Jesus is Our Door of Hope

Psalm 119:25-32 begins with the Hebrew alphabet symbol ‘Daleth’, a symbol that looks like an open door when looked at from above.  It is indicative of decisions made from a higher perspective.

When we live our lives ‘seated with Him in heavenly places’ (Colossians 3:1) our souls will no longer cleave to the dust, the ways of the world and men.  Our minds will be set on godly matters, what matters to our Lord Jesus. We will allow His teaching and instruction to raise us up from the worldly ways we have taken.

He so desires to renew our minds by His Word so that our inner man is filled with light and an understanding that far surpasses our mere knowledge of Him.  He wants our knowing to become an experience of His multi-faceted character as He reveals Himself to us in the different situations we face.

The tactics of our enemy are subtle and sly and we can easily find ourselves at an altar of idolatry.  Somewhere a thought expressed itself that would have been better to cast down, brought into captivity and replaced with a thought reflective of the Word of God.  Somewhere indecision lay rampant.  Somewhere a door was left open; somewhere a heart cries for what is pure, true, and right.

Here stands Jesus with sword in hand; here stands Jesus at the door of each of our hearts.Continue Reading

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Hope Bears Fruit

I have to admit to being distracted lately. I wanted to use this summer to go through the Bible study questions in Beckoned by the King and it is already the end of August and I am only on chapter two.

God is up to something in me though so I am just going with it!

This chapter includes Psalm 119: 1-16 ~ “Beth” which is all about keeping our temples pure and holy.

Psalm 119: 1 How can a young man keep his way pure?  By keeping it according to Your Word.

Psalm 119: 14  I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches.

Even in my feelings of distraction I am considering and answering the question,

“How much importance do you place in keeping a regular time where you draw away just to spend time with the Lord?  Have you created a special place to spend time with Him and do you frequently meet with Him there?”

 I do have a special room at home that is mine. Set apart just for study and soaking, praises and prayer.  But I haven’t been spending much time in there lately.  My feelings of distraction have been unsettling. It has been hard to sit still, hard really to accomplish anything and it blesses my heart to understand that HOPE has been busy replacing fear and dread.

I realized the other day that HOPE has distracted me.  HOPE. A word so nebulous and hard to describe, a word that is not a physical substance, yet something we can hold onto, and experience a soaring in our hearts because we will not let go of HOPE.

That “C” word can suck the life right out of you and I know many of you are all too familiar with that feeling.  Something stronger than the sucking rises up though and in my spirit I hear,

“hope thou in God my soul, hope thou in God!” 

And it makes me laugh because I don’t even read the King James Version, nor do I think that way.  However, somewhere I read it in the KJV and that is how the Holy Spirit brings it back to my remembrance.  I begin to remember and speak out the promises of God. The atmosphere in my heart undergoes a change.

I go to the backyard to pick my raspberries and He speaks to me there by the prickly bushes. Up close, my bushes don’t seem to be yielding much fruit.  Up close, standing straight the berries are hard to see.

He whispers to my heart to remember what He spoke to me last year.

Those words thunder in my heart and I know…I know the comfort and strength of His presence.  I know the reality of Emmanuel, God with me.  He is pure love and grace all mixed into Holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty.  Love and grace covering us with mercy and loving-kindness, the oil of joy poured out to replace sadness and the garment of praise as He removes the cloak of heaviness.

His words ring loud in my ears,

 “I have brooded over you as a mother hen broods over her chicks.  I have busied Myself with your every need; I have delighted in fulfilling the desires of your heart.  I have shown you my care and faithfulness.

I have brooded over you.  I have protected you from harm.  I have been your place of refuge, safety and rest.  I have brooded over you and have watched over you as you grew.  I know the measure of your stature, the growing love within your heart.

You are Mine forever, the commitment of My love for you is shown by My nail scarred hands and feet.  Never doubt My love. My love for you held me upon the Cross – My blood ran down for you.

I have brooded over you; I love to satisfy your every need.  You have brought your needs to Me and I have given you fresh water and manna as you come. You have fed on Me and found Me faithful.

I know your circumstances have been difficult.   I have set you and your experiences apart, in order that My purposes for you and My character are formed in you.  Choose to delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

Bend low

Lift your gaze – do you see Me?

I am the Vine; you are one of these branches.  One branch connected to another, all connected to Me.

Bend low, bend lower still

Lift your gaze – do you see Me?”

Yes I do! I see You standing over, reaching down.  The wind of Your breath rustles the branches.

Rustles me, rustles my heart

I bend low, Your wind blows the branches and they bend.  The leaves blow back, the fruit that was hidden is now in clear sight.

The fruit remains and ripenedSC_0819

I see fruit in places I couldn’t see before!  These branches, my branch seemed so sparse at the start of the season.  Leaves have grown.  The ripened fruit has not dropped to the ground.

The wind, rain and storms have battered this bush; the fruit has remained, ripening in the heat of the sun.

Hidden from view as I stand and look long, I hear You say,

“Bend low, lift your gaze.  Bend low, your fruit has ripened.  Bend low, your fruit has matured throughout the storms.

 My word has watered and strengthened your soul so the fruit you bear would withstand the force of the storms.

You have bent low, clung to Me, found the essence of your life in Me.

You are coming out of the wilderness, strong, leaning on your Beloved.

Lift your gaze; see the fullness of My love and goodness.”

Beloved, will you seek the face of God with me to discover if there is anything holding you back from experiencing and entering the fullness of His joy?   I have been discovering fear, dread, hopelessness have been trying to take hold in my life.  The Lord has been faithful to shine the light of His Word upon my path and in the discovery there is an uncovering.  Freedom is coming in greater degrees as I allow myself to be covered by His grace and love.

Remembering with you that we have been,

An Intimate View of Psalm 119 - A refreshing and challenging Bible Study on Psalm 119

 With love and joy on our journey,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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When Hope and God’s Word is Greater than Gold

Some of you may remember that last month I shared I was flying back east (Canada) looking for a home to buy for our retirement years. I asked you to pray for me, that God would give me wisdom. Some of you may also remember how we walked through the valley of prostate cancer last year.

I don’t think I can keep this short…but I shared some of my journey with Cherie Booth Zack after she posted this on her timeline: “Has it dawned on you that you are not where you are by choice? Though you think you made the choice to live where you are, God is who chose to put you there. He did this for a reason and a purpose. Don’t miss what He has for you to accomplish by walking in discontentment.”

Now I am in no way discontent and have always believed God has a particular place for each one of us to live, seek Him and reach out to others and touch lives in a way only we can.

God has blessed me with a precious man of His for a husband and he speaks Proverbs 31 over me, calling me a woman of wisdom, etc. He gave me full authority to “consider a field and buy it” when I was back east.

We long ago learned to write out a list detailing what we were hoping for in prayer and this house was no exception. I knew what I was looking for. Several times I thought I found it, only to find someone else had just put an offer on the house and they got it. Other times, as much as I loved the house, the Lord would speak to my heart, and say, ‘but this is not the place I have picked for you’ and I would carry on looking.

The first week I was away, I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast and after our last year of ‘hard’ my soul was refreshed. It was in the area where we thought we wanted to live.

The second week I stayed with my step daughter and husband in a different town close to a another larger center where she works. I had never seen much of this city except for her work place and when she showed off the “ghetto” as she called it. I never considered for a minute living in that city. BUT her husband is not a Christian and they are one of the main reasons we want to move out there.
We had an awesome time together. One night Chad took me for a drive around all the neighborhoods and I was wowed – I liked it, it felt good.

But the time came for me to return home, empty handed, no house for my husband.

A few nights after returning home, he pulls one up off the internet, he had walked through it several months earlier when he was there on business. He really liked it. For the most part I did too but it needs some work, some TLC.

My husband is so much like his heavenly Father and so much like his earthly father. He is able to imagine something and then build it, create it. He is able to take something not so great and create something magnificent and beautiful because he can see it in his mind and bring it to pass with the working of his hands. He loves to dream, he loves to create and he loves the possibilties he sees in this house. He sees it finished. A work of love.

I had been considering physical fields. I realized yesterday, the field the Lord really wanted me to consider is the heart of my husband. In doing so, God is considering my heart as well. Whenever I feel concern over his health coming my way I speak the Word and declare the power of the Blood of Jesus over him. I began to see that when we have hopes and dreams for the future, we have hope for the future. Hope rises.

This house gives him the ability to plan, dream and create with love. I have long known the verse in Proverbs 13:12 “hope deferred makes the heart sick”.

I didn’t “see” until this morning, the second half of the verse where it says, ‘but desire fulfilled is a Tree of Life.”

Bruce will be picking fruit from the Tree of Life and experiencing the fulfillment of his God given desires. With long life God will satisfy him.

So whatever we are facing in life there is always a turning our hearts can take to see things from God’s higher perspective.

Thanks for your prayers, God did indeed give me wisdom.

Truly God’s Word is greater than gold!

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett
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Joining Hope with Faith is Key to Victory

The past few weeks we have been looking at some keys to victory as we journey through our trials.  

Today the focus is on hope ~ expressed as the cry of my heart to my Papa King.

 Some days all I can do is just lift my gaze to you Father.  Some days I have no words, no clear thoughts. Only your word speaks loudly within my heart.  Your thoughts clear my vision and become my focus. The thoughts that roll around in my head that I can’t sort out, seem then so unimportant.

It is on those days, Father I am thankful. Thankful you know my heart better than I do; you know the end of my thoughts before the first one can flit through my mind.  You are amazing in your love and knowledge of me and for me.  Again, Lord all I can say is I am thankful.

Hanging Onto Hope

Some days Lord, I feel I am hanging onto hope with just a single thread.  Some days, I am afraid the thread may break because of how tightly I am clinging.

Thank you for protecting my hope and encircling it within the promises of your word.  Thank you for faith that grows as hope rises and swells.

I know you hear us as we enthusiastically sing, ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’, but when our world is in a place of uncertainty, nothing but knowing we are the one you love gives me peace. You are the solid rock on which Bruce and I stand hand in hand.

You know Bruce just had his latest blood test to determine his PSA count.  The Dr. said it was perfect. You said you have done a perfect and complete work in him. Why do I worry and waste time fretting when all my energies ought to be in trusting you? You who said you are faithful. I believe you and that’s all that matters to you.

We have yet to see the radiologist/oncologist in March.  He will need another blood test just prior to that visit and it would be no lie to say it feels I have jumping beans in my belly.

Sunday I was asked the question; ‘Is Bruce healed?’

I hesitated and was unsure of my answer.  I wondered what you thought when you saw I was unsure how to answer.

Today I will repeat my declaration of faith and say Bruce is healed. Because Jesus, you shed your blood to heal ALL of our diseases.  Completely heal and completely eradicate.

Lord, you spoke with absolute authority when you walked this earth and because of it, we have reason to hope. You even told us you have given us all authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us.  We have all and the enemy has nothing.

Someone said somewhere, ‘the shadow of a dog never bit anyone’.  Not sure where I heard that or who said it, but I have never forgotten and there is a truth in that silly little ditty that can set us free from fear.

Choosing to Persevere

When tribulations and trials come our way, we can choose to persevere and walk through them victoriously knowing you are creating and bringing forth character in us.  The character you create and produce in us will be as one who hopes. Hope does not disappoint us because you are faithful to keep your word.

When we know and hide your word in our hearts, we will speak with confident assurance.  Our word of faith will echo the Psalmist’s in Psalm 119:89 ‘Forever O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness endures to all generations.’

Today, we are of the generation who will speak forth and declare the praises of God in and to a world darkened by fear, worry and unbelief.  Today the light shining in our hearts will shine as a beacon in the dark days of this generation – our declarations will bring forth hope to those who hear.

Hope sparks our imagination.  Hope causes us to keep on dreaming, keep on pressing toward our goals.  Hope gives us a confident expectancy for the future.

Hope spurs us to keep on praying. As we draw near to you Father, you draw nearer still.  You are the God who births hope.

We delight ourselves in your presence and you fulfill and give us the desires of our hearts!  Peace To My Soul

There is no good thing that you withhold from us. You feed our faith with food from your table. We are beggars and yet you treat us like kings.

You keep busy, God, creating character within us.  You want to shape and mold our character and see the fullness of the Image of the Son reflecting in us. You know full well when perseverance hones our character, strength to press on comes with the hope that rises in our hearts.

Hope – it fills our hearts with joyful expectation, a desire to walk uprightly before God all the days of our lives.  Walking with you, we soon learn the sweet joy of intimacy with you.  

His Sweet Voice Fills the Air

‘Do you want to live in that place of hope, peace and rest? Then enter into the throne room of Heaven and bring all your requests, desires and cares before Me. I AM the One who loves you with an everlasting love. I will hear and answer you.

Take the time to slow down, stop for a few minutes and become aware of My Presence. I said I would never leave you. Never forsake you. Let my glory permeate your atmosphere.

Do you trust me enough to place all of your hope and expectation in me? I know it is a difficult thing to do, when you cannot see me and must trust a Voice that seems to come from nowhere. If you will be faithful to daily seek me and read my word, you will recognize my voice. I will lift you up out of that darkening spiral downwards.’

I know that too.

When I am afraid, my choice must be to trust in Him otherwise I feel I am spiraling down a deep dark hole. I am choosing instead to fall backwards in full faith into His loving arms.  He is catching me every time! He is!

Are you confident in knowing He will never fail you, disappoint you or give you a stone when you asked for bread!

Will you choose to hope in his unfailing word and place all of your hope and expectation in the God who longs to pour his blessing out on your life?

I am choosing to trust you Jesus.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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When Disappointment Comes Hard

Dis appointment

Disappointment is a word we know and a feeling, with which we are all too familiar.

Disappointment knocks the wind out of our sails and it is a stealer of hope and joy.

Disappointment came hard when I found out Bruce had prostate cancer. Disappointment tried to discourage and depress me.

Hope came as I chose to believe and trust in God’s Word for the promise of healing.

Disappointment knocked hard again when we were advised that radiation would be Bruce’s best course of treatment. Disappointment tried hard to knock the wind out of my sails that day!

When disappointment comes hard, desperation can run high. When we view the bumps and hills along the way, it is tempting to travel a different direction. Memories come of an earlier time in life when I used to bicycle to the pool to swim lengths several times a week. The route to the pool was full of steep hills and I was always thinking, wondering if there was some other route to take to avoid those killer hills! There was no other easier route to cycle to the pool.  As I endured, persevered and continued cycling those hills, my body grew stronger…

I no longer hoped I would make it. Perseverance and endurance shaped and strengthened my character and determination saw me climb those hills. Determination did not allow me to draw back in disappointment when hills came into view. I stayed the course.

The same is true in our Christian walk. Disappointments come but if we were to drop the “dis”, we just might find we are actually in an appointment of time and circumstances designed for the building up of our character.

There are choices we can make that will strengthen and bolster our faith. It is up to us to learn God’s word, to know the sound of His voice so we do not cringe and shrink back in fear. We choose to give voice to a song of praise. We choose to boldly declare the Word of the Lord and listen for what He speaks.

I am so thankful that I have learned to recognize the sound of my Beloved’s voice.

Jesus said His sheep know His voice and follow Him. Here I am a sheep in the midst of the fold. Sheep are bleating all about me. My heart is focused. I hear His sound in the pasture. He hears my cry.

Not for a second did I or will I, question the Voice I heard that hot summer night. Not for a second will I wonder who reminded me of the story of Namaan for I know the sound of my Savior’s voice. He comes to me in the night; His sound reverberates within my spirit. He brings calm and peace to my soul.

He leads us in the way that is true and right. A way where the outcome and end result is pleasing because His plans for us are good.

He says, “Here is the road I want you to walk. Do not look to the left or to the right and be swayed in the looking. I am with you to help you as you stay the course.”

May I ask you and encourage you to “dis the dis” and see yourself walking the appointed course, growing in the grace and knowledge of your Lord as you walk through your valleys?

It is a wondrous thought to know we are His ambassadors on an assignment that is holy! He has appointed and anointed each one of us for our specific assignment.

He is with us, in us, and His power is upon us!

Walk in Him knowing you are filled with all of the fullness of God…

Listening for His heart,

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