Resolutions or Revelations for Lasting Change in 2017

When we are in relationship with Jesus Christ, New Year resolutions have nothing on the revelations He can and will share with our hearts.

Often it seems those resolutions we make at the beginning of every year are just made to be broken! We make resolutions in the hope that we can be better, and do better and live a life that is better than the previous year. We want growth in our inward character but growth cannot come through worldly resolutions. Change and growth in our inward character come about because of revelations in the heart.

Matthew 16:19 I will give you the keys of heaven and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.
I Peter 1:13 Gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

To ‘bind’ is to ‘gird’ up something. When we gird up the loins of our minds, we are binding our minds to the Word of God.

Jesus said ‘whatever we bind and loose’. ‘Whatever’ does not stipulate only something in particular, it is embracing everything. Jesus said binding and loosing is a key to living in the kingdom of heaven. Don’t we all want to live out the righteousness, peace and joy that characterize the kingdom of heaven? Don’t we make resolutions in the hope that we have a greater hope, peace and joy in our daily lives?

What we need for lasting change is relationship with Jesus Christ and ears to hear the revelations He shares with us as we lay His word before our eyes and lay His word down in our hearts.

We use the word ‘whatever’ today in a careless, flippant fashion and I don’t believe that is how Jesus used it here. He is giving us the opportunity to bind the weakness of our own natural traits to the strength and power of that which is supernatural and stronger than we are. Being bound we are able to rest in the power of God and lean upon His greater strength.

We are His workmanship, the unique and delightful work of His hands, birthed from the Incorruptible Seed of the Spirit of God. God has recreated us in Christ Jesus for good works, a good purpose and He has already prepared everything necessary in order for us to walk in these good works.

Our responsibility is to loose ourselves from our own selfish ideas and unformulated thoughts and bind ourselves to the Path which is the Way of the Lord. We bind our thoughts to His Word. We loose unruliness from our hearts and bind ourselves to His heart.

We loose ourselves from lack of vision, bind our sight to His sight, and see the path He has laid out for us to walk. With our natural sight bound to His, the eyes of our heart clearly see the specific good works He has planned for us to walk out and walk in.

We loose ourselves from feelings of failure and unworthiness and bind ourselves to the plans and purposes God has for us. We bind ourselves to the sufficiency of the grace He has for us and give thanks that His power is made perfect in our weakness.

We loose ourselves from the capabilities, pride and ability of flesh and self, bind ourselves to the power of Christ, and make room for His power to rest upon us.

We loose our flesh and mind from laziness and lethargy and bind ourselves to what Jesus has laid hold of for us. We press on and in so we may lay hold of the promises of God. We bind our minds to the process of forgetting those things which are behind. We loose our painful memories and bind them to the truths of God`s Word. The blood has made us clean and we have been completely forgiven.

Because we know we have been set free we can actively pursue the pressing toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Jesus Christ.

Join me as we thank our Father for truth, for enduring truth which never changes or fails.
Thank you Lord, that when we bind ourselves to Your truth we are guaranteed to prosper in what we put our hands to.

We are today, putting our hands to the plow in expression of our obedience to You.
You never cease to lead us in truth and righteousness and are forever faithful to see that goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives.

The testimony of our lives crowned with goodness and mercy is surely the lasting legacy we, Your children will leave.


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You Are the Beloved of the Lord

You, dear one are the beloved of the Lord and He whispers to your heart all the day long. 

Can you hear Him, Beloved?  You are so loved. Oh, how He wants you to be confident in His love for you.

Beloved of the Lord…you don’t have to wait to be loved. 

You are to Him, His Beloved, His Precious Possession, one He has redeemed by His blood.  He calls to you and hopes you will come and dwell in safety by Him. He wants you to be His dwelling place and thinks of you as His place of holy habitation.

He is calling you to a place of rest and He longs to shelter you all the day long beneath the hiding place of His wings. In that place of sheltered rest He will speak of His love for you and teach you how to live in a way that reveals the image of His nature.  Rise above our circumstances

He is for you Beloved.  He adores you and loves you fully and freely.

You don’t need to be afraid or cower behind in shame.  His love covers you, He builds you up with His lovewords  and He will hold you there in that special dwelling place between His shoulders. He will help you to see from a higher perspective and His love will enable you to see others as He sees them.  Trust Him beloved.

Trusting Him as Abba Father ~ trust His love, His ability to provide and take you to the places He would have you go.  In the times of difficulty you will still be in that special spot as He carries you on His shoulders. Can you hear Him as He calls you to rest in comfort and peace in His Presence?

There is no one like our God.  There is no one else who has promised to ride the heavens to help you. No one else who promises that we would see His excellency and majesty on the clouds.

 He carries you and in the carrying He is and ever shall be your refuge.

Beloved underneath you are His everlasting arms and He will never let go.  You don’t need to ‘hang in there’, you only need to rest in the promises He has made you and know that He will fulfill His word.  It is not by your might and power that anything is accomplished, the forming of the eternal fruit of your life is accomplished as a result of the working of the Spirit of God in you.  Learn to yield to the workings of the Holy Spirit so His work is not hindered. 

He has said if you would prepare your heart and stretch out your hands toward Him, He will receive you.  When you put iniquity behind you, walk away from it and pursue Him with your whole heart, then, truly, with the utmost confidence you can lift up your face to Him being without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

He has promised you steadfastness of heart. A heart free from fear, full of His love.  His promise is sure, your times of misery will be forgotten in the light of His glorious grace.  The past has been washed away by the blood of Jesus, it has been washed away as the the fresh tidal waters cleanse the sands of a beach.  Beloved, in spite of what you may have done, His blood has made you pure, whole and clean.

Your life holds the sure promise of God, held carefully and cherished within your heart.

The promises of God are sure, they are yes and amen in Christ Jesus the Lord. Your Lord.  He has birthed His hope within your heart and since all of your hope and expectation is in Him, you can expect that He will cause your life to shine brighter than the noonday sun. You can expect that the light and glory of God will fill, surround and shine through you because it is His promise.

You shall rest and be secure, beloved because you have hope borne of faith.  Your hope and faith work together and His promise is sure that His mercies and love will never fail.  

He is gracious and compassionate.  Toward you.  Towards all.

Give thanks beloved of the Lord. Give thanks with a grateful heart, sing praise to Him and remember, there is hope; there is always hope for the Beloved of the Lord.

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Exercising Hope in God is a Great Exploit

Does it bring great comfort to your soul to know God carries you in the palm of His hand; He loves you and presses you close against His beating heart?

It does me.  Knowing and picturing me in the hollow of His hand has rather wowed my heart when I realize the Holy One has used that same hand to measure the waters in and with its span measured heaven.  Truly, who are we that He is mindful of us?

We are His lovers, His companions and the joy of His heart.  We are the reasons He is love.

We are the reasons God is Love.

Daniel 11:32 speaks of those who know their God; the verse says those who know Him will do great exploits.  A ‘great exploit’ and dream for me would be to sell 50,000+ copies of Beckoned by the King, to speak once a month at various events, to have the truthwords of my heart touch the lives of thousands of men and women.  Yes, those would be great exploits.


One of the greatest exploits we all are capable of is ‘hoping in His Word’.  We hope when the circumstances of life look bleak and dark. Hope is the light in our spirit that flickers and grows bright and because hope arises from our renewed spirit, we hope in faith.   Our soul, (that which is our mind, will and emotions) may faint as we wait for the salvation of our God, but hope rises in our spirit as we focus our hope on the Word of God.  Psalm 119:81

When we walk and pass through the valley of the shadow of death, we will hope and be triumphant.  When Bruce and I walked through the days not long past dealing with the ramifications of cancer and death, we didn’t think about great exploits.  We thought about making sure we knew our God and knowing God resulted in a great exploit as we witnessed and were recipients of the miraculous hand of God working in our behalf.  Our faith is a testament to the doctors and to those in our community.

We will lift up Jesus our Banner of Victory knowing He is Jehovah-Nissi our victory! Lifting up the Name of Jesus during our time of trial is a great exploit!

Pressing in and learning to know who our God is, that too is a great exploit because it’s hard to press in and be faithful and confident in a God who has no skin but whose words on paper are sure and true.

When we know our God, fear and unbelief will not hem us in.  We are held in the hollow of the Almighty’s Hand.  And those waters He measured are not going to sweep over us, we are not going to be lost amidst the bright shining stars, for the glory He has placed within us will shine brightest of all.

A great exploit is walking up the hill before us, hiking up that mountain so our legs become strong and our muscles well formed.  He enlarges our heart in the climb so we can carry more of Him; breathe more of Him in.

What we do on the mountaintop is not the ‘great exploit’!  The great exploit is gradually, here a little, there a little, being faithful to walk forward, to be the friend who covers the back of our brother or sister with prayer and a loving touch.  What will it matter what I do on the mountaintop if my behavior and 2014-05-13 07.44.13attitude on the climb are not glorifying to our Lord?

When we know our God, our life of faith will be our greatest exploit, for His love frees us to rest in His unfailing Word.  So don’t be discouraged if you think or feel you are not where you would like to be.  God knows exactly where you are on the hill and He is forming in you the perfect resemblance of the Image of the Son.

Shall we commit to hoping in His Word and waiting on the Lord so we can rise up with wings like eagles?  Shall we trust Him to crown us with loving-kindness and tender mercies as we climb the hills of life?  Shall we lift our voices in one accord and bless Him for satisfying us with good things from His hand and renewing our youth like the eagles’ in the hardest moments?

Sometimes, the greatest exploit is being a friend to one in need, by giving our two mites because we have opened our heart to the needy.

Hope in faith and feel the hand of the One who loves you with an everlasting love.

Standing with you in love,



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When You Need to Press On Through the Night

Psalm 119:55-56

O Lord, I remember your name in the night and keep your law. This has become mine, that I observe your precepts.

This, this one thing is mine, His precepts hidden in my heart are unseen treasures carefully guarded and I will not allow the enemy of my soul to steal them. This one thing is what stills my soul and keeps the ground below my feet firm.

When the day dawns dark and gloomy and joy is scarce, this one thing encourages us to press on, the Word of God hidden and tucked away in the corners of our hearts.

Dear One, when your day is dark, press on, walk into the Light. When the shadows loom and tomorrow feels uncertain, press on, and go forward pressing into the One who holds you close.

Trust in His Word; allow His words of comfort to distill the fear that wants to press close. He is closer still. His Word rests upon your heart, speak it out, let it rise up so you can walk forward with joy and trust. Rest in His Word.

I know life is difficult sometimes and the challenges of it then seem too much to bear, but Adversity births hope. Hope keeps walking forward, hope wants to take you by the hand, lead you by still waters and minister to you in green pastures.

Hope will lead you to the Comforter, lay you down beside Him and He will remind you of words spoken long ago. Trustworthy Words that ring out truth loud and clear.

Hope really will bring a smile to your countenance right smack in the middle of the mess. Hope’s infusion of joy will cheer you, encourage you and bring strength to your weak places.

Your legs will not grow weary in the walking even though you cannot see where the path is leading. That’s just the way of faith. We don’t use our natural eyes but rely on the instincts faith has honed within us.

When we listen, when we decide to really listen and still the other voices, we hear the Voice of the One we love,

“I am watching over you, My love in songs brings comfort to your soul. I lead you by the well and invite you to drink. Long, deep drinks of Living Water to satiate and refresh your weary soul.

I prepare a feast before you; My skillful hands break open the Bread and Wine. I am your Feast.

When you have Me; My Word; The Word dwelling within you, you will hear My voice reminding you of My Word, as you lay awake in the night season.

Even though, now, you feel weak and weary, you will remember My Name in your darkest night. Even though, now, in your weakness and weariness you wonder…you listen…you hear Me speak.

Words of comfort rise up in your heart and you feel the delight of My consolations deep in your soul. You want to keep My Law! You want to walk in My Truth and Light.

I have set a hedge of protection round about you, My eyes are ever upon you, My hand is ever ready to protect and provide for you. I know your every need.

I know your limitations; but do not be surprised at the stretching… Press on, Dear One, press into My side.

Know I have gone the distance for you and have prepared the path for you. I see the skip in your step as My Words bring joy and delight to your heart.

They have become your words too as you think about them, whisper them in the night and wait for the entrance of Light. Your soul is stilled and at peace ~ all because you have chosen to live by My Word and counsel.

Revelation of Me is stored as treasure in your heart and revelation of My Name has become greater than gold to you.”

Precious One, I love you.


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How the Sword of the Lord Brings Hope


After a Christmas Pause I bless you with a joy filled New Year, looking to Jesus, the Comforter and Lifter of your head.  Jesus, the giver of grace and peace, the One who tenderly touches your heart as He creates the ‘new thing’ He promised would come forth.

His Word is the Sword of the Lord.  His Word is a two-edged sword able to separate joint from marrow, spirit from soul.  His Word brings clear division even as it brings forth unity between our spirit, soul and body.

When we read His Word, turn it about in our minds we begin the process of hiding it in our hearts.  As we meditate and ponder the Words of Life, our hearts fill with the River of Living Water.

….Living Water flowing from the Ocean of God’s great love.

Zayin is the Hebrew alphabet letter meaning aggressiveness.  Maybe you are asking, “What’s all this got to do with Psalm 119 and our life?”    Maybe you find all this Hebrew alphabet stuff a bit boring and not applicable to you.  I promise you though, if you would hang on a little while longer, I believe you will see something to stir your spirit to excitement.

As we read verses, 49-56 of Psalm 119 with the awareness of the meaning of ‘Zayin’ being ‘aggressive’, our inner eyes will see where the Psalmist is choosing to be aggressive.  Today we are only going to look at verse 49. There is so much in this one verse that has blessed my heart today!

Psalm 119:49 Remember the word to Your servant in which You have made me hope.

In a time of life when he feels hopeless and barren, instead of walking in despair and discouragement, the voice of the Psalmist rises to the ears of the Lord.  He is not beseeching and bewailing in the face of the prevailing circumstances.  He is not being a crybaby.  He conducts himself as a mature man of God.  A man who has been training himself to walk in the way of the Lord.

I love how in the middle of the barren dry land he finds himself in; he stands his ground and remembers the Word the Lord had given him to inspire hope.

Does your heart get excited when you read this verse and see how the offer of hope extends to you too?  The Lord has given us The Bible to give each one of us hope; he gives us ears to hear his voice and a heart to incubate the word he speaks to us.

When we are battling the darkness and difficulties life throws at us, oft times we catch the curve ball thrown at us.  I have done it.  Instead of recognizing the curve thrown by the arm of the enemy, holding up the Sword of the Lord to combat it, I have caught it and allowed fear to take root in my heart.

Quietness and confidence are our strength because we are not being drained and weakened by fearful feelings that make our legs unsteady and our hearts pound…  Our confidence rests securely in the Lord our God and it is that confidence that quiets our soul.   We are on intimate terms with our Lord and when we speak out, we are speaking from a platform of trust and security in Him.  We are not afraid.

Never forget dear Reader, Jesus is your Righteousness.  Jesus is your Shield; His Word covers your hearts like the Breastplate of Righteousness.  Jesus is the Word made flesh who dwelt among us for a time and now for all of time dwells inside us.

A Word to give you Hope: Meekness marked My character, and so it must mark yours to keep you from being marred by the enemy.  As you bow down, lay aside, and count as worthless your worldly treasures, you will begin to have sight that sees the treasures of My Kingdom.  Let your heart be strengthened by My Grace, finding in Me greater satisfaction and contentment than what the world offers.

The world offers the promise of battle and discouragement, disillusionment and failure.  Come and stay with Me and let Me take you by the hand and teach you how to use the Sword with skill.  I speak the Word, and the Sword of the Lord cuts through death, creates new life.  It is sharper than any double-edged sword because it has gone through the tempering fires of God.

As the dross is burned out, more and more of My Word will enter in.  Amazing light will rest and grow within you, and from that place My Sword will grow sharper in you.  Bring it forth in times of darkness and despair and see it gleam.  See the cohorts of the enemy scatter as you lift it high.  See their destruction as you land a piercing blow.

I have made your feet to be like hind’s feet, able to stand upon high places.  You will stand on the high places that have belonged to the enemy; with agility and grace you will tear them down.  You will sing songs of victory throughout the dark hours of your nights.

Let the greatest joy and delight and highest aim of your heart be that of seeking Me and finding what I have stored up to bless you with.  All that you can imagine – imagine, and I will do far beyond for you.  You will aim at and hit the mark.

Defined by Grace,

Listening for His heart,



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