The Faithful Way

    SpaceX‘s photo.

Photo: [PHOTO] Falcon 9 lifts off from SpaceX’s pad at Vandenberg, carrying Canada's CASSIOPE satellite to orbit.

[PHOTO] Falcon 9 lifts off from SpaceX’s pad at Vandenberg, carrying Canada’s CASSIOPE satellite to orbit.

When I look at this picture I am reminded that we are like bows in His quiver. He shoots us straight so we hit the mark that He planned for us to hit.

The fire below the missile is not as great as the fire of God that burns within our hearts, but like the fire below the missile, so the same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us. The fire propels us upward, forward, higher, always reaching for more of God.

The launching pad is the cushion of rest.


The Faithful Way

Psalm 119:30 I have chosen the faithful way.

What is choosing the faithful way going to look like in our lives?


Choosing the faithful way is going to look like for me… learning to rest in the promises of God.

I want to be faithful in believing the words of the One I love. More than anything I want to believe the words of the One I believe in.

In believing His words, I want to be faithful to keep His Word… before my eyes, hidden in my heart, revealed through my actions.

This is an important part of My Journey of Faith.

Keeping His Word is going to bring me to a place of rest in every area of my life I struggle.   The power of rest is going to pull me into alignment with God’s purposes and goals for me.

Hebrews 4:1 The Message puts it this way, ‘the promise of resting in Him pulls us on to God’s goals for us.’

1Peter 1:5 The Message, ‘As obedient children, let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life, a life energetic and blazing with holiness.’

Can you close your eyes and see it?  Rest is like a magnetic cushion that is attracted to God’s goals and dreams for us.  When we are sitting upon our cushion of rest, the attracting forces pulls us over and aligns us with the plans God holds in His heart for us.

We choose to believe His Word and so we experience the promised state of rest.

An important facet of faithfulness is purity.  Not just sexual purity but being faithful by being committed to carrying the Pure Word of God in our hearts and sharing a Pure Word of truth from an unpolluted, undiluted heart.

We are completely faithful to the Lord our God and serve Him in all the ways we use our bodies, focus our thoughts, harness our strength, and the way we respond.

God’s wisdom burns as a blazing fire in the deepest recesses of His being. Wisdom, tried by fire, refined by fire, the name of Wisdom is Jesus Christ.  Wisdom beyond us and yet for us, wisdom for the ages past and ages yet to come, wisdom for today, right here, right now.

Clinging to Jesus in these days is the best hope we have for our future.  He is our only hope.  He is the giver and sustainer of Hope and He will always be faithful to us.  Always.  Even now, He creates faithfulness, the beautiful fruit of the Spirit within us.

I pray that faithfulness in each of your hearts would be a fruit that is rich and deep.  In the days that are difficult, days that feel they hold too much for you to bear, I call on faithfulness to rise up strong in your spirit and remind you of the Word of God you have been faithful to hide in your hearts.

With love and joy on this journey of faith,

We have been Beckoned by the King and He will help us to live triumphantly.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    Looked up the word “purity” in Vines: hagnos, “not contaminated” and hagnei, “purity” denotes the chastity which which excludes all impurity of spirit, manner, or act. Lines right up with what you are saying. Isn’t God’s wonderful and pure?

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