You Are the Beloved of the Lord

You, dear one are the beloved of the Lord and He whispers to your heart all the day long. 

Can you hear Him, Beloved?  You are so loved. Oh, how He wants you to be confident in His love for you.

Beloved of the Lord…you don’t have to wait to be loved. 

You are to Him, His Beloved, His Precious Possession, one He has redeemed by His blood.  He calls to you and hopes you will come and dwell in safety by Him. He wants you to be His dwelling place and thinks of you as His place of holy habitation.

He is calling you to a place of rest and He longs to shelter you all the day long beneath the hiding place of His wings. In that place of sheltered rest He will speak of His love for you and teach you how to live in a way that reveals the image of His nature.  Rise above our circumstances

He is for you Beloved.  He adores you and loves you fully and freely.

You don’t need to be afraid or cower behind in shame.  His love covers you, He builds you up with His lovewords  and He will hold you there in that special dwelling place between His shoulders. He will help you to see from a higher perspective and His love will enable you to see others as He sees them.  Trust Him beloved.

Trusting Him as Abba Father ~ trust His love, His ability to provide and take you to the places He would have you go.  In the times of difficulty you will still be in that special spot as He carries you on His shoulders. Can you hear Him as He calls you to rest in comfort and peace in His Presence?

There is no one like our God.  There is no one else who has promised to ride the heavens to help you. No one else who promises that we would see His excellency and majesty on the clouds.

 He carries you and in the carrying He is and ever shall be your refuge.

Beloved underneath you are His everlasting arms and He will never let go.  You don’t need to ‘hang in there’, you only need to rest in the promises He has made you and know that He will fulfill His word.  It is not by your might and power that anything is accomplished, the forming of the eternal fruit of your life is accomplished as a result of the working of the Spirit of God in you.  Learn to yield to the workings of the Holy Spirit so His work is not hindered. 

He has said if you would prepare your heart and stretch out your hands toward Him, He will receive you.  When you put iniquity behind you, walk away from it and pursue Him with your whole heart, then, truly, with the utmost confidence you can lift up your face to Him being without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

He has promised you steadfastness of heart. A heart free from fear, full of His love.  His promise is sure, your times of misery will be forgotten in the light of His glorious grace.  The past has been washed away by the blood of Jesus, it has been washed away as the the fresh tidal waters cleanse the sands of a beach.  Beloved, in spite of what you may have done, His blood has made you pure, whole and clean.

Your life holds the sure promise of God, held carefully and cherished within your heart.

The promises of God are sure, they are yes and amen in Christ Jesus the Lord. Your Lord.  He has birthed His hope within your heart and since all of your hope and expectation is in Him, you can expect that He will cause your life to shine brighter than the noonday sun. You can expect that the light and glory of God will fill, surround and shine through you because it is His promise.

You shall rest and be secure, beloved because you have hope borne of faith.  Your hope and faith work together and His promise is sure that His mercies and love will never fail.  

He is gracious and compassionate.  Toward you.  Towards all.

Give thanks beloved of the Lord. Give thanks with a grateful heart, sing praise to Him and remember, there is hope; there is always hope for the Beloved of the Lord.

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The Glory of Love and Spring Snow

Spring snow fell upon our land yesterday, covering all the old dirty snow. 

It reminded me of how the fresh wash of God’s grace refreshes and cleanses us when we veer off course.

The way His mercies are new each morning.

He sees us white as snow, redeemed, forgiven, set free by the Blood of Jesus.

God, in His amazing grace sees us all glorious within.

His eyes of grace and love see only beauty, purity and holiness.  He sees our readiness to enter the chambers of the King.

God sees into us, He looks way beyond the surface messiness of our lives.  He sees Christ in us the hope of glory.

He wants us to know that truth by heart and by experience for a lesson learned by experience and known by heart is not soon forgotten!

Sometimes our learning is a little painful! But the pain is only temporary as God’s truth hits home and does deep work in the heart.

All of yesterday’s beautiful snow covered up a sheet of ice behind our Durango.

Coming home after a lovely morning, exiting the vehicle with a few parcels, I did something I seldom do.  Yeah! I walked around, well; my intent was to walk around the back of the truck.

These feet of mine connected with the ice and the side of my head connected with the bumper!   I had forgotten to remember the patch of ice!

My first thought as my head rested on the bumper?  I wondered if my neck was broken.   And then I wondered what the neighbors might think if they saw me kneeling in the snow at the back of the truck, one arm cradling my head, the other still clutching my parcels; if they could hear me muttering…in the Name of Jesus, healing, healing healing….

Slowly rising, still clutching tight to my parcels, one hand to my head, feeling something sticky, I walked into the house. Giving the dogs a very dazed greeting, I realized the best course of action was to get back into the Durango and go to the Medical Clinic.

My distress was obvious and a Dr. saw me right away.  This is where the lesson kicks in.

After asking me what happened, he picks up the instrument to check my ears!  I am thinking, “My ears? My head hurts and is bleeding.  It’s my head that has a lump the size of an egg!”

Before I could ask, he answered. Sound familiar?  He told me he was checking to make sure there was no blood behind the eardrums.  He turned out the lights, checked my retinas with another instrument, and told me if underneath my eyes turned blue (and something else I forget) happened, to go to Emergency.

He was not concerned about the bump all by itself.  The Dr. was checking for signs of a fractured skull!

He gave me six anti-inflammatory pills to help with the swelling and pain and cheerily let me know he thought I would be OK.

The slip and subsequent visit to the Dr. gave the Holy Spirit an opportunity to show me how our issues, what we see on the surface is not what  He wants to deal with in our lives.

He always wants to go to the root.  He is not interested in just a pretty outside.

He is going to look into our eyes and ask us what has caught the attention of our ears.  Are we hearing the lies of the enemy telling us we are not as _____ she is?  Is jealousy, insecurity, inferiority, pride or unforgiveness blocking our love walk?  How can we love our brother or sister if we harbor those feelings?  The answer is – we cannot.

It hurts when we realize we have not embraced the sacrifice of Jesus and we are still holding onto our “stuff”.

The Blood drips red from the Cross-it has not lost its power.

I want to honor the sacrifice, honor the One who died and rose again.  I want to give the Holy Spirit free reign to look deep into my soul and show me how to appropriate the power of the Cross.

Shall we stand at the Cross together and let the Blood drip red over us?

Our identity is in Christ and in Him I am one with you.  Amazing isn’t it!  Can we make a commitment to one another to choose love and exercise grace?

We can  show  the world our love by living our faith.  By expressing sincere, godly love for one another and being examples of the love of Jesus.  To show others the love and compassion of Jesus, looking way beyond the initial bump; ignore the scrape and just love, love, love in Jesus name.

We are after all, all diamonds in the rough.

Beckoned by the King


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Blessed Is She Who Believes


John 1:12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become sons of God, to those who believe in His Name.

Blessed is she who believes!

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will will be saved.  This is Your Word, Father.

Believe. Simply believe.  The Scripture doesn’t say “hang on with all your might and believe, believe as hard as you can, as much as you can”.



Believe the Holy Spirit has come upon me.  Believe the power of the Holy Spirit is hovering over me.

The Holy Spirit is protecting the presence of the Seed of the Spirit within me.

As I remain in my secret place, go about my daily duties, the Holy Spirit hovers over me.

He wants me to birth the fullness of the Child Mary birthed.

I choose to believe.  I will yield to the power of the Holy One and allow Him to fully form Christ in me.  It is painful.

Father thank You that You focused on me to be a carrier of Your grace and love.  You chose me Father.  You hand picked me to be made whole and holy by Your love.

I have been such a source of constant work for You.  But that is all part of the birthing of the fullness of Jesus, Christ in me the hope of glory isn’t it.

There is so much of my natural, old me that is supposed to stay dead in Christ that keeps rising up.

The revolution can only be stopped by revelation.

There is a war going on between my old self will and nature and the nature of Christ within me.

I have heard it said many times, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will never force Himself upon me.

He will not force His way within me either.

I must believe and yield to this power of gentleness and humility.

How to express these deep of the Spirit?  How do I express what I know You long to do in the secret places of my heart?

Words spoken can dissipate into thin air. I can forget them.  Sometimes.

I can be haunted by them too.  Haunted by their selfishness and cruelty.

Haunted by the complete lack of love in the speaking.

As I write these words, ink forms on paper.  They become tangible, readable, believable.

The same way Your Word is written upon my heart and my life becomes a letter for others to read.

I don’t want to keep my life sealed in an envelope ~ but its hard to see the mess too.

I believe Father.  I believe in spite of  and because of the messiness of me You are forming Christ in me ~

The Hope of glory ~ Hope that stirs me to continue to believe.  Hope that causes me to reach to receive Your goodness.

I believe and I am blessed.  I believe I have been forgiven all my sin.  Past sin, future sin and the sin of my now that so wants to drag me down.

It is forgiven, I am forgiven and I am free.

Free to become who Christ intends me to be.  Free to become the one in whom Christ can become fully formed.

I am free to love as Jesus does because I choose to believe as I yield my sin nature to You, Father, You take it and toss it into the Sea of Forgetfulness.

You remember it no more.  This I believe.

Lord, I receive the fullness of Christ.  Fully formed grace ~ enough~sufficient for my every need.

In my weakness I receive Your strength.  The Seed of Your Spirit has come into me.  I am Your own, chosen, Beloved One.

I believe You are at work in me.  You have moved in and You are moving about.  Even though all I can see and feel right now are my weaknesses and shortcomings, You see the Beauty of Christ.

I believe Your grace and strength are shaping me, perfecting me, forming the fullness of Christ within me.

I believe Lord Jesus, I yield and receive You.

 How glad I am that I am becoming to You,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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Do You Recognize and Yield to God Thoughts

A Cake That Taught a Lesson

Everyday we have opportunities to choose what thoughts we are going to yield ourselves to. Every moment of those days we have opportunity to listen for, recognize and yield to God’s thoughts.

September 25, I read Proverbs 25:26 and cannot count the number of days of 25’s I have read this proverb. Today is different. Today my heart receives truth. Today, though unsuspecting at the time of reading and writing I am going to have opportunity to practise the truth I learn.

We become like a muddied fountain and polluted spring when we yield; we fall and then compromise our integrity.

This morning I question, “Yield to what?” The answer comes clear. When we yield to impatience, anger, frustration, faithlessness, speaking lack, dislike of others, unhappiness, discontent, and fretting, wanting to get even…

The list makes me sit up straighter and take notice! How many minutes of our days are we faced with decisions to choose what is right and pleasing to God?  How many times do we yield to the thoughts the enemy tries to sow? How quickly do we recognize where these thoughts come from and just as quickly discard them?

I thought of Mary. Mary, sitting at the feet of her beloved Savior, savoring each sentence, noting each nuance of His words.

Mary sat, wrapped in the peace of His presence.  All else faded away. She knew her choices when Jesus came to their home. She knew her responsibilities.

Maybe she chose that day to sit with Jesus not because her heart was tenderer, more spiritual or she instinctively knew to choose the better part.

Maybe Mary felt inferior, insecure, saw her inabilities to serve as graciously and effortlessly as her older sister and countless other women in her district.

Maybe she didn’t like the way her insecurities made her feel. Maybe she felt she didn’t measure up to the standards other women lived by. Maybe she felt unable to walk with the same dignity, grace and beauty she saw in other women.

Her older sister Martha was capable and well able to run her household efficiently, a woman exuding grace and beauty, skilled and so able. Martha was together. She probably never had a bad hair day. Her attire was likely creative and a cut above. Her food preparation and presentation left her guests feeling wowed and special.

Maybe Mary felt insecure in her shadow.  I know I have felt like this many times as I have marveled at the magnificence of other women.

Maybe Mary felt the only way she could cope with her emotions was to sit at the feet of Jesus first.

How easily and quickly we forget how fearfully and wonderfully God has made us!

Have you forgotten? Are you lining yourself up alongside other women, noting comparisons, feeling inferior and insecure alongside them?

What are we doing when we put ourselves through this form of torture? We are yielding to the power of the negative thoughts and we fall. The fire within us fades in the face of outward appearances.

Whoever we are, wherever we are, we need to fill up with the meat and drink of God’s word, meditate on God’s thoughts towards us and yield to His truth.

What you just read was as far as I got yesterday morning before I looked at the time, jumped up and into the shower. You see, I had a baked a cake and had promised to deliver it to my husband’s office.  No time had been set for that…I thought. Before the shower, I turned on the computer to check emails after the shower.

Amongst many, one stood out – “CAKE. Please have cake here by 10:00 am. Thanks.”  Sent over an hour earlier, I now had twenty minutes to dress, dry and drive fifteen minutes to make it! Mentally calculating time and distance, I throw on my jeans, tee, and long linen sweater; quickly apply mascara and lip-gloss.  In my haste, my hair tangles in my brush. With hair finally brushed smooth and pulled back into a very wet ponytail, I fly out of the house, determined to drive the speed limit.

Once on the way, I laugh for I realize I am living what I am learning!

I am not going to yield to the thoughts and feelings of insecurities the enemy was throwing at me. In spite of my hasty dressing and wet hair, I looked good and told myself so! I laughed at the irony of it all!

Then the sneaky thought came I almost yielded to. “I could just leave the cake at security and they could call Bruce…”  I arrived and there was Bruce waiting for me outside, beaming when he saw me. I handed him the cake and he said, “Park over there ok.  There are some people I’d like you to meet.”

All I could think was “I sat at the feet of Jesus this morning!” I felt empowered, I felt the company of Jesus.

It’s not about us, but Who lives inside us. It’s about letting His love and glory shine through our brokenness, our weaknesses. Even when delivering cake!

In Him, we are beautiful, gracious, strong, capable, intelligent, wise. That’s who they saw yesterday.

That is you, oh precious child of God, your life is hidden in Him and He is radiant and glorious through your life as you lean and yield to His strength.

Can you be fluid like the water of the Word, and flow with grace and beauty as you yield to the flowing of His Spirit within you?

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He Speaks Peace

Hiding God’s word in our hearts keeps us from sin.  Sounds cut and dry, a good reason if we are living to proclaim the blessing of purity in our lives. It is also a good reason because sin has tentacles that are vast and many. We never know when sin might trip us up and we fall into the trap the enemy has set for us.

I am not going to fall into the trap; I see it and name it as worry and fear. Today I have learned another reason and if this had been the only reason the Bible mentioned, it would be worth it.

When I hide God’s word in my heart, in my times of travail and difficulty, when I get myself quieted, the Holy Spirit will bring to my mind those verses I have hidden in my heart.

“My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.” Psalm 62:5

I am expecting, I am silent, my soul feels anguished.  Today I am hearing, “He never gives us more than we can bear”… “I am with you”… “I am the God who heals, I am Faithful”…

Today my heart is hurting.  I wonder, how do I be strong for my husband?  He chuckles when he tells the story of me breaking down and bursting into tears at the information stand at the Cross (cancer clinic).  He tells, with a big smile of how when he was registering the sobering news the Dr. was relating, he didn’t realize I was close to fainting until the Dr. left us for a moment and only then did he see my sweat covered face…

My mother was still alive when we found out about Bruce and I didn’t tell her anything about the diagnosis. I did tell her though about Bruce’s son committing suicide and shared my faith with her - I shared Jesus with her – I shared Jesus sensing urgency in my spirit to do so - phone lines were even ground.  She never wanted me to talk about Him in her own home and I had to respect and honor her no matter how hard it was to keep silent.  In her home, the door was closed to the Greatest Love of our lives.

That Friday was the last time I ever spoke with her.  In her diary, I read on that day she wrote, “I am glad they find so much comfort in their faith.”  How my heart ached when I read that entry wishing with all my heart she too could have had a faith in God to find comfort in.

God does amazing things though doesn’t He?  He uses circumstances, hard circumstances to bring people to Himself.  A few weeks ago, I woke up from the most alive dream that was about my mother.  I hadn’t dreamt of her yet and this one – well let me tell you…

“Bruce and I were in the house and I looked out the window and saw my mum walking down the street and I knew I had to go out and help her.  I ran out and there was a curb I had to help her over so she could get to the other side.  We then looked up and I pointed to a huge brick mansion a way far off and I said, “see, your room is just up there, you can just about make out your window.”  The next thing I knew we were there.  People were milling about and the atmosphere had a sense of excitement and anticipation. There was a clear partition and on the other side, angelic beings were performing a type of CPR on people.  CPR was so fast you could barely see the hands moving, the peoples’ heads were far back, and their mouths had wide grins.  Out of them flowed joy and laughter. The transition was instantaneous and joyful. It seemed like a wonderful place to be but I had to leave and felt great peace about Mum remaining there.”  Then I woke up.

We have Bruce’s radiation schedule as of this morning and I have been feeling – well, just nervous about the unknown of this next step.  All day I have had this crazy feeling of wishing I could talk to my mum  even though I didn’t plan on telling her about Bruce’s diagnosis for as long as possible, if at all.  It is such a crazy feeling because there was so much I didn’t tell my mum simply because it was Jesus based.  I did tell her that Friday about doing the radio interview (with Anchored in Christ Ministries and Shane Davis) and she shocked me when she half groaned and said, “I wish you’d tell me these things.” I should have known she would have been proud of me even though she didn’t understand my love for God and His greater love for her.

There will be jewels in this journey that we are walking one step at a time.  I remember that the Lord said His word would be a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet.  I just need to move my feet so He can shine His light.

Romans 8:31-32 What then shall we say to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?  He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Psalm 84:11-12 For the Lord our God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You!”

If you, my family in Christ would keep us in prayer I would deeply appreciate it.  We need housing for October and as far into November, peace for our puppies while we are gone, radiation kill all cancer and only cancer and that we know and exhibit the joy of the Lord throughout these days.

Today, Grace and Glory are leading me on the path of peace that leads right into His throne room.

Holding their hands, I bend low and bless you in the Name of Jesus.


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