When God Scribes Your Heart with His Word

Here I am sitting at the computer this morning looking at the blank screen before me upon which I have not written words for nearly half a year. Its a little bit scary to be here in this quiet spot.

Quiet, because no words have been recorded for so long and quiet because it is quiet here at home…alone. A rarity it is to have a few hours of alone time before me!

But God…God has been faithful to scribe my heart with His word and I have been learning to hear His Voice in the busy and oh, so different life He has ushered me into.

Faith takes different twists and turns in the King’s River. The River moves and flows and is full of currents and eddies and for those on shore watching, the “River people” are never in the same place. If I were to be doing everything the same here and now as I was when my circumstances were different then I need to question whether or not I am lead by the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

I loved when I blogged and wrote regularly, sharing all the Lord was revealing and teaching me, and yes, I have missed my time here. But…but God has me in His River and I cannot stay in the same place. His words continue to pour into my heart and while I don’t seem to have had the time to write them down, the Lord has given me people who I can share face to face, heart to heart with. No words have been wasted, they have just taken on a different venue as God scribes His word on my heart and then gives opportunity for me to speak them.

He is fully acquainted with every area of our lives and knows the deepest desires of our hearts. There is no good thing He will withhold from us and when we learn to yield, surrender and abandon ourselves to Him, He strengthens us with nothing less than His own mighty strength. Our hearts are prepared for the dwelling of the Son-King and the life of Christ will be evident through our own as we walk and live by faith in the power of God.

We are one with Him. Jesus has filled us with the fullness of Himself and we lack nothing. We have been made full having come to fullness of life in Christ. We are filled with the fullness of the complete Godhead and nothing is missing or lacking in our growth.

Because we have been made full, there are no empty spaces.

Are we living with eyes wide open so we see and know with the eyes of our heart, the immeasurable, unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power IN and FOR us who believe?

The lives we live, day in and day out, yielded to the Spirit of God will express and reflect the fullness of the Godhead through our broken but surrendered vessels.

We are whole and complete in Him and our true lives are found in Him.

Our true life is Him!

Are you learning to lose your life only to find everything you need is (in) Him?

























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Never Failing Faithfulness

Here we are nearing the end of another year and my heart is questioning, wondering how the new year will shape up, what goals should I set, have I been a blessing to others in this past year?

This year, 2016 has been rich with the blessing of change, of blessed new friendships and allowing the Lord to “lead the blind in a way they do not know” is nearly over and one theme runs throughout.  That theme is the Lord’s never failing faithfulness to us.

My ‘God time’ or private quiet times have changed in that I am no longer alone all day every day and that is nothing short of a blessing as my husband and I embark on this new journey of retirement.  We are walking together, being active and I am living out my faith instead of being secluded with Him.

Blessed have I been in the several years where I was able to sit with Him, learn to wait upon Him and know His voice and recognise the nudging of the Holy Spirit.  The course of the river changes and it became time to rise up and walk and stand in the faith and love He has given me.

So I have been walking and standing this year as opposed to sitting and waiting and writing.  And its been good even though I have sorely missed the writing while more keenly sensing that directional shift the Lord has been creating.  I am exactly where I am meant to be and just because I am doing something different does not mean I have missed it!

Pressing on and pressing in to Jesus has not been difficult this year; the pressing has just been shaped a little differently. His faithfulness has always been a beacon of light that has encouraged us and inspired us to keep on mining gold nuggets from the Word. We have learned a greater confidence in the Lord as our hearts have chosen to steadfastly trust Him.

One of the biggest lessons learned this past year has been to not look at what I can see in the natural, to not make judgements based on what my natural eyes see.  We are a blessed people when we walk in the way of the Lord.

His heart’s greatest longing is that we would keep His law of love and learn to love one another the way He has loved us.

He wants us to experience the height, depth, breadth and length of His love and we cannot do that if we are making judgements about one another based on what we see.  We can use our hands and arms to reach out to others in love instead of keeping them at arm’s length.

When we reach out we are then exercising the length of His love and in the welcome and embrace we show a portion of the breadth of the love of God.

Yes, God has been faithful, His faithfulness has known no bounds and He has used every situation He can to bring my heart into alignment with His so He can transform me into His very own image.

We, who are righteous with faces unveiled and seeing eyes will continue to behold the Word of God as a mirror.  The mirror of God’s word will reflect back to us the 3D image of ourselves.  He will reveal the truth to us about our spirit, soul and body, synchronizing us and bringing us into alignment with Him. As He reveals Himself in us and to us, we will grow in ever increasing beauty as we reflect His pure and beautiful image.

Knowing He is faithful, may we run to Him so we are able to run the course of our race with Him.  May we clearly hear His voice on the wind and soar with Him to places not yet imagined but oh so necessary for the building up of the saints of God and those to come.

Will you position yourselves and allow Him to prepare you for readiness as a participator in the works of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Will you position yourself next to Him and grasp the greatness of His love for you and His never failing faithfulness and close out this year feeling the comfort of the cushion of His love?

Faith works by love.

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When You are in the Flow of the River

I hope you are all enjoying your summer or whatever season you find yourself in! I am praying for you and believing the best God has for you will manifest in your lives.

Life has been crazy busy here the past few weeks with our grandson visiting for ten days and also with the work my husband and I are doing around the house as we prepare it for sale. The calendar shows we are in the one-year final countdown and I feel stressed and excited all at the same time.  My heart is confident that right now we are where we are supposed to be, moving to where He wants us to go.

The past few weeks you would have found me helping my husband as ‘we’ power washed, sanded and painted our deck, fence and upstairs closets. Yesterday as I began painting our bedroom closet, I saw our circumstances from a different perspective.

  In a flash of insight, I understood there is no going back when we are in the River.  In Him we live and move and have our being and in Him there is always a going forward and going deeper into the River of Delight and Great Joy.

The Lord gave me a picture of an eddy in a river and He showed me myself in the center of the eddy swirling round and round.   The eddy has been a time of swirling busyness, necessary busyness.  With each stroke of the paintbrush, I am aware of an excitement in knowing where we are going and that I am preparing this home for its new owners.

2013-08-05 23.42.05I have also been feeling ‘caught’ as if I am not moving; held in the eddy, swirling like a leaf round and round.

He showed me otherwise. He showed me how the waters are smoothing my rough edges, softening and shaping me to be the woman He sees me already being. Be encouraged knowing He sees you too, beloved as complete and perfect, lacking no good thing.

He also let me know in His way, that He is getting ready to swoosh me out of the eddy’s swirling and shoot me down the river. 

The river flows onward to the sea but sitting on the riverbank enjoying the sounds of the bubbling waters sparkling in the sunlight; 139we cannot see the bigger body of water.  We can’t see where the river flows; we only know it moves coordinated with the Creator’s greater purpose. 

The river flows, He is the flowing River of Life and immersed in the waters we are one with Him.

Gazing out at the river, we see twigs; leaves and sticks all flowing with the river, until the swirling eddies catch them. Watching, entranced by the swirling movement it seems like the eddy will never release its hold on the branch.  Then, all of a sudden, the hold of the swirl releases and the branch is free to flow downstream.


I can hear and feel the rush and excitement of the swoosh!148


Aren’t we all looking for the release, the rush of the downstream flow?

Whatever you are going through right now precious ones, don’t be discouraged or faint of heart.

Climb up on your Father’s lap and ask Him to give you eyes to see your circumstances from His perspective. Open your heart to Him, trust Him fully and know He is perfecting and polishing you, tumbling you as a stone in the river. He holds you in His hand smooth and polished.  A place provided

Will we be willing to listen and obey when He speaks to us of changes necessary in our mindsets and actions?

Can you hear Him quietly whispering words of wisdom and truth to your heart?  Can you imagine the fiery passion of the love God has for you, His great desire to give and fill you with hope?

Based on Psalm 119:97-104.  The Hebrew alphabet assigned to this section of the Psalm is ‘Mem’.  It means fluid like water, has grace and beauty. 

You are blessed. You are loved. 

You are Beckoned by the King and I rejoice with you as you enter His presence with praise and thanksgiving on your lips!

with you in His palm


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His Glorious Goodness

                                  The goodness of God,

          His glorious goodness is on my mind this morning!  

The Lord has excited me in the realization that He is nothing short of amazing, the way He provides for our every need. Our Lord has it all covered even before we know the need exists!

He gives great grace and peace to us; He multiplies it in the giving in fact! As we grow in our knowledge of God, of Jesus our Lord we begin to think, speak and act rightly.

God’s divine power has already given to us all things that pertain to our lives, every single need is met. When we listen to the whisper of the Spirit, He teaches us how to live a life of godliness and wisdom.

We begin to appropriate and assimilate the knowledge we have gleaned over the years.  Something just “clicks” in our spirits and we know we are getting it right this time.

It doesn’t matter how the circumstances appear, the Word of God has already provided the solution. God is not ever going to fail us, leave us alone and helpless, wandering adrift in the sea.

He calls us to Himself.  We are baptized in Him.  Jesus was baptized in the Jordan.  A river that flows.

A river symbolic of the place of dying to one’s self.

The river flows round about us, swirls and eddies, swishing us clean in the constant flow and movement.

Are we ready, are we willing to get real to the stuff in our lives?

Are we willing to let the River of Life wash us clean from our incorrect ways of thinking, speaking, and acting?

Are we willing, ready to go under?  Do we trust the One who holds us in position?

Do we trust Him fully?

Are we confident in His strength to build us up as we lean back in His embrace?

Can we feel the whisper of His breath as He speaks peace to our souls?

We are baptized in Christ in the Jordan River.  Isn’t it amazing to think how the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea?

Great riches have been discovered in the Dead Sea.  Some even say it is the richest place on earth!

What we think is dead and gone forever, the Lord transforms into beauty, richness, abundance, blessings that overtake us, overcome us.

The blessings overtake us because they are traveling in the same direction we are.  The blessings of God flow faster than our circumstances.

Surely, I will praise the Lord in this moment of time for His goodness and mercies are following me.

His blessings are overtaking me, I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

Forever settled in heaven is this matter.

 God is good, His character is unchanging, has stood the test of time.


Psalm 119:41  Let your mercies come also to me, O Lord, your salvation according to your word.

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