You Are the Beloved of the Lord

You, dear one are the beloved of the Lord and He whispers to your heart all the day long. 

Can you hear Him, Beloved?  You are so loved. Oh, how He wants you to be confident in His love for you.

Beloved of the Lord…you don’t have to wait to be loved. 

You are to Him, His Beloved, His Precious Possession, one He has redeemed by His blood.  He calls to you and hopes you will come and dwell in safety by Him. He wants you to be His dwelling place and thinks of you as His place of holy habitation.

He is calling you to a place of rest and He longs to shelter you all the day long beneath the hiding place of His wings. In that place of sheltered rest He will speak of His love for you and teach you how to live in a way that reveals the image of His nature.  Rise above our circumstances

He is for you Beloved.  He adores you and loves you fully and freely.

You don’t need to be afraid or cower behind in shame.  His love covers you, He builds you up with His lovewords  and He will hold you there in that special dwelling place between His shoulders. He will help you to see from a higher perspective and His love will enable you to see others as He sees them.  Trust Him beloved.

Trusting Him as Abba Father ~ trust His love, His ability to provide and take you to the places He would have you go.  In the times of difficulty you will still be in that special spot as He carries you on His shoulders. Can you hear Him as He calls you to rest in comfort and peace in His Presence?

There is no one like our God.  There is no one else who has promised to ride the heavens to help you. No one else who promises that we would see His excellency and majesty on the clouds.

 He carries you and in the carrying He is and ever shall be your refuge.

Beloved underneath you are His everlasting arms and He will never let go.  You don’t need to ‘hang in there’, you only need to rest in the promises He has made you and know that He will fulfill His word.  It is not by your might and power that anything is accomplished, the forming of the eternal fruit of your life is accomplished as a result of the working of the Spirit of God in you.  Learn to yield to the workings of the Holy Spirit so His work is not hindered. 

He has said if you would prepare your heart and stretch out your hands toward Him, He will receive you.  When you put iniquity behind you, walk away from it and pursue Him with your whole heart, then, truly, with the utmost confidence you can lift up your face to Him being without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

He has promised you steadfastness of heart. A heart free from fear, full of His love.  His promise is sure, your times of misery will be forgotten in the light of His glorious grace.  The past has been washed away by the blood of Jesus, it has been washed away as the the fresh tidal waters cleanse the sands of a beach.  Beloved, in spite of what you may have done, His blood has made you pure, whole and clean.

Your life holds the sure promise of God, held carefully and cherished within your heart.

The promises of God are sure, they are yes and amen in Christ Jesus the Lord. Your Lord.  He has birthed His hope within your heart and since all of your hope and expectation is in Him, you can expect that He will cause your life to shine brighter than the noonday sun. You can expect that the light and glory of God will fill, surround and shine through you because it is His promise.

You shall rest and be secure, beloved because you have hope borne of faith.  Your hope and faith work together and His promise is sure that His mercies and love will never fail.  

He is gracious and compassionate.  Toward you.  Towards all.

Give thanks beloved of the Lord. Give thanks with a grateful heart, sing praise to Him and remember, there is hope; there is always hope for the Beloved of the Lord.

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I Believe Your Word

Psalm 94:19 In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.

Lord, I come away
Come away from all distractions, cares and concerns.
Here I am, setting myself apart from all the worries of life.
Here I am, Lord anchoring the trust of my soul and heart to You, Jesus.
Anchoring myself to all You have accomplished for us by the shedding of Your blood.
I bind myself to Your word, O God
In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke fear and the borrowing of trouble.
I cast them far aside and I lift up the shield of faith over our lives.
I lift up the shield of faith, the shield of Your favour that says HEALED, SOLD, FORGIVEN, REDEEMED, SET FREE, PROVIDED FOR, BELOVED.Continue Reading

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How Do We Reveal the Heart Jesus Redeemed

 God’s plan is to reveal the power and beauty of Jesus through our lives.  The message in Galatians 2 is all about living the resurrected life, but how do we do this? 

How do we live in a way that reveals His heart?  How do we express our lives with the heart Jesus redeemed for us?

I have been learning to say ‘no’ to those things contrary to His word and instead run to His word and drink from the fountain of living water.  When I am filling my heart full with His words, my mouth, which so often gets in the way, will begin to speak words in agreement with God’s word.

The last question in the chapter, “Ayin” (in Hebrew this alphabet letter is likened to a fountain of water) in Beckoned by the King ended with this: “Can you hear Him as He teaches you to speak right things only so that your speech lines up with His word?”

I sure have been able to hear Him!  He let me know my word for the month of November is ‘no’, and of course it fits right in with what He has been teaching me and what He wants me to learn.  I am not surprised that the word is a perfect fit for the next chapter in Beckoned by the King, which is ‘Pe’.  The Hebrew meaning for this alphabet letter is ‘open mouth’. 

Pe  Psalm 119:129-136

129 Your statutes are wonderful; therefore, my soul observes them. 

130 The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. 

131 I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands.

 132 Turn to me and have mercy on me, as you always do to those who love your name.

 133 Establish my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

 134 Redeem me from the oppression of men, that I may obey your precepts. 

135 Make your face shine upon your servant and teach me your decrees.

 136 Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your law is not obeyed.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my walk with God is the absolute need to be faithful with the time I spend reading God’s word.  I am lost without it.  My husband always knows if I have been slack in my word time because I get cranky and aggravated…quickly. 

I have needed to trust Him to firmly establish me in His word so sin does not take priority and dominion in my life.  Trusting involves knowing He will complete the good work He began in me but I need to do my part.  I need to read the word of God, practice listening for His voice and be faithful to obey His written and spoken words. Continue Reading

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When a Life is Hanging in the Balance

‘Her life is hanging in the balance, it’s uncertain if she has a future.

I’m sorry but we aren’t sure we can do anything to help your daughter without putting her at very high risk.  She is just three pounds.  Open-heart surgery is usually done on bigger babies.  Do you really want to put her through all this?  Maybe you should just think about keeping her comfortable.  Her C02 levels are too high at 75.  Without intervention she dies, the C02 levels will put her to sleep.’

These are the words my friend, Anna heard from her doctor about the life of her now three-pound preemie, Sabreena.

Her life is hanging in the balance.

Her Mama knows this well. I cannot imagine the dunamos power of God at work in her life, enabling and empowering her to get through the days, fraught with tension and still have a smile on her beautiful face.  She walks with grace, beauty and balance, trusting in her God.

But Mama Anna, when she gets discouraged and tired, she reads the word, prays the word over Baby Sabreena; cancels the assignment of the devourer and asks God what He wants her to do.

He reminds her of what He has recently shown her in His word. About Jude, and contending earnestly for the faith which was once and for all given to the saints.  He reminds her of when reading in Romans about the obedience of faith; she sensed God was telling her, her obedience was to have faith.

The longevity and intensity of this trial is wearing on her…while the life of her daughter hangs in the balance.

She holds her beloved, the little one awake, reaching up to touch her Mama’s face.

Mama speaks, choking out her words of love…and then the dunamos power from on high comes…

She commands, she speaks with the authority of a Daughter of the Most High God. She speaks to the C02 levels and commands them to go down in Jesus name.

The Word of God is the ‘Samech’, the balance point. Speak the Word only and my daughter shall be healed…and she was, that very same hour.

Morning breaks with news the C02 levels have gone down to 69. Trusting God to work the miraculous, no decisions regarding surgery are made.

The Lord is at work in Mama’s life too. He shows her how the spirit of fear is trying to dominate her.

The Lord is her strength and high tower, her source of peace and in Him she chooses to find rest.

From that place of quietness and resting confidence in the Lord her God, she focuses on the goodness of God.

He will not fail her.

She speaks again. She calls those things that are not as though they were.  She speaks to the ‘issue’.  She declares to her daughter that her C02 levels are going way down.

She spoke and it was as her words of faith declared. With no medical intervention, the upward trend breaks in the Name of Jesus.  Sabreena’s C02 levels are at 61!

Each answer to prayer is like a leverage point in Anna’s heart.  As she relays the events concerning her daughter, the story of God’s faithfulness will rise high above the retelling.

The Word of God is Anna’s place to stand where she finds balance for her reeling emotions. The word is the balance and we need to know we can stand on it with unswerving trust.  Because we never know whose life hangs in the balance and when our words make the difference between life and death.

Mama Anna, her faith is activated now to believe for the VSD hole in Sabreena’s heart to close so she can breathe on her own. The doctors have been surprised by Sabreena and are happy with her growth and Anna knows it is because the hand of God has touched her.

Family of God, would you stand with Anna and me and believe God to close the VSD hole so she need not undergo open-heart surgery? Will you join me in prayer?

“Father, we thank You for all the days of life that are written in Your book about Sabreena. We thank You for knowing everything about her because You formed and fashioned her in her mama’s womb.  Lord, You say we have not because we ask not, and so right now in Jesus name we are asking You for a touch from Your hand.

We speak to Sabreena’s VSD hole and we say close in Jesus name.

We declare that she will live and not die and all the days of her life, she will sing and speak of the glory of God. We thank You Father for the work You have begun in her life and we thank You for the perfect and complete work You are doing.  We bless You and declare Your goodness over our land.

Thank You for infusing Anna with strength for the battle and for the victories won and the victories yet to be won.  We thank You that in this time she is more than a conqueror and no good thing will You withhold from her.  Thank You for a good report.”

Can You Hear Him?

  1. When you are waiting for His word to give you direction or insight, what is your attitude in the waiting period and why?
  2. When a day of trouble comes upon each one of us, where do the Scriptures tell us is the safest place to be?


Can you hear Him as He speaks words of sustenance to your soul?

With you in His palm,                                           


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Will You Hear My Heart

I love the way God uses our brothers and sisters to help us out when we least expect it and most need it.  I have a confession to make and an apology that goes right along with it.  Will you stay and hear my heart?

I shared some words with a brother the other day, they were good words, straight from the Father, but they lacked a revealing of my heart, my soul, and emotions. My brother kindly and lovingly let me know they lacked.

I could have crumpled up that paper and tossed it into the basket saying I would never write again…but there, held in the hollow of God’s hands, I had an epiphany!  I came upon Jesus in my friend’s words.

My emotions are the same as yours. They aren’t weird or foreign; they are just as familiar to you too. We might go through different experiences but God created us all with the same emotions.   It’s how we process them in the journey.  It’s about sharing our story in the journey.

As I write these words, my heart remembers a note I wrote to my Mum many, many years ago.  In it, I asked for her forgiveness for not sharing my heart with her, thinking she might not understand me.  I was the one who didn’t understand that though our experiences were different our emotions were the same.

I held back for so many years. I remember the shock I felt as I wrote, realizing she loved me and she wanted to know me.  Somehow, I felt that because I was a Christian I couldn’t reveal me.  Young and immature I was in the way of love as my heart tried to process the pain of giving up my only daughter for adoption.  Mum would have completely understood the pain I felt because as a Mum, she would have felt the same and as Grandma, she grieved not knowing her first living grandchild.

The only question was, ‘would I let her in?’  I never fully did until near her end.  I was the only family member who was a believer in Jesus and I was the one who made the biggest mess out of my life.  I felt shame and confusion; why couldn’t I live like all the other happy, good Christians?

But, you know what my Mum would do?  On hard days, like the anniversary date of my abortion for instance, she would call me and tell me how proud she was of me.  Of how she saw that I stuck with my faith and she could see how it had made such a difference in my life.  I will miss her phone call this year…It amazes me how she saw me persevere and grow in my faith no matter what hardships I went through!

I didn’t know growing up that I was/am hard of hearing and I struggled with all my relationships because of my inability to hear the way others could.  I was always so frustrated with people for speaking so softly, what was wrong with speaking a little louder for goodness sake?  It is only in the looking back I understand my feelings of not really connecting with my friends.  I never fully or correctly heard the words spoken and so I kept my words and my heart to myself. Circumstances are different today.

Thankfully, Bruce understood our crazy misunderstandings in our early years of marriage as a hearing problem and set about to remedy that for me. Withholding my heart is a pattern I choose to break.  Today, the question is ‘will I let you in?’

Today I choose to share my heart, so my journey in finding why God’s Word is greater than gold will be a blessing to you.

Today I ask you to forgive me for holding back my heart from you. Will you journey with me, for surely I am learning that together we are better and together we are stronger?

Together, when we share our hearts we can uncover the lies of the enemy and we can link arms and hearts and offer protection for one another in the storms of life.

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With love,

with you in His palm

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