’t see before!  These branches, my branch seemed so sparse at the start of the season.  Leaves have grown.  The ripened fruit has not dropped to the ground.

The wind, rain and storms have battered this bush; the fruit has remained, ripening in the heat of the sun.

Hidden from view as I stand and look long,

You say,

“Bend low, lift your gaze.  Bend low, your fruit has ripened.  Bend low, your fruit has matured throughout the storms.

You didn’t think it would last so you could taste its sweetness. Your fruit has withstood the force of the storms.

You have bent low, clung to Me, found the essence of your life in Me.

You are coming out of the wilderness, strong, leaning on your Beloved.

Lift your gaze; see the fullness of My love and goodness.”


Bending low, I bless you in Jesus,


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  1. Mel Thompson says

    BLESSINGS with retrospect! The “fruit” given through your Spirit given thoughts never cease to bless me. Thank you for being who you are in Christ.

    Your brother in the spirit—Mel Thompson

  2. Tina U. says

    Jeannie, Bless your ministry in blogging and writing for our Lord, He’s so proud of you, I’m sure He know’s how your looking so much like His Son as He shines His love lamp; light down on you. That’s one of my future goals I don’t know how and when but God does and I hope He reveals it to me in the near future. Stay Blessed!!

  3. Bess Blanco says

    I have found a new sister in you!!! I too, have chosen to embrace God’s thoughts toward me in adversity! Your writing blesses me, I am sooo excited to have found your blog and will be following you for the life-giving words here!
    Love, Bess Blanco

    • Jeannie says

      Bess I’m glad we have found each other for we are stronger when we are able to encourage one another in our times of adversity. Your comment has blessed and encouraged me. I look forward to sharing with you words that bring life. God bless you.

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