Whoa to Self

My eyes pick up spelling mistakes without even planning to look for them.  Spelling mistakes seem to be like magnets to my eyes… On her Facebook status, I am sure she did not mean to make the mistake and she probably had no idea she had even made one.  Even less would she have any idea how her mistake affected my heart.

She meant to say ‘woe’ but instead she spelled it ‘whoa’.

I saw the mistake right when I am thinking about Beckoned by the King’s question:

Where would you say is the hardest area for you to maintain the joy of the Lord?  What will you do to see change come about in that area?

Her spelling mistake became my answer.  Whoa to me.  I must learn to say “whoa” to that ugly part of my nature that rises up and

I fall.


You see, falling, for me is when the fruit of beautiful self-control is pushed off the table…by impatience and anger.

I end up feeling so ashamed and unworthy, too hard headed and stubborn to immediately bend low…

Anger has edged out peace; impatience is shoving long-suffering to the edge,Continue Reading

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