Words Whispered in Dance of Intimacy

In the circle of His embrace…isn’t that where we all long to dwell?

Dwelling daily in His presence, abiding forever in His love and living lives that are rich and overflowing with His abundant blessings…sometimes this can feel like a dream when we are walking through the valleys and listening for the way He wants us to take around the mountains of difficulty that crop up in our lives.

There is blessing in the hard place too.  Blessing beyond our natural comprehension and understanding because it is supernatural joy and provision.  We need His provision in our journeys because only He knows exactly what we need when we have need of it.

On the hard road there is joy.

Mary and Joseph walked a hard road long before they hit the road to Bethlehem but their hearts were set on obedience to God.  They chose to put forth their whole hearts in loving the Lord their God and He saw to it that their hearts did not fail or falter; neither did they tremble in unbelief when trouble came their way.  God supernaturally provided an amazing angelic support system for them.

Oftentimes we want the angelic visitations without the hardship!  Come close, lean in to His embrace and listen!

“When your soul is at rest there is no longer a clashing of our conflicting wills.  Peace and joy walk hand in hand and they will lead you into the way of righteousness as you walk with an undivided and undiluted heart within My kingdom.  There shall be harmony within your soul; the song you sing will echo the song in My heart for you.

You shall skip, dancing with joy for you have entered into the joy of your Lord and you see your life changing all around.  There becomes a clear and new dimension that you walk in as you gaze upon the beauty of My grace and keep on seeking My face.

Come freely into the circle of My embrace; dance with Me as an expression of your love and joy.  Dance with joyous abandon-take My hands and let Me lead you in a dance of intimacy.

You are so precious to Me and I long to show you My heart, My tender and compassionate heart full of unbridled love for you.  You are My treasure and you  bring great pleasure to Me.  I will never hurt you or betray your love.  In your dance with Me I long for you to experience the purity of My love.

So, just come into the circle of My embrace.  Let Me show you that the purity and truth of My words stands forever.  My wisdom is as pure as My love, it is considerate and gentle, full of compassion and good fruit.

You are protected by My compassion, for it shields you, nurtures you and brings nourishment to you.  My compassion causes you to grow strong even as it breaks your heart in order to bring healing.  It is always your choice as to whether or not you surrender.

It is always My choice to love unconditionally and without measure.

The joy of love will ease the pain of the cutting of the uncircumcized heart.  The joy of love will welcome Me in the harvest field of hearts with My reaping hook in hand.  The joy of love will cause your heart to run to Me and to not shrink back.  You will allow Me to cut away the growth that does not please me and give you greater  understanding that you may live out of the abundance I have laid hold of for you.

Enter into the joy of Jesus and live your lives making room for the glory of God to dwell within you .  Make decisions that will see your flesh patterns decrease and die and then you shall see the truth of the shining glory of God within you blazing for the unsaved world to see.”

Are you facing mountainous challenges in your life?  Are you unsure of the way He wants you to take?  Then beloved, lean in and listen to the words of wisdom He longs for your heart to hear.  He loves you with an everlasting love and there is nothing too hard for Him, there is nothing that is too much for Him to do for you.  Know that beloved.  Know, in the deepest part of your heart that there is nothing too hard for your King to do for you.

Listen!  Can you hear Him as He directs your steps and speaks truth to your heart?

Listening with you,


An exerpt from Beckoned by the King.  Devotional section Psalm 119:137-144.  The Hebrew alpabet letter for this section of verses is ‘Tsadhe’ – it resembles a scythe or reaping hook or sickle which were the main instruments used to harvest.

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When we Need to Maintain Peace

2014-09-24 13.07.08  This is the last day of September, the last day of focusing on ‘peace’ in my journal.  I have many words unshared, many treasures from His word uncovered.

The most important and life changing thing I have learned in this one week is the difference between happiness and gladness.  This might be old hat to many of you, but for me?  Can’t even begin to describe the rush of joy that fills my heart!

I love how He shared with me that happiness is an orphan, a worldly imposter and stealer of joy and gladness.

‘Happy’ doesn’t want us to rejoice in the Lord, or delight and gladden ourselves in Him.  When we are delighting ourselves in Him, we are drinking from the Rivers of Living Water, from the well that never runs dry!

To maintain peace, maintain your focus on Me.  To run your race efficiently and well, you must maintain what your soul feeds upon so fear does not settle in your heart.

Maintain a life filled with seeking out the treasures in My word.  Allow the oil of Holy Spirit to flow in the ‘creaky, stiff places’.

I am good.  I am your strength and stronghold in the day of trouble.  I know you, I see you, I recognize you in your time of trouble and need and I wrap My arms of comfort and strength roundabout you as you take refuge in Me and trust Me.

Peace shall be yours without end as you recognize and acknowledge that My word is truth, a law of unending righteousness and love.

I will not hide My face from you, nor turn away in anger from My beloved.

I will help you and teach you My way and I will lead you in plain and even paths.  I will have compassion on you.

I will teach you and strengthen you as you wait and hope for Me.  You shall be brave and of good courage ~ your soul will be stayed on peace and bravery and courage are born.

Bravery and courage are a result of peace.  A result of trusting Me, of waiting upon Me and keeping your heart stirred by hope.

Hope endures the wait.  Hope builds tenacity, stoutness within the heart.

Hope gives hearts a mandate ‘to declare Your truth and faithfulness to men’.

If you give up hoping, you miss the blessing of My faithfulness.  You miss the truth of My promises fulfilled in your life.

…so I wait Father.  I wait for You with hope and expectation.  I wait trusting.  I wait knowing I can rely on You.  I wait with confidence knowing You are the Keeper of Promises.  I wait leaning hard into You, Jesus.  I wait with thanksgiving in my heart, with glad words on my lips as I experience the WOW!! of being encompassed about with Mercy and Loving Kindness.

How GREAT is Your goodness, Lord!  You continually inspire me to live in greater measures of peace.  Unmoved, feet planted deep upon the Rock of Ages.

I will rejoice and be glad in You!

With you in His palm,


The entrance and unfolding of His words give light.  Their unfolding gives understanding, discernment and comprehension to us.  What word is God unfolding in your heart and soul to bring about a deeper walk with Him?

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A Heart Response to His Words

I was asked the other day what my secret place looks like.  Others had shared how they met with him by the waters, in green, grassy meadows or on long walks in the woods.  I wanted to have a place of beauty to describe too…but I couldn’t. 

Not because I don’t have a secret place, but rather that ‘place’ has been used for storage during house renos and a ‘room’ just doesn’t conjure up lovely images of walking hand in hand with Jesus and leaning against his breast in the cool of the day…

But truthfully, my secret place is at my desk with a pen and paper…and truthfully some more…years ago I used to have a fountain pen and I would write, filling journals with beautifully written words straight from the heart of my Father.  Many read them and confirmed these were not just ‘my’ words.  Blessings were given and received … at a low point in life I doubted these words and threw my journals away… yes  I did. 

And I haven’t picked up a fountain pen since… because I was scared… …I know I have words to share but not in the popular form of ‘well written personal stories’… and I have struggled to find my place and of course wonder if there is interest in what the Lord has put on my heart to share.  Many times discouragement comes and I have put my pen down.  But I feel called, compelled. Even now something is burning in my heart and of course that unending question ‘but will anyone really care?’ makes itself heard… I picked up the fountain pen Tuesday, September 23, 2014.  2014-09-24 13.08.26 2014-09-24 13.07.08

Words flowed, unbidden.  He is leading me beside the still waters, He is preparing my heart to teach me something new!




In the absence of fear there is total, absolute peace.  Fear still raises its ugly head and I must fight through the darkness, finding peace in the presence of the Prince of Peace. In looking back over the years, I know I have learned some important lessons.  

I have grown in my knowledge of God. I have grown closer to the Lord.  In that growing closer I am entering into the full, personal and intimate, precise and correct knowledge of God and of Jesus my Lord.

And Grace is being multiplied back to me. 

But what is Grace?  What kind of power does it have in our lives?

Grace is God’s favor and peace.  Grace works in us the state of perfect well being in our heart and soul.  Grace helps us to understand we have already received all necessary good, all we need for a life of godliness.  Grace helps us to walk in the spiritual prosperity that is God’s dream for us. Grace empowers us to live our lives with complete freedom from all fears, agitating passions and moral conflicts.  Grace is Peace.

As I grow in the knowledge of God, the promises of Grace are multiplied back to me.  Reason to rejoice! Reason to give thanks! My heart must give a response to his words of peace.

Father, thank you for the fulfillment and promise in your word.  You alone give us complete satisfaction, you alone we can trust to keep your word of promise.

You hold me by your mighty right hand and because you do I walk in peace.  I walk side by side with you, the Prince of Peace, the King of Righteousness, the Lord of Glory!

I trust you wholeheartedly, my heart is content to trust you! My heart is giddy with new found Gladness ~ busting out with joy it is in the knowledge you have shared with me.  You have set my heart free to love and praise your name forever!

I am yours, your Beloved, and you are mine and your banner over me is love, love, love. A life filled to overflowing with your blessings is a wonderful promise to hold onto, to hold out for.  You always keep your promises, you are so unlike us in that regard.  Thank you.

To have that overflowing life we must first step into the Ocean of your Love.  It begins as we stand upon the banks of your River of Delight.

Reveling in your word, loving time spent with you. Coming away with you to learn from you. 

To lend our hearts, eyes and ears for the filling of knowledge of the Holy One.  Forever I am changed.

You promise us a rich, full personal knowledge as you reveal yourself to us.  We are called to take part of your glory and excellence and your divine power works in us and moves us into a place where we receive all we need to live a life that brings you glory and pleasure.

Knowing who you are makes all the difference in how we choose to live.  You are the soon coming King, the King who chose to wear a crown of thorns, to shed your blood so that my voice of praise and thanksgiving could be heard in your courts.

The whole purpose of your promises is so I might become a sharer, partaker in your Divine Nature. Truly, there is nothing too hard for you!

How is God working in your heart to bring all of who you are into a place of union with Him?  I know He is working and drawing you closer to His heart, know He is creating in you a heart of love and obedience, yielded to his every word.  will you share in the comments?

With you in his palm,



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Words of Peace for your Soul

Are you thankful for the comfort His word gives you?  Those words resting in your soul and you aren’t even fully aware of the strength, power and peace they bring?

Are you thankful for the Life, the full, rich life that His word is brimming with, actively giving you peace?

Will you receive His peace?  Right now, will you accept the activity of the working of His word in your heart and soul?

There is a Voice crying louder than the shouts of fear clamoring to be heard.

There is a Voice of Encouragement, Help and Wisdom crying out.

Strengthen those hands that are weak, make firm your feeble knees.

Using these words, speak out to those who are fearful-hearted:

Be strong!  Be courageous!

Do not fear!  Keep your eyes focused on the Lord your God

Behold your King!

He comes with vengeance and with the passion of Love

He will come and save you!

Fear not, fear not, fear not!

Be strengthened by these words of truth and exhortation.

Your knees shall not be weakened by fear.

Your eyes shall be opened to behold your King.

Your ears shall be opened wide to hear My slightest whisper.

You shall no more have lameness in your knees, you shall leap like a deer upon the hard and difficult places.

Oh, and you shall sing, sing, sing!

The rivers of Living Waters shall burst forth out of your belly

Streams of Living Water shall flow on the dry and weary land of your heart.

Your heart shall become a pool of Living Water

chasing out the lying jackals.

Fresh, green grass suitable for grazing, resting with your Shepherd, your heart shall be adorned with.

And I, the Holy One, the King your eyes fully behold shall make a way for you.

I shall take you by the hand

fears calmed, worries ceased and lead you by a way you have not known.

You shall walk the Highway of Holiness.  It is a high road, raised up over the boardwalks of the world.

Fear not! I have you by the hand.

You have been washed in My blood.  This Highway is the blood stained way.  There shall be none that are unclean found on it.  You shall not waver or falter in your walk.

There shall be none on the Highway to deceive you, there shall be no lion of pretense.

Your eyes behold your King!

On the Highway of Holiness you shall walk with the Redeemed.

Your voices shall ring out across the land singing songs of praise and victory.

I have crowned you with everlasting joy!

Deep, deep in your heart, joy has settled.  Gladness floods your soul!

Sorrow and sighing flees for everlasting joy fills your heart.

Happiness is fleeting, it is an imposter and has been called out by name.

Happiness, the imposter is gone!

Gladness has come!  Gladness is yours!

Joy and Gladness are yours to delight in!

Thank you Father, for giving me eyes to see Truth.  Thank you for ears to hear your every word and for a heart and soul illuminated by the Light of your Glory.

You are glorious Lord!  Gloriously beautiful!  and I am Yours

engraved is my name in the palm of the Hand of God!

You are my God and King and I will declare:  Fear not, fear not, fear not!  When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.

With you beloved,

in His palm,



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When Needing Peace in the Midst of Trouble

Life is full of trouble these days and peace feels far.  I don’t think I am alone in these feelings.  But, there is hope!   There are words we can speak with power to change the way we feel as we walk through these dark times.

Peace comes as we remember the word of God, remember … my times are in His hands

God has already given us all things pertaining to life and godliness

He has promised to meet my every need

Abundant peace belongs to those who love His word.

Child, I love you with an everlasting love.  I am drawing you nearer and nearer to Me and all the while I Am pouring out My loving-kindness upon you.  I Am drawing you and will always show you how faithful I Am.  As far as the east is from the west, so far have I removed your transgressions from you.  You ask me to forgive you for specific things ~ I do, I have and I cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  You stand before Me, Child, pure and white as snow.

Lord, I see myself covered in fresh fallen snow.  The heat of my flesh causes the snow to melt, but oh, God I am sorry and I ask for Your forgiveness.

And your blood drips red

covering my sin and washing away

all unrighteousness

my sin is swept away

and the white snow is stained

blood red.

And joy fills my heart, gladness floods my soul!

Lord, it is taking me my whole life of time to figure You out.  I behold You in Your glory.

I take hold of grace.

You have loved me with an everlasting love.  Your love has known no bounds.

When I look at me all I see is failure.  L. Loser and I am stuck in the pit.  I am not alone.  Your blood has spilled.  You have cast all my sin behind Your back.  My sin is flung as far and wide as the east is from the west.

When You lift my head, when I look at You, when I behold and see who You really are, I see only light.

Light spilling from Your glory

the beauty of Your love

You are radiant with glory God light

bursting with love.

You are my King, I am redeemed.

I am set free to live daily in Your courts.  My freedom gives vision to my eyes, I behold who You are.  I am undone.

But I stand.  Redeemed, forgiven, chosen one.  In your courts my voice of praise reaches Your heart.

I have loved you with an everlasting love Child.  My love cannot be quenched for you are altogether beautiful to Me.  I have gone to the depths of hell to secure My love.  I see too, the snow stained red.  Forever.

I AM generous, forgiving, compassionate, healer.  I AM your King and your Redeemer.

Father, Papa King, I stand in awe of You.  You are wise beyond measure, righteous and just in all You do.  You have shown me mercy and promise to show mercy to a thousand generations.  You are gracious, forgiving.  You reveal Your heart of love and kindness to me even as I see You alone are Ruler, All Powerful and Eternal.  My only boast in life is that my heart is committed to understanding and knowing You.

The godly, reverent fear of You, leads to life and in that fear, I rest content, untouched by trouble.  I have perfect peace because I know as Your beloved, I rest secure in You.  I am shielded by You, my shield of favor all the day long.  As troubles press in Your favor presses in closer.  The glory of Your love dominates me.  I am so loved and it makes me glad to know you delight in carrying me upon Your shoulders.

I love You, Papa King,

with you in His palm




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