Arise Beautiful One

Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come away with me, See the winter is past, the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” Song of Songs 2:10-13 NIV  2014-06-15 11.14.54 HDR

This may be the winter of your life BUT this verse is calling those things that are not as though they were! The Father sees the fruit that has been born, the way you exude the fragrance of LIFE. He is leaning over you, hand outstretched, lifting you up, raising you up, banishing the languishing soul and causing hope to arise! You skip with Him, singing your love songs to Him, praising Him for the marvelous work He has done in your body so you are without spot or blemish!

Arise, beautiful one, arise.  Take My hand and let Me raise you up.2014-06-23 21.10.17 HDR

No more languishing, no more being bereft of hope.

I have plans and purposes for you and I will fulfill My purposes in you and for you.

Beautiful one, you are precious in My sight.

Beautiful and altogether lovely you are to Me.

In your weakness, I come that I may be your strength, strong tower and place of refuge.Continue Reading

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The Pressure is Off!


The pressure is off! 

I cannot tell you how many times I have read Psalm 91:1 with a sense of despair, trepidation, fear of failure and ultimately losing the protection of my Father’s care because I wasn’t abiding.

Psalm 119: 18 is a prayer to the Father to open our eyes that we might behold wondrous things from His word, and opening my eyes and my heart this morning to behold wondrous things in His word and move me into a place of greater freedom is exactly what He has done!

My heart has been too heavy with prayerful thoughts for a dear friend lately to write.  For two dear friends actually.  One of them is living love and totally laying down her life for our friend, thus living out the words of Jesus when He said, ‘no greater love is there than when a man lays down his life for a friend.’   Words fail me at the love I see.

These words are for them as much as they are for me and for you.  I am honouring confidentiality; honouring and lifting high the Word of God here and desire only to write words that inspire courage into the hearts of others as we journey to discover why God’s word is so much greater than gold!   My words are written as I listen to the Father as He speaks to me through His Holy Life Giving and Breathing Word. 

This very morning, it was as if Jesus was lifting the blinders and removing the ear stoppers and I finally heard what He was saying in John 15.Continue Reading

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When we Need To Remember the Toll Jesus Paid

Some days the temptation to worry can be great and it is then we must turn our minds to the promises of God.

We must remember the toll Jesus paid for our redemption and the faithfulness of His promises.  Sitting in His Presence this morning, not questioning, not wondering why, not praying or asking anything of Him other than to sense His Presence, these thoughts came in overwhelming pictures in my mind. He overwhelms me by His love and mercy.  The operational power of God is the grace He bestows upon me and infuses me with.  I pray for you, Dear One, that you would meditate upon these words of truth and see Jesus high and lifted up for your salvation!


Jesus became sin so that we would become examples of the righteousness of God.  As His beloved sons and daughters, we are approved and acceptable to God because by His goodness and mercy, through the Blood of Jesus, we are in right relationship with Him.

Those lashings Jesus took that striped His body and stripped His body of flesh? There were borne by Him to bring healing to our bodies.  To heal the soul wounds and physical ailments that plague us.  They plague us because they are part of the curse.

Jesus hung, nailed to the Cross-to redeem us from the curse ~ to buy us back! We, who were once members of the kingdom of darkness, were bought and purchased with the Blood of Jesus. The Blood was the only acceptable price to the Father because only the Blood of His Beloved son could forgive our sin, heal us, and make us whole.

I see… Adam breaking fellowship with His Father through just one bite.

I see…Jesus hanging on the tree I see…God’s heart weeping for His beloved, watching us wandering in the wilderness and trudging through the deserts of life alone…thirsting, confused, in need of a Savior and Redeemer.

I see…God’s heart weeping for He knows the diagnosis for sin and separation from His heart will break His.

He weeps for us ~ His beloved, chosen of His heart to be in union with Him ~ He weeps to see us walking in darkness.

Sin and darkness, disease and death ‘took their toll’; death and separation from the Father was not acceptable to the One who loves us so. Another toll was required to override the toll sin and sickness demanded. Jesus nailed to the Cross would pay that toll by His Blood.

The Cross, with the arms of Jesus stretched wide in forgiveness was hoisted and plunged into the ground. With that lifting up and plunging, the Father cried out, “LIFE!” Life! Abundant and eternal would be the prognosis for sin and sickness. 

Life would reign. God is ‘for’ Life and He knew as He looked across the sea of mankind, needing to shield His eyes from the sin and evil, He knew we needed a Savior and Redeemer.

The price would be high but He needed Someone to pay the toll. Jesus hanging on the Cross, bore our sin in His body.  He bore our sicknesses and diseases; He carried the weight of our weakness. He took it ALL upon Himself.  He endured the agony; shame was swallowed up by pain.

The miraculous power of God together with the loving obedience of One Man equals the wonder of the Cross. The Blood swallowed up sin and sickness, ALL that we would EVER experience in the lifetimes of man. As the Blood flowed out of the Body of Jesus, so went our sin and sickness.

The Blood poured out, washed away ALL traces of sin and sickness. The Life Blood of Jesus poured out away from His Body. The toll was paid and accepted.  The toll completely covered our death penalty and nothing more was owed.

Nobody could pay a higher price, nothing greater could be given… Jesus showed incredible love by giving up His own life for us who are His friends. We have become righteous, healed, redeemed.

We have become His Body.

We are in Him!  Old things have passed away and all things have become new. We are alive in Christ!  Sin and sickness …  have no place in the Body of Christ. Yes, I know we experience sickness in our bodies, but for now, we see through a glass darkly looking forward to the time we see Him face to face.

Beckoned by the King, we are joined in Him,                linking up at Thought Provoking Thursday at

with you in His palm

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When We Need a Word of Comfort from the Father

Our precious Jesus will be faithful to show His goodness and kindness towards us, enabling us to walk in those same qualities as we allow Him to teach us through our affliction experiences.

Can you see the truth dawning in your heart?  Can you see the light of His Word becoming brighter and brighter so it alone shines as a beacon in your heart?  Is understanding now brightening your mind?

Come ~ come to a place in your walk where you are able to give thanks in times of affliction because you know God is at work in you to purpose and do His will, His good pleasure.

From the open hand of God will come to us His correction and discipline, and we must not shrink back from Him.  He will stir up issues in our lives simply to get our attention and help us recognize our greater need of Him.  We will see beyond ourselves to the greater purposes of God, knowing that He paid the penalty, the full redemption price for all our sin.  May God help us to persevere in our ‘pressure cooker’ situations.  They are there not to drag us down, but to draw us ever closer.  Don’t respond or react to the taunts of the enemy, but listen for that still, small voice that is ever speaking to us, ever longing to be heard.

Listen, you will hear Him speak….Continue Reading

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The Strength Of His Love Carries Us to the Fountain

 Psalm 119:17:24 ~ the Hebrew alphabet letter for this section is “Gimel” which speaks of  One who is dependable, strong and reliable. 

The Word of God is reliable.  It is strong, dependable and trustworthy.  It is our only enduring strength as well as the only unchanging constant we can forever depend upon.

When we are fearful, focusing on the negative the Lord will scoop us up and carry us in His strong arms to drink from His fountain of Life.  We will relax and lean into His strength.

The Word of God is likened to a River of Life, full of delightful unknowns.  It is as we drink at the fountain of Life that we are sustained for the task at hand.  Any task.  A task that feels like it may be too difficult, too dark, too discouraging. We may want to shy away and wish we could flee from the circumstances.  Be somewhere, anywhere than having to be right where we are with the reality of life’s difficulties wanting to blindside us. Ready to blindside us if we aren’t prepared.  

Ever had that feeling, that experience of not wanting to face what the future may hold according to financial reports, medical reports, economic reports?  As Christians, believers in our Almighty God we must only hear of these things with our ears and then quickly make a decision to run to the Fountain of Life where sustenance for the task at hand is given to us as we drink.

While we are bending low at the Fountain our ears can hear a Voice, can feel the breath of our Beloved’s upon us.  Our hearts pound and we know that He so desires that we find comfort in His presence and that we cease from our own labor and enter into the rest He is offering.

We are one with Him!  Therefore, what He is, so are we in this world, and this becomes experiential reality as His Word unfurls like a petal in the light He has shone in our hearts.

When we know that we are desperate and need Him to help us, deliver us, walk with us through our fires and floods, He hears us when we cry and answers.  Oh, that our eyes would be open so that we might behold wonderful things from God’s Word,  things too lofty for our minds to understand but that we perceive deep within our spirits. May we see with eyes of faith, may we find great refreshing at the Fountain of Life.

Will we allow the Spirit of God to pour Himself into us?  Will we allow ourselves to open fully to receive Him fully?  Will we even allow everything in our minds, wills and emotions that do not line up with His Word to be crushed, cast aside and considered worthless?

 As we bathe in the presence of the Holy Spirit and welcome His cleansing by the washing of the Water of the Word, in the midst of our darkest and difficult times,  we shall rise up strong, victorious warriors who show forth in our lives rich qualities of reliability, consistency, strength and dependability.

God’s Word becomes the joy and delight of our hearts,  we recognize His guidance and counsel and all fear is driven out and we are able to rest in the capable hands of our Father.  We are strengthened and supported as we walk the path that is before us to walk.  The Word becomes, as it were, our mode of transportation to get where we are destined.  Just as a camel’s master leads him to drink before and along a journey, so our Divine Master holds out His Word for us to drink to prepare us for our journey into our destiny.  That Word, as we travel will go down into the deepest parts of us and bring the Water of Life to our souls.

We become sensitive to the Master nudging us to draw aside and sit with Him for awhile, to rest and be refreshed in preparation for a more treacherous climb that He knows is ahead.

Oh the joy we know as He so tenderly speaks!

“I have many places to take you, many sights for you to see.  You will look at them and see, not with your natural eyes, nor even with the eyes of faith.  You will see with supernatural vision, and in that level of seeing you will perceive My plans and My purposes for that situation.  When you give your heart completely to Me, I hold it here, in the palm of My hand.  Everything there is open for My inspection and receives My stamp of approval.

Drink often from My Fountain, Beloved, drink deeply so that the water of Life can course through every cell of your being, washing, cleansing, that Love may arise out of the darkness and cover you with the light of My glory.

There in that secret place shall I protect you, provide for you and reveal My secrets to you. So drink deeply, Beloved Child; each drop gives Life, each drop brings forth greater light.  Drink, Beloved, drink of the waters of purity, wisdom, righteousness and the knowledge of God.  Here at the well you are as low as you can be, but in My Kingdom I honor your desire and willingness to live a life of humility and to lay your life down before man to surrender fully to Me.

So come, Child, come and lie low before Me.  Drink and see me with the eyes of your heart as I work in you, fashioning and making you fit and useful for the Master’s Kingdom work.  It is My great pleasure to do thus.

Hold fast to the Word of Life. Hold fast to Truth and surely you shall be kept.  Yes!  Go forth with joy in your dependence upon My mighty Word.  I shall not fail you or disappoint you.  I shall rejoice over you and share My joy with you, thus strengthening you in the continuation of your journey.  By My side and in My heart you shall ever be.  My eye is upon you and shall ever guide you, My words shall encourage and keep you as they run like water, refreshing your soul.

 Can you hear Him speak to your heart?  Are you learning how to have ears that hear?

What do you sense God requires of you in order for you to become a person who exemplifies strength, dependability and loyalty?

Please know you are most welcome to leave a comment….I look forward to and value your response!    

                                                                                                                         In the meantime remember You have been  

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