How Do We Reveal the Heart Jesus Redeemed

 God’s plan is to reveal the power and beauty of Jesus through our lives.  The message in Galatians 2 is all about living the resurrected life, but how do we do this? 

How do we live in a way that reveals His heart?  How do we express our lives with the heart Jesus redeemed for us?

I have been learning to say ‘no’ to those things contrary to His word and instead run to His word and drink from the fountain of living water.  When I am filling my heart full with His words, my mouth, which so often gets in the way, will begin to speak words in agreement with God’s word.

The last question in the chapter, “Ayin” (in Hebrew this alphabet letter is likened to a fountain of water) in Beckoned by the King ended with this: “Can you hear Him as He teaches you to speak right things only so that your speech lines up with His word?”

I sure have been able to hear Him!  He let me know my word for the month of November is ‘no’, and of course it fits right in with what He has been teaching me and what He wants me to learn.  I am not surprised that the word is a perfect fit for the next chapter in Beckoned by the King, which is ‘Pe’.  The Hebrew meaning for this alphabet letter is ‘open mouth’. 

Pe  Psalm 119:129-136

129 Your statutes are wonderful; therefore, my soul observes them. 

130 The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. 

131 I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands.

 132 Turn to me and have mercy on me, as you always do to those who love your name.

 133 Establish my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

 134 Redeem me from the oppression of men, that I may obey your precepts. 

135 Make your face shine upon your servant and teach me your decrees.

 136 Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your law is not obeyed.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my walk with God is the absolute need to be faithful with the time I spend reading God’s word.  I am lost without it.  My husband always knows if I have been slack in my word time because I get cranky and aggravated…quickly. 

I have needed to trust Him to firmly establish me in His word so sin does not take priority and dominion in my life.  Trusting involves knowing He will complete the good work He began in me but I need to do my part.  I need to read the word of God, practice listening for His voice and be faithful to obey His written and spoken words. Continue Reading

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A Word in Season

Do you ever feel you have wandered off course only to hear the Lord let you know you are really right on track, right where He wants you to be?  That’s how it is for me today as I settle down to answer a few of the Bible study questions in Beckoned by the King.

The chapter I am currently working on is Psalm 119:121-128 – the Hebrew alphabet at the beginning of these stanzas is ‘Ayin’ and it is likened to a fountain of water.

In September He inspired me to ask Him for a word for each month that would cause growth in my character and walk with Him.  September 2014-09-24 13.07.08was peace and October2014-10-01 11.47.44 was gladness.  I wasn’t sure about November, I thought maybe rest but that’s not it.

He has given me the word ‘no’.  And it fits so incredibly well with the chapter and the questions ‘Would you say you are becoming more sensitive to the working of Holy Spirit in your life?’ and

‘Has your soul learned how to submit to the word of God in a quicker fashion than before you began this study?’

No to negative self talk

No to fear, doubt and worry

No to impatience

No to words not spoken in love

No to all those niggling qualities that take away from the best me.  The me God planned and created me to be.

He planned for me to trust Him.  He reveals His character and nature to me throughout the Bible. 

Will I take the time to prioritize and make reading His love story to me the most important part of my day?

He planned for me to love Him.  He reveals the strength of His love throughout the Bible. 

Will I let Him whisper love words to my heart? 

Will I silence the other voices clamoring to be heard and just lean in against His breast and listen?

He planned for me to be like Him.  He created me in His image. 

Will I allow Him to continue to mold and shape me and fashion me with His glory?

This is how my soul learns to submit to the word of God.

This is how I become more sensitive to the working of Holy Spirit in my life.Continue Reading

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The Strength Of His Love Carries Us to the Fountain

 Psalm 119:17:24 ~ the Hebrew alphabet letter for this section is “Gimel” which speaks of  One who is dependable, strong and reliable. 

The Word of God is reliable.  It is strong, dependable and trustworthy.  It is our only enduring strength as well as the only unchanging constant we can forever depend upon.

When we are fearful, focusing on the negative the Lord will scoop us up and carry us in His strong arms to drink from His fountain of Life.  We will relax and lean into His strength.

The Word of God is likened to a River of Life, full of delightful unknowns.  It is as we drink at the fountain of Life that we are sustained for the task at hand.  Any task.  A task that feels like it may be too difficult, too dark, too discouraging. We may want to shy away and wish we could flee from the circumstances.  Be somewhere, anywhere than having to be right where we are with the reality of life’s difficulties wanting to blindside us. Ready to blindside us if we aren’t prepared.  

Ever had that feeling, that experience of not wanting to face what the future may hold according to financial reports, medical reports, economic reports?  As Christians, believers in our Almighty God we must only hear of these things with our ears and then quickly make a decision to run to the Fountain of Life where sustenance for the task at hand is given to us as we drink.

While we are bending low at the Fountain our ears can hear a Voice, can feel the breath of our Beloved’s upon us.  Our hearts pound and we know that He so desires that we find comfort in His presence and that we cease from our own labor and enter into the rest He is offering.

We are one with Him!  Therefore, what He is, so are we in this world, and this becomes experiential reality as His Word unfurls like a petal in the light He has shone in our hearts.

When we know that we are desperate and need Him to help us, deliver us, walk with us through our fires and floods, He hears us when we cry and answers.  Oh, that our eyes would be open so that we might behold wonderful things from God’s Word,  things too lofty for our minds to understand but that we perceive deep within our spirits. May we see with eyes of faith, may we find great refreshing at the Fountain of Life.

Will we allow the Spirit of God to pour Himself into us?  Will we allow ourselves to open fully to receive Him fully?  Will we even allow everything in our minds, wills and emotions that do not line up with His Word to be crushed, cast aside and considered worthless?

 As we bathe in the presence of the Holy Spirit and welcome His cleansing by the washing of the Water of the Word, in the midst of our darkest and difficult times,  we shall rise up strong, victorious warriors who show forth in our lives rich qualities of reliability, consistency, strength and dependability.

God’s Word becomes the joy and delight of our hearts,  we recognize His guidance and counsel and all fear is driven out and we are able to rest in the capable hands of our Father.  We are strengthened and supported as we walk the path that is before us to walk.  The Word becomes, as it were, our mode of transportation to get where we are destined.  Just as a camel’s master leads him to drink before and along a journey, so our Divine Master holds out His Word for us to drink to prepare us for our journey into our destiny.  That Word, as we travel will go down into the deepest parts of us and bring the Water of Life to our souls.

We become sensitive to the Master nudging us to draw aside and sit with Him for awhile, to rest and be refreshed in preparation for a more treacherous climb that He knows is ahead.

Oh the joy we know as He so tenderly speaks!

“I have many places to take you, many sights for you to see.  You will look at them and see, not with your natural eyes, nor even with the eyes of faith.  You will see with supernatural vision, and in that level of seeing you will perceive My plans and My purposes for that situation.  When you give your heart completely to Me, I hold it here, in the palm of My hand.  Everything there is open for My inspection and receives My stamp of approval.

Drink often from My Fountain, Beloved, drink deeply so that the water of Life can course through every cell of your being, washing, cleansing, that Love may arise out of the darkness and cover you with the light of My glory.

There in that secret place shall I protect you, provide for you and reveal My secrets to you. So drink deeply, Beloved Child; each drop gives Life, each drop brings forth greater light.  Drink, Beloved, drink of the waters of purity, wisdom, righteousness and the knowledge of God.  Here at the well you are as low as you can be, but in My Kingdom I honor your desire and willingness to live a life of humility and to lay your life down before man to surrender fully to Me.

So come, Child, come and lie low before Me.  Drink and see me with the eyes of your heart as I work in you, fashioning and making you fit and useful for the Master’s Kingdom work.  It is My great pleasure to do thus.

Hold fast to the Word of Life. Hold fast to Truth and surely you shall be kept.  Yes!  Go forth with joy in your dependence upon My mighty Word.  I shall not fail you or disappoint you.  I shall rejoice over you and share My joy with you, thus strengthening you in the continuation of your journey.  By My side and in My heart you shall ever be.  My eye is upon you and shall ever guide you, My words shall encourage and keep you as they run like water, refreshing your soul.

 Can you hear Him speak to your heart?  Are you learning how to have ears that hear?

What do you sense God requires of you in order for you to become a person who exemplifies strength, dependability and loyalty?

Please know you are most welcome to leave a comment….I look forward to and value your response!    

                                                                                                                         In the meantime remember You have been  

An Intimate View of Psalm 119 - A refreshing and challenging Bible Study on Psalm 119001

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Love Poured Like Water

I am your child, Father, and I live knowing you are the All-Seeing One.  You see my past, my present, my future and, as the Eternal Rock of Ages, you see it now.  Time for you is always now and I have learned this by seeing how you answer before I even call.

You know the depth of my need, the fulfillment of every desire.  You have exchanged my heart of stone for a heart of flesh and the heart that you have given me is full of godly desires.  I have heard the proclamation of justice and righteousness resounding in the land and have stirred myself up to seek your face, touch your heart, hear your voice and see the tenderness that marks your ways.  I am overwhelmed by your outpouring of love.

Your love washes over me like a fountain and I can but stay in the midst of it.  In the midst of you, partaking of the meat and drink that you give me.

God's Love is Like Mighty Rushing Waters

 I find balanced rhythm to my life.  I am no longer yielding to the bait the enemy dangles before me, for my gaze has become set upon things eternal.  I am focused on the goal and the way I see, when I look through eyes of faith, so truly determines the perspective I have on life.


You fill my heart with faith and teach me how to view circumstances through the eyes of my heart.  The tricks of the oppressor are clear to me and your sweet voice guiding me is clearer still.

I can hear the excitement in your voice as your hand rests upon me.  I yield to your slight pressure for I have chosen submission to my King.  I turn only to look more clearly upon you and I see your eyes sparkling with joy at my eager obedience and desire to be led by you.

In the fire I have learned your faithfulness.  Your truth burns in my belly, the dross of my life is removed in the furnace of affliction.  I have stayed myself upon you, moving only in response to your call to come, to come nearer still and immerse myself in the love of the Father.  This has become the focused goal of my heart, the purpose that drives me.

Psalm119:121-128  “Ayin”  is the Hebrew alphabet letter this portion of the Psalm begins with. It is likened to a fountain of water.

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He Calls Us Beloved

He gazed long upon  His beloved.  She was alone at the well and He saw her scars from the past and her fear of the future.

He knew it was the shunning and scorn by others that drove her to the well alone.  Craving she was and satisfaction and contentment eluded her as shame haunted her.

This place at the well, this was her alone space.  And here He was, right in her space, speaking with her face to face.  Her ears perked up as He spoke about being refreshed if she drank of the living water He wanted to give her.135

How did He know she felt so shriveled and dried up on the inside?

He wants to give her a gift unlike any she has ever received. He wants to quench that dreadful aching thirst deep within her soul.  She is thirsty, parched and her voice breaks as she chokes out the words as she dares to ask for His holy water.

He knows her thirst. He knows her hunger and longing for peace and fulfillment.  He knows her to the core, her desperation and longing to stop hiding behind her masks of indifference and bravado.

She implores and captures the heart of Jesus.

Jesus invites her to come into the light.  He is completely unfazed by the darkness and shame of her past as He asks.  

She hears Him, she hears the love in His voice.  She didn’t know how He could wash away her darkness and shame, but her heart knew – somehow, she could not explain it to herself, but she knew she could trust Him.  

He had revealed Himself to her by revealing who she was.

And that was the thing.  It was who she WAS.  He didn’t see her black listed, scorned, shunned and shamed.  He loved her.  She could see the love in His eyes, see it in the curl of His smile and the gentleness of His spoken words.

He called her Beloved.  Her heart bowed in awe of such love.

His presence was so pure. And yet He neither convicted, condemned or belittled her.  Jesus knew the depths of her  plunge.  He knew because her heart was fully exposed to Him.

He called her His Beloved.  The compassion Jesus showed her melted her heart.  Oh, the mercy and loving- kindness she felt from Him!

Listening to Him, she was amazed at the joy His presence gave her.  All of life seemed to funnel down to this one moment.  Filling her water jug suddenly seemed so trivial.

Deep within her heart and soul, settled peace rests. She knows she has found what she has been searching for all of her life.  Oh, she knew she had not lived as she had dreamed of as a child, but here was the Savior, the Blessed Messiah offering her a newness of life and she was saying Yes! to Him with her whole heart.

She received Him and accepted Him within her heart.  She felt different.  She felt clean and pure, determined to set for herself a brand new standard of faithfulness.

She bowed in worship as her spirit grasped how faithfulness was a quality she would grow in as she continued drinking of the Living Water.

She would never stand all alone and be lonely again.  She was one with Him, completely known and fully loved by Him.   Jesus, King of the Jews had chosen her as His daughter.

She no longer had to scurry about in the shadows.  She was encircled by the Light of His glorious love,  her sin was forgiven and she knew she was released from her burden of guilt and shame.

Jesus had set her free from burdens so long carried.  Joy overtook her as she realized she was a brand new woman lovingly fashioned and formed to bear the Image of the Son.142

She was Beloved of the Lord.

Laughter burst from her lips at the irony of it all.  She remembered all the details of her life as they flashed by in her memory.  She remembered, she saw pictures, she saw shame.  She saw Jesus loving her through it all.

Knowing her place in His heart, she smiled, her face glowing contentment. The joy of forgiveness.  Love unlike anything she had ever known. She loved Him and never wanted to leave Him.

She wanted to shout out her happiness, instead she found herself spurred into town.   The one once shunned, scorned and shamed, she had a message of hope to share.  She longed to share His love and goodness.

The Messiah had put a new song in her mouth and she would sing His song the rest of the days of her life.  She was His Beloved and His banner over her was love.

Others would hear this new song and they too would sing.

The song would spread all across the land, throughout the ages.

Today we hear the same song.  Can you hear it? Are you singing?  

He calls you His Beloved and invites you too to drink of His living water.

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with you in His palm

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