Why I am not Giving Up Anything for Lent

 I have never celebrated Lent nor given much thought to it. 

To be completely truthful,  mostly all I know of Lent is from Facebook posts that talk about what the individual is going to give up for Lent.

 Lent has never been part of my Christian walk, nor have I had any teaching on it.

  I think of how Jesus came and took our sin and gave us His righteousness.  God has given us the Way, the Truth and the Life and in Christ, we live and breathe and have our being.  We are loved, wholly, passionately and without reserve by a God who gave His only Son for us and we are well pleasing to Him.  God gave all, He gave the best ~ for you and for me.

…Well, no matter what I know or don’t know, I am not giving up anything for Lent… 

Especially when I can come into His presence and give Him my heart.

As I gaze at the years behind me, I know I have experienced the strength that truly does rise as we wait upon the Lord.  Of even greater importance is the amazing joy and freedom I have experienced after a time of repentance.  The shame I wore for so many years kept me from a real heart to heart relationship with Jesus and when I finally heard the term ‘repentance’ my heart was broken and became completely HIS.Continue Reading

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Love Flows From His Hands

An excerpt from Beckoned by the King (Yodh  Psalm 119: 73-80) that expresses the loving tenderness of the Father’s heart as He created us and made plans for us.

Yodh resembles a closed hand or fist clenched to work.  

Yodh is the only letter that is suspended in mid air.

Yodh is also the smallest letter and was used as the number ten.

 God’s hands communicated his love as he made us, putting every part of us together to function as he saw fit.

As it is true in the natural, so it is in the spirit.  His hands have carefully crafted us, placing within us personality traits that, when yielded to the Spirit, would cause us to be fit together for the Master Creator’s use, aptly formed for his purposes and desires.

Even as he knit us together in the wombs of our mothers, so he has knit us with his love to form the Body of Christ.  As Jesus is the exact expression of the Father, so is the body to reflect the unity the Son has with the Father.

As individuals within the Body, each of us is to reflect the nature of Jesus.  As we yield our minds, emotions and wills and surrender our hands, feet and mouths, we will be filled with a greater measure of the Spirit of God.Continue Reading

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Words to Encourage and Give You Strength

I am thankful my Father carries me on His shoulders and when He sets me down it is in a broad and pleasant place where green pastures and sparkling waters abound.

(My heart continues to be excited about writing out declarations of truth and I know they will benefit you too as you speak them out over your life. ~ At first I thought these would take away from answering the Bible study questions in Beckoned by the King, but the truth of the matter is this; the chapter we are on is “Heth” which refers to God’s Word being the boundary for our lives and how the Word is our hedge of protection.  I believe the Lord wants to teach us how to appropriate His Word now in times of relative peace to prepare us for days to come that may be more difficult.)

Continue Reading

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Joining Hope with Faith is Key to Victory

The past few weeks we have been looking at some keys to victory as we journey through our trials.  

Today the focus is on hope ~ expressed as the cry of my heart to my Papa King.

 Some days all I can do is just lift my gaze to you Father.  Some days I have no words, no clear thoughts. Only your word speaks loudly within my heart.  Your thoughts clear my vision and become my focus. The thoughts that roll around in my head that I can’t sort out, seem then so unimportant.

It is on those days, Father I am thankful. Thankful you know my heart better than I do; you know the end of my thoughts before the first one can flit through my mind.  You are amazing in your love and knowledge of me and for me.  Again, Lord all I can say is I am thankful.

Hanging Onto Hope

Some days Lord, I feel I am hanging onto hope with just a single thread.  Some days, I am afraid the thread may break because of how tightly I am clinging.

Thank you for protecting my hope and encircling it within the promises of your word.  Thank you for faith that grows as hope rises and swells.

I know you hear us as we enthusiastically sing, ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’, but when our world is in a place of uncertainty, nothing but knowing we are the one you love gives me peace. You are the solid rock on which Bruce and I stand hand in hand.

You know Bruce just had his latest blood test to determine his PSA count.  The Dr. said it was perfect. You said you have done a perfect and complete work in him. Why do I worry and waste time fretting when all my energies ought to be in trusting you? You who said you are faithful. I believe you and that’s all that matters to you.

We have yet to see the radiologist/oncologist in March.  He will need another blood test just prior to that visit and it would be no lie to say it feels I have jumping beans in my belly.

Sunday I was asked the question; ‘Is Bruce healed?’

I hesitated and was unsure of my answer.  I wondered what you thought when you saw I was unsure how to answer.

Today I will repeat my declaration of faith and say Bruce is healed. Because Jesus, you shed your blood to heal ALL of our diseases.  Completely heal and completely eradicate.

Lord, you spoke with absolute authority when you walked this earth and because of it, we have reason to hope. You even told us you have given us all authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us.  We have all and the enemy has nothing.

Someone said somewhere, ‘the shadow of a dog never bit anyone’.  Not sure where I heard that or who said it, but I have never forgotten and there is a truth in that silly little ditty that can set us free from fear.

Choosing to Persevere

When tribulations and trials come our way, we can choose to persevere and walk through them victoriously knowing you are creating and bringing forth character in us.  The character you create and produce in us will be as one who hopes. Hope does not disappoint us because you are faithful to keep your word.

When we know and hide your word in our hearts, we will speak with confident assurance.  Our word of faith will echo the Psalmist’s in Psalm 119:89 ‘Forever O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness endures to all generations.’

Today, we are of the generation who will speak forth and declare the praises of God in and to a world darkened by fear, worry and unbelief.  Today the light shining in our hearts will shine as a beacon in the dark days of this generation – our declarations will bring forth hope to those who hear.

Hope sparks our imagination.  Hope causes us to keep on dreaming, keep on pressing toward our goals.  Hope gives us a confident expectancy for the future.

Hope spurs us to keep on praying. As we draw near to you Father, you draw nearer still.  You are the God who births hope.

We delight ourselves in your presence and you fulfill and give us the desires of our hearts!  Peace To My Soul

There is no good thing that you withhold from us. You feed our faith with food from your table. We are beggars and yet you treat us like kings.

You keep busy, God, creating character within us.  You want to shape and mold our character and see the fullness of the Image of the Son reflecting in us. You know full well when perseverance hones our character, strength to press on comes with the hope that rises in our hearts.

Hope – it fills our hearts with joyful expectation, a desire to walk uprightly before God all the days of our lives.  Walking with you, we soon learn the sweet joy of intimacy with you.  

His Sweet Voice Fills the Air

‘Do you want to live in that place of hope, peace and rest? Then enter into the throne room of Heaven and bring all your requests, desires and cares before Me. I AM the One who loves you with an everlasting love. I will hear and answer you.

Take the time to slow down, stop for a few minutes and become aware of My Presence. I said I would never leave you. Never forsake you. Let my glory permeate your atmosphere.

Do you trust me enough to place all of your hope and expectation in me? I know it is a difficult thing to do, when you cannot see me and must trust a Voice that seems to come from nowhere. If you will be faithful to daily seek me and read my word, you will recognize my voice. I will lift you up out of that darkening spiral downwards.’

I know that too.

When I am afraid, my choice must be to trust in Him otherwise I feel I am spiraling down a deep dark hole. I am choosing instead to fall backwards in full faith into His loving arms.  He is catching me every time! He is!

Are you confident in knowing He will never fail you, disappoint you or give you a stone when you asked for bread!

Will you choose to hope in his unfailing word and place all of your hope and expectation in the God who longs to pour his blessing out on your life?

I am choosing to trust you Jesus.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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It’s No Dream that the Snake is Dead

I awoke with a start the other morning, the sight and sound of cutting flesh vivid in my senses.

I had dreamed a dream so life like, it seemed I could still see, hear and sense every aspect of the dream.

It was a dream to benefit and receive truth from.

I saw a very large snake that was slithering around home. Home was the Church, home consisted of the family of God. The snake would come slithering into view and then go into hiding, only to come prowling again unexpectedly, its sole purpose and intent was to devour.

To devour me and create a path of such destruction, discouragement would disintegrate my hopes and dreams.  Every time it seemed I was making headway toward a meeting of a goal or the fulfilling of a dream out would slither that huge, fat snake.

I never quite knew from where it would slither out, when it would present its ugliness. The Captor had known exactly where to look and triumphantly he stretched that snake out on the floor.  His one foot rested solidly on the snake’s head and the sight gave us a sense of freedom and relief. There were several of us standing just off to the side watching as He held up the  snake and then stretching it  out on the floor, slit it open end to end.

Even in this writing, I can hear the sound of the flesh as the knife rips it open from one end to the other, I see the pallid insides and then the two sides of the snake fell away.

It was dead with no possibility of coming back to life.

Our sin nature is under the Blood and Jesus wants something better, something bigger to live. Christ in us the hope of glory!

The Bible tells me I am a new creation, old things have passed away and behold all things are new. I am to behold the new thing that God has created.

My old nature is dead but I keep letting it slither out of the pit where it belongs. That snake leaves behind a swath of destruction and I keep feeling I have destroyed the work of God in my life.

I don’t know how to find all the places that snake likes to hide, I don’t know when its ugly head is going to show itself or when it is going to slither out into full view.  I only know it appears too often.

And when I am empty of answers and empty of hope, there is One greater than all my despair and discouragement.  He slays that snake and gives me hope for my future.

He sees me standing off in the corner, repulsed by what I have seen and heard. His words surprise me.

He says, “You are My creation, created for My purposes, to be filled with My glory.  Discouragement, despair, disillusionment are dead.  I have watched as you focused on the ugliness you see within yourself.  I have felt your discouragement when the snake has tripped you up repeatedly.   The ugly is gone, replaced by the beauty of love. Focus on the finished work of Calvary. Focus on the marvel of the new heart I have given you and from that place of awe; live.

Let My Word be the joy and rejoicing of your heart and allow My joy to be full in you. Let My grace be sufficient for your every need as you live out of a place of emptiness.  Heart split wide open, filled with My fullness.

In the days of old, men practiced “blood letting” with the hopes of ridding the body of disease. It is only in the letting of My blood your sin is swept away.  Your sin is covered, forgiven and forgotten so do not dwell on your fleshly, natural tendencies.  When you do dwell in that place, all you can see is your inadequacy and inability.  Look to Me, look inward to Me, Christ in you who is the hope of glory. Then you will dwell daily in My presence, abiding in Me. You will drink the sweet fruit of the Vine and My sweet nectar will empower you to walk in the Spirit.

The snake is dead.  I have crushed it with the heel of My foot.  Do not let the fear of what is dead haunt and torment you.  Focus on the victory the Lord your God has achieved for you.  Focus on the mighty torrent of the Blood; be swept away in its power. Let My Word raise you up in new strength.  I am coming for My Bride. She will be spotless, without a worry wrinkle, pure and holy.  You are My beloved.

Learn to live empty, with hearts broken and wide open. As your old nature empties out, your lives will be vessels filled with God’s love, overflowing with the beautiful fruit of the Spirit. Your lives will be testimonies of grace given and received.

Do not try to hide, bear one another’s burdens, encourage one another, strengthening each other in the bond of love.  Live in the light of My glory; know that which is hidden will be exposed.

My glory will be exposed through your lives My beloved, My glory will be exposed!”

Bending low to hear my King,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett


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