Take the Honey

My name is Jeannie which means gracious gift of God but after reading in 1Samuel 14, I wouldn’t mind being called Jonathan!

I could relate to Jonathan.  He wasn’t afraid to step out from among the crowd and be different.  It’s not that I am fearless when it comes to stepping out from the crowd or that I glory in my uniqueness, but I have learned what God has gifted me in and that I embrace.  Despite the fact, my legs may shake at the podium and words may seem to elude me.  I am His vessel and He will fill me.

Jonathan was a friend who was willing to step away from the crowd and peruse the troop’s enemies from a different perspective.   He was a leader in his own right.  I want to be a friend like that who is willing to lay down my life for a friend, to do something for the greater good of my friends, for His body…

A gift He has given me is the ability to step away from the crowd and see from a different perspective. HIS!  Over the years, I have learned how His Voice sounds and pay attention for it in the everyday.  I am passionate about the importance of knowing His Voice, knowing the Sound of our Shepherd as He walks among us.  My book Beckoned by the King is for those of you who long to have ears to hear and eyes to see from His higher perspective of love.   There is a Bible study at the end of each chapter where I ask some pretty deep questions, and if you answer them, you will discover yourself in much deeper waters of faith.  My voice is a unique voice, but it speaks love and my uniqueness fits right in next to yours and joins us as a body.

We are a body who God calls to be jointly fit together.  That means all the rough edges fit in smooth and tight and though we are many, our unity makes us one.

The reason I like Jonathan is that it seems he is man of deep passion. He is a man who is confident, confident not because he is the son of a king, but because he knows his abilities.  He has spent years of his life training for war and becoming skilled at every aspect.   Yes, his father was king, but Jonathan I think was a lover.  He went deep with the people he befriended and embraced life and love with great enthusiasm.

We, who are the body of Christ, are ‘called out ones’, each one of us to live our lives with our hearts set apart for Him.  If the Lord calls us to step out and away from the crowd to peruse the landscape, then we must know His voice and be willing to obey.  We must know He will give us eyes to see from His higher perspective.

Our love for one another protects and is willing to go the extra mile, willing to give the clothes off the back and the food in the larder.  Our love looks for the highest calling in one another and speaks those words of life to one another.  I want to embrace life, and love with great enthusiasm and see the gold in the lives of others.

…but getting back to 1 Samuel 14…

The troops were not in the finest of form as Saul had made some errors in decision- making, one of them being having his men swear an oath they would not eat until the battle was over.  Oh, how we need to be fed good food in the day of battle.  How desperately we need to feed on the word of God in our time of battle and find Him faithful.

Jonathan by this time had gone out from the camp, traversing the sharp columns of rock in order to view the enemy’s camp and hadn’t heard the orders of his father.  Jonathan’s heart was set on God.  He loved his Dad but his heart was set apart to love God more.

God knew the heat of the battle was high.  He knew that the troop’s obedience to their leader had weakened them physically and yet He saw the heart of the men and the cost they were willing to pay to fight in unity.

God in His never failing mercy saved Israel that day.  Regardless of who may have been right or wrong, God knew the need of the men and intended to meet it.  Just like for us today, God looks beyond the circumstance, sees into our hearts, and loves us with a passion that knows no bounds.  His heart aches with love and longing for us to see His provision.

The battle had worn the troops out when they ran into the forest.  It was in their bone weary fatigue they saw honey was flowing on the ground of the forest!

Has the battle worn you out too, beloved?  Are you hearing conflicting voices, unsure which one to listen to, which decision to make, unsure which road He wants you to take?

The ground of your wilderness is flowing with honey!  I pray that God would open your eyes to see.  Your forest may be thick with trees and in your weariness your eyes may fail, your heart disillusioned and full of fear and devoid of hope.  But there is honey on the ground!

I will be a Jonathan to you and help you to see with your spiritual eyes.  I will lend you my staff of support and hold you as you dip the end of the staff into the honeycomb and eat beloved.

Jonathan saw the provision of God, ate, and was invigorated!

God’s word is like dripping honey on our lips.  It keeps us from sin and keeps us pure.  His word just plain keeps us in His embrace!

His word is a lamp to your feet and He will show you the path you are to walk.  It will be a river of honey through the forest and He will renew your strength.  When fear and unbelief clutch at your throat, take the Honey and walk in the light of His love, resting in His embrace.

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  1. Dolly@Soulstops says


    Jonathan’s loyalty to David is such an example of true friendship….and I’m thankful for how God’s Word refreshes my soul…blessings to you and thanks for the reminder :-)

  2. ~ linda says

    Jeannie, what beautiful words you write. They are refreshing and reminding me of the power between two friends when God is in the middle. To know God so deeply would be His desire for our lives, for my life. I have written the title of your book down, and head to one of the bookstores you have in your sidebar! Thanks.
    Glad I am your neighbor at Lyli’s today.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      I am glad you are my neighbor too Linda and thankful to hear that my words refreshed you. Lifting you up and believing that God is even now fulfilling the desire of your heart to know God in a deeper way. Blessings to you my friend!

  3. Laurie Collett says

    What a beautiful and inspiring post! Truly you are a gracious gift of God, and a Jonathan too! Praise God for His unfailing mercy and grace, and may we never be blind to these no matter how discouraging the circumstances appear.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on Saved by Grace, and may God continue to bless your ministry.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Laurie, such kind words! Thank you. Believing my God for eyes to see the honey in the midst of the storms of life and thanking Him for giving sight to my eyes in times past. God bless you!

  4. Marie Bride says

    Love the meaning of your name Jeannie,
    Thank You for sharing your encouraging post on Jonathan.
    Now I will do what sometimes inspires me the most, when others take out words of what I wrote and tell me what they think, feel, or have experienced.
    Much deeper waters of faith, I could write a post because those word speak to my soul!

    Blessings to You as you Bless others!

  5. Tiffany Parry says

    “If the Lord calls us to step out and away from the crowd to peruse the landscape, then we must know His voice and be willing to obey. We must know He will give us eyes to see from His higher perspective.” Love this, Jeannie. It is the cry of my heart to live expectantly, trusting His voice and believing His promise to lead me to the good He has prepared beforehand. Thank you for the reminder to step out in obedience. So happy to be your neighbor at the #raralinkup today

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Tiffany, thanks for your visit, I appreciate your comment. It does wonders for our heart to establish the fact that God’s plans for us are good and He will work in us so we can move in that place that has been prepared to shepherd in a miracle. Hope to see you again!

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