The Father’s Favour

Father, You are righteous and just, perfect and holy. You are without beginning, without end. There is no measuring of Your days for You flow endlessly like a mighty river rushing into the ocean. You are the Creator who is uncontainable just as the oceans would not be contained had You not drawn a line in the sand and said, ‘this far and no farther shall you come.” Your spoken words set the tides in motion, the moon to wax and wane and the sun to give us light, life and warmth.A place provided

Would you trust Him fully beloved and live in surrendered obedience to His Majesty? He has plans for you that are good. You have heard for years that He has plans to give you a hope for your future and plans to prosper you and cause you to bear fruit.

Don’t be complacent with the word of truth. Lean hard into Him when your circumstances appear to contradict His word of promise. Your circumstances will change, His word will not.

If you would join Him at the river and experience His indwelling presence and power, your roots shall grow deep. Difficult news shall not shake you nor shall calamity strike you down before your time. Instead, you shall bear fruit and bring forth that fruit in its season at the right time.

Be mindful, beloved of our God and His ability and desire to teach you and lead you in the way He intends for you to go. Do not be stubborn like the mule; instead be pliable and trusting in His hands. You always have the choice to follow or not, but it is there in that sanctified purpose where He enables you to get wealth.

Wealth is not always the currency of our day. It may be golden treasures from His word, a supernatural ability to lean your entire being upon Him. His plan is to go before you making crooked places straight and opening doors for you with just a whisper and a breath. His favour on your life is greater than gold.

He knows your way beloved. He knows your rising and your sitting. He fully understands and discerns your thoughts. He knows why you do what you do and why you think and feel a particular way. We can hide nothing from Him.

His word, more powerful and precise than a lightning bolt will divide your soul and spirit; piercing and separating your joints from the marrow and all of you lays bare and open to Him.

Never fear the division of the word for it brings us into alignment with Him.

In the piercing and dividing, He gives you clarity and wisdom as He positions and aligns you with His purposes and plans. Your spirit, soul and body will synchronize with the thoughts and intents of His heart. His word will be alive in you even as Jesus lives within you and the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead shall quicken your mortal body to the abundant life He has promised.

This is fruit bearing beloved. This is why we must allow the Gardener to shape us as He prunes our dead and straggling branches. There is great beauty in the pruning so never run cringing in fear from the shears.
He is creating in you a work that will bring Him much glory, honor and praise. He loves you beloved with a fierce and jealous love and He wants all of you. He loves you and His blessing is upon you, surrounding you with favour as a shield protects a warrior.

Go forth in peace and joy, flow in the mighty stream of love. You will be a light of hope to those who are walking in darkness simply because He lives within you and nothing can hide the light of His presence in you.

Your Redeemer walks with you and there is hope for redemption for all.

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I Believe Your Word

Psalm 94:19 In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.

Lord, I come away
Come away from all distractions, cares and concerns.
Here I am, setting myself apart from all the worries of life.
Here I am, Lord anchoring the trust of my soul and heart to You, Jesus.
Anchoring myself to all You have accomplished for us by the shedding of Your blood.
I bind myself to Your word, O God
In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke fear and the borrowing of trouble.
I cast them far aside and I lift up the shield of faith over our lives.
I lift up the shield of faith, the shield of Your favour that says HEALED, SOLD, FORGIVEN, REDEEMED, SET FREE, PROVIDED FOR, BELOVED.Continue Reading

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Take the Honey

My name is Jeannie which means gracious gift of God but after reading in 1Samuel 14, I wouldn’t mind being called Jonathan!

I could relate to Jonathan.  He wasn’t afraid to step out from among the crowd and be different.  It’s not that I am fearless when it comes to stepping out from the crowd or that I glory in my uniqueness, but I have learned what God has gifted me in and that I embrace.  Despite the fact, my legs may shake at the podium and words may seem to elude me.  I am His vessel and He will fill me.

Jonathan was a friend who was willing to step away from the crowd and peruse the troop’s enemies from a different perspective.   He was a leader in his own right.  I want to be a friend like that who is willing to lay down my life for a friend, to do something for the greater good of my friends, for His body…Continue Reading

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Just to tell You I love You

Probably the most important discipline I have learned as a believer and follower and lover of Jesus, is to pray His word. When we hide His word in our hearts, we have something of substance to chew and stand on in time of trouble.

Instead of letting worry and fear rile up our insides and give us stomach aches, if we choose to meditate on His word, our heart and soul will know peace.  Great peace even in the midst of great trouble.  I don’t think I’m wrong to believe that great peace is something we all hope for in this day and age.

The hiding, meditating and speaking of the Word takes practise, it is a choice we make moment by moment.  After time, after experiencing the ways God moves on our behalf,  it becomes a discipline of much joy as we realize we reap many benefits of the promises of God’s word. 

The Hebrew alphabet at the beginning of Psalm 119:161-168 is “Shin”. It represents a chewing tooth  or teeth that consume and destroy.  Meditating on and speaking out His word is part and parcel of what a ‘chewing tooth’ does.  The lies of the enemy of our soul are brought to light and the Word of God consumes and destroys the work of the evil one. 

I have been working through the Bible study in Beckoned by the King for the last year and a half.  Reading and rereading Psalm 119, longing to have a deeper understanding of how the truths in it can be applied to and lived out in our everyday lives.  I can tell you in all sincerity and honesty – my heart has changed so much, its hard to recognize it as mine!  The fears, doubts and worries I had have all been swallowed up by the beautiful, life changing word of God.  I stand amazed at the work God has done in my heart and soul.  I am so thankful for the absoluteness of the confidence I have in Him and in His word. 

The NIV Study Bible says this about Psalm 119:  “The author of Psalm 119 had a theme that filled his soul, a theme as big as life that ranged the length and breadth and height and depth of a person’s walk with God.  Nothing less than the use of the full power of the language would suffice, and of that the Hebrew alphabet was a most apt symbol.” 

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When we Need His Joystrength We Chew on His Word

Is your heart delighting in and in awe of the power of God’s words?  Are you allowing His word to unfold in your heart and mind so that your soulish patterns change?

In the second to last meditation in Beckoned by the King, these are questions asked in the study, questions that beg to be answered because if you are anything like me, I think we all want to see our soulish pattern change.  Instead of reacting in the flesh, we will respond with love, instead of fear and doubt plaguing our soul, faith will rise. 

Faith will rise when we meditate and chew on the word of God.  When faith rises, doubt ceases, when faith rises, fear flees.

The Hebrew alphabet letter at the beginning of Psalm 119:161-168 is “Shin”.  “Shin” represents a chewing tooth, or teeth that consume and destroy.

As our bodies grow and mature, change transforms us.  Our mouths, once full of baby teeth, now sport adult teeth, molars that are our chewing teeth.  We have grown from needing only milk for nourishment to longing for the meat…of the word of God and our spirit man has grown in order to accommodate that need.  We have spiritual chewing teeth, spiritual molars to chew on the word of God.

Chewing on the word of God consumes and destroys the enemy of our souls

I wish we could walk through life without sadness, without fear of those we love getting sick.  I wish sometimes, for life to just be smoother and easier, but then I realize my heart would not have the opportunity to stand in awe of His words. (v. 161)

When He breathes His breath of life into me, when He encourages me with His love and strengthens and uphold me with His mighty right hand and when I look back and see how every need I have had has been abundantly supplied, it is then I know His word is greater than gold.  I may have silver and gold but only Jesus can supply that which money cannot purchase.

Money will not infuse me with joystrength to face my day, nor will it bring a settled peace to a racing, worried heart.  He takes my cares and worries and carries them on His shoulder, He takes me by the hands and gently hoists me up upon His shoulders too!  All the day long, He carries me, carries my burden and makes a way for provision.

He speaks peace to my heart and I can chew on His words, drawing nourishment from them as they go down deep inside me to become treasures in my heart.

Suffering and Glory walk together.  One cannot be had without the other.  Suffering has taught you the necessity of mercy.  Mercy given and mercy received.  Mercy is compassion and love in action, bringing to fruition that dream for you that I, for eternity have cherished and treasured in My heart for you.

As a child loses its baby teeth, growing molars and larger teeth to chew with, so you have experienced the losses and pains of growth.  I have watched and waited as you have encountered times of hardship and indecision, and you have always placed in My hands that which your mind has struggled with.  You found rest for your soul as you ceased from your own laboring and simply trusted My word and My faithfulness.  My word has given you much to provoke your mind and change your heart.  Your course of direction has altered as you have chosen to move closer and be aligned with Truth.

For how else can we be one, save for the choices of your heart and soul to die so that I may live in and through you?  How else can we be one, save that you are willing to die that you might live in Me,  triumphant, victorious warrior with a girdle of gold about your breast.  Joined in death, we live exultantly, expectantly.

The qualities of your heart will be interwoven with gold because you have been in the Refiner’s Fire and have the glory of the Lord God upon you.  Always remember, that though you be in the midst of the fire, there you are in the midst of Me, for I Am a consuming fire.  You are in the center of My heart and it is burning with passionate love for you.

In the consummation of the fire, we become one in death and life.

He knows the way I take.  I am an open book to Him and even with all my quirkiness He loves me.  Oh, how He loves us!  He has redeemed us, revived us according to His word and poured out His tender mercies over us.

We are redeemed by His blood and washed by the Living Water of His word.  Right now He is perfecting all those things that concern me and has prepared a way through the wilderness, directing me onto the Highway of Holiness.

He knows the way I take.  He knows my frailty and offers me His joystrength.  I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

Will you walk this high way of holiness with me?  Will you let Him refine and purify you so we become His unblemished bride?

Giving Him my heart and soul, offering my body as a living sacrifice.



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