The Divine Hand of God

This is the book that has radically changed my heart.

I learned last month from Serge that I had WON IT and I believe with all my heart that it was the divine hand of God moving on my behalf.

To share a little bit more of me with you, I am married to Bruce, a man full of incredible love, incredible love, and incredible love.  He is patient, kind, thoughtful, the living epitome of the love chapter in 1 Corinthians 13.  He is happy, joyous, carefree and sensitive to people and the heart of God.  He treats me like a queen.

I on the other hand have been known to get extremely angry with him, extremely lose my temper and my cool.  Cool it is not, grieving to God and to us.  For ages, Bruce has asked me to seek the Father and find out the root of my anger.  So I have been.  It has been quiet.

Sometimes God speaks when it is silent, He is often moving in the silence and moving on my behalf is exactly what He has been doing.

Back to the book…when it arrived I loved the look of it and read two chapters.  With all the emotional upheaval that has been transpiring lately it was hard for me to settle in and read.  God had a plan that was in action.

June 13, 2012 I felt desperate, wondering if I should seek prayer counseling, anything to understand my crazy angry outbursts.  That evening I stayed up later and started in on Chapter 3.

The divine hand of God opened the eyes of my heart and these are the words, some paraphrased and made personal that changed my heart. I believe they will change all hearts because the truths are eternal.

“We must be quick to forgive and to do so completely, which means a) to excuse a fault, b) to absolve the faulty person from payment.

Both actions are necessary.  Otherwise, if I excuse the fault, but I still want Bruce to pay for the hurt he caused (unknowingly) me, then I will not experience the freedom and joy that comes with complete forgiveness.

If I keep practising incomplete forgiveness, layer upon layer of anger and resentment will pile up in my heart.  Layer upon layer of anger and resentment have piled up in my heart, hence the outburst of anger.  I have always told Bruce I forgive him, but I always add, “Please don’t do that again”

The world tells us that we should only forgive if the person regrets what he did, repents, makes a payment for the hurt he caused and makes a genuine attempt not to repeat the wrong again.

This sounds great, but what happens when the other person is not willing to do all that?  Then we are left in a bitter prison.  This is why the Bible advises us to forgive quickly and completely, even when the other person does not ask for forgiveness.  The Bible instructs us to trust God for repayment.

Talk about being blindsided!  If I look at myself, I know I cannot promise I will not repeat the wrong again…and I was expecting that of my husband and not myself?  Hmm.  Thank God for His grace and mercy!

Too often, I have allowed minor offenses to take a foothold in my heart.  These footholds have become a stronghold in my life.  These minor offenses have made me lose my joy, feel depressed and feel unfairly treated.  Forgiving means that I choose to no longer be concerned and negatively affected by the offense.  Forgiveness prevents that from taking a foothold in my heart and mind.  I must stop remembering it and stop holding onto it.

“Father, I choose, June 13, 2012, 9:23 pm to forgive Bruce completely in the Name of Jesus.”

“Guilt often pushes us to ask for forgiveness.  It helps purge bad toxins away from our conscience.”  I must ask for forgiveness and the guilt feelings will go.  When guilt lingers the renewing of the mind slows down.  Why?  Because I will suffer from guilt complexes, become bitter, fret and agonize continually over feelings of guilt, not feeling worthy or berate myself.

Instead of being healthy – and bringing us to complete forgiveness, guilt can rapidly become destructive if we let it linger in our minds.  It can drive us to breakdown, depression, and make us ill…

Jesus has already paid in full what I owe; thereby I can be free of feelings of lingering guilt.

I must go to Bruce and ask for forgiveness.

I have been drinking dead water.  It is time once more to drink from the fountain of living waters so that blessing continually comes out of my mouth.

Is there anybody else out there who can relate to the truths here?

The divine hand of God…the heart of God rejoicing…will you enter the fullness of His joy and take whatever practical steps you need in order to experience the freedom, love and joy He longs for you?

I know my heart has been radically changed simply because the hand of God is divine!

 With you in His Palm

Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Patty Christison. says

    Yes, I can relate,Jeannie. Recently, I heard a teaching that in the Greek forgiveness also means to “send away”. I find it helpful to verbally send away the offense. Sometimes the Lord takes me further and shows me where that negative reaction first started and then I can send away the original offense. It is a process. Yes, He is faithful-He longs for us to walk in all the freedom that He died to give us. May God continue to bless your gift of writing,Jeannie.

    • Jeannie says

      Patty, such richness you have added to this post with the Greek meaning of forgiveness. Thank you for deepening our insights and giving such a clear word picture. You are a blessing.

  2. Serge Roux-Levrat says

    Thank you Jeannie for sharing openly how my book changed your heart. All the credit for this change goes to the Holy Spirit who worked through me to reach you. You’re a precious gift to the Body of Christ and a big encourager. Your comments made my day. Lots of love, Serge

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