All In Praise and Thanks

Father, thank you for your Presence within us. Lord, we need to be able to sense and feel you not just by faith sometimes and I know for a lot of us that time is now. Father, would you so comfort and deliver your children from pain that all we feel is joy, peace, and the overwhelming sufficiency of who You are. 

Even though we know a life of faith pleases You, would You in Your kindness allow us to feel the amazing powerful presence of Immanuel.  God with us, the all-sufficient God, the meeter of every need.  We cry out to You.  Be the Lifter of our head, let us feel the touch of Your hand as You lift us up to gaze into the face of grace.

The overwhelming sufficiency of who You are. God fill us anew with that knowledge, that knowing of You and Your heart in all areas. Would you meet the crying out need of your children? I know You hear us and have mercy on us. Let relief come in the areas of necessity. Continue Reading

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How to Apply Life from Words


How can I apply the life giving words of Psalm 119:1-8 to my everyday life?  What changes do I need to make in order to establish my life upon the promises of God?

The Living Word, the Word that is able to “penetrate to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and the immortal spirit, and of joints and marrow (of the deepest parts of our nature), exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.  Hebrews 4:12 (Amplified)

How can I soak in the Life of these words?

We are a blessed people when our way is blameless.  We are blessed when we walk in the Law of the Lord.  We are blessed when we Love.

We are blessed when we observe His testimonies and seek Him with all our heart.  When we walk in His ways, unrighteousness will be far from us.

The reward for obedience is blessing; rich, full, overflowing in our lives.

We wrestle.  We wrestle like Jacob who refused to let go of the Angel of the Lord until he was blessed.  We wrestle with deception, greed, wanting more.  We walk in unforgiveness, fear and shame.

Like Jacob.

We wrestle with our own thoughts, ideals and priorities.  We separate ourselves from our brothers and sisters.  Our family is solitary. Alone.  And our hearts wrestle as we sojourn.  We lay our heads upon the hard rock of fear.  Pleasure and longing for the acquisition of more and better pervade our senses.  We pursue what we hope will satisfy us.

Jesus pursues us.  Jesus is running after us with arms open wide, calling our name in the pursuit.  His plan is to overtake us with His goodness and mercy.  Tangible gifts of grace.

The compassion Jesus had for us far outweighed His love for His own life.

  I can imagine Jesus as He prepared Himself for His goodbyes.  His earthly father had taught Him so much.  Jesus learned early the grace of humility and submission in the carpenter’s shop. 
It was in the carpenter’s shop that He wrestled with His emotions.  The pleasure He felt as He ran His hands over the smooth wood, the feel of the sawdust between His toes, the scent of the fresh wood.
Within the walls of the shop darkness settled in slowly and Jesus wrestled.  His heart felt the pain of the crucifixion.  The fragrance of the wood filled His senses; the setting sun cast a rosy glow through the shuttered windows.  He loved it here.  He loved His family and knowing the pain they would feel at His death was almost too hard to bear.
Jesus turned His face, turned His face toward Calvary and set His face like flint to carry out His heavenly Father’s plan.  He turned His face once more and along the walls of the shop, it was as if He could see our faces.  Ours, radiating with the glory of His love.  The thought of us gave Him strength and once more He turned toward the Cross and this time joy flooded His soul as He imagined you and me today in relationship with Him.
His roughened hands had touched, healed and blessed.  Now spikes would pierce them through.  He trusted His heavenly Father’s plan of redemption implicitly.  He would go willingly to the Cross; His blood would pour out and provide life for us.
How often He had thought about us.  The time had come.  He kept His heart focused as every step He took brought Him closer to the cross.  The time of goodbye was near.  Mary and Joseph had housed the King of glory, loved Him fiercely and with great abandon.
His heart felt it would burst with the grief of goodbye.  His relationships had been deep and true.  He had loved like none other.  He had loved deeply, fully and known no bounds.  His heart was hurting.  His Father knew. The great plan of redemption intensified and once more, the hall of faith revealed our faces.
Love would see Him through.  Love would raise Him up on the third day.  Love spilt His blood so we could live!

We wrestle with our emotions and the Father knows and understands because He made us.  He wants us to come to Him, to cry out to Him and meet Him in the midst of our despair.

It is in our thought life our sin is birthed.  We wrestle for purity in our thought life and the Father doesn’t want us to ignore or mask our thoughts and feelings, He wants to meet us right in the middle of them so He can minister grace to us in our weakness.

Jesus was perfect. He expressed His emotions perfectly and if we make it a habit to ‘observe’ Him and seek Him with all our heart, we will wrestle ourselves into a place of peace.  A habitation for the Lord where His nature and characteristics rule the roost.

Truly, in the Father’s Keep the ways are the way of holiness, purity, never-ending mercies and steadfast compassion.  All of these are yours as you rest in My embrace and allow My hands to shape you, fashion you and perfect you. You will be no longer fragmented but whole and in peace.  People of integrity with the sanctified spirit, soul and body operating in unison – this is peace; this is the rest in the Father’s Keep.

All I have laid out for you is yours. Eat and drink, be filled with righteousness and the fruits thereof.  Drink from the fountain of purity.  Let your ear receive the Word from My mouth, it is food to your spirit, sustaining your soul and strengthening your body.

Go forth in joy and peace; stay leaning against My everlasting arms.  I will keep you from falling. I will cause you to stand in a place of purity; your feet will be securely planted upon the Highway of Holiness and joy and gladness will rain down upon you as showers of blessing from within the Father’s Keep.

Lift up your heads, lift up your hands, for the old has passed away and the new has come.  The joy of Jesus is within you. Everything He has, all of His qualities emanate and radiate from His life and surround you here in the Keep.

Joy is a safeguard for your souls, and here in the Father’s Keep alone it is protected and keeps you strong.  Your willing sacrifice of self is the highest and best offering you can bring, for it is then we are yoked together and walk in perfect  unity.  Joined thus, we walk as one. (Beckoned by the King)

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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The Promise of Peril part 2


Have you stood at the foot of the Cross and let the blood of Jesus flow over you, covering your sin, bringing healing to your body, wholeness to your mind?  Have you ever imagined what it would have been like to be there that day with the full understanding of what Jesus was accomplishing as He hung there upon that Cross?

Have you stood at the foot of the Cross ~ in your mind’s eyes seen Jesus, with His body whipped and beaten, dripping red, pure and holy, a perfect sacrifice for the forgiveness of your sin?

Have you seen your sin upon His shoulders and realized that it was for you that He died?

He died so that you and I could live out the days of our lives, thankful that He has made us to be holy as He is holy. Because He has made such a huge provision for our holiness, He expects to see us living in like manner.  But to us, believers and lovers of God we have 2 Timothy 3:2 warning us that

“in the last days perilous times will come and we will be lovers of ourselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemous, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, lacking self control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power.”

Last week, I highlighted “unthankful”, this week; the spotlight is on another little word with big meaning. “Unholy”.

The blood of Jesus, dripping red throughout the ages has made us holy as He is holy… is the greatness of the sacrifice not impetus enough to live for Him, to love Him?

And look! In the NIV version, plain as day two more little words pop out – they are “unloving and unforgiving”… words that are spoken to us who have been and are accepted in Christ !

We stand in Yahweh and yet seem not to stand in awe of His Word. Holiness is the essence of the character of God and for us to partake of that same nature we must be willing to love the unlovely and forgive those who have hurt us.

Even as the Blood has been shed and drips red over our lives, some of us have not willingly chosen to depart from iniquity.

2 Timothy 2:19 “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity”.

We choose to allow the weaknesses of our flesh to rule and we cater to those weaknesses!

We are lovers of ourselves more than we are lovers of God’s Word – we are fulfilling God’s Word in a negative aspect.

Can we go on from this place where peril is rampant? Can we let a holy fear wash over us, strengthen our weaknesses, move away so peril does not reach out  and entwine us with its long reaching bony fingers?

Would we willingly choose to be traitorous and betray the love of Jesus preferring the possibilities of peril to the promise of pure love?

Do we really prefer our own way of doing and being to the promise of being lead beside the still waters of restoration?

Is being headstrong really better than a yielded heart?

A heart that is haughty will always choose to please its own and yet can you see… the Blood drips red, it never ceases in its flow… it never loses its power to cleanse, never loses its power to transform lives.

My life, your life, the lives ours touch…

Stand in Yahweh, stand in pure holiness and from that viewpoint see yourself set apart as one for Him to love and bless. He will love you and bless you but He will also call you to do the same, setting us apart in our actions from those who are in peril.

He wants to use each one of us as vessels of honour each esteeming and preferring the other above ourselves.

Stand in Yahweh, stand in love and let Him prepare us for every good work.

Let the Blood of Jesus drip red into every corner of our lives and live!

Live free, a captive of sin no longer.

Live free because of the Blood and because of the love of Yahweh.

Live free and stand in Yahweh, no more with your feet on the brink of peril.

Live free standing on the promises of God ~ all of which are yes and amen in Christ -, where you are!

May the Lord give us understanding that we might learn His commandments. Those who fear You will be glad when they see us, because we have hoped in Your Word. Psalm 119: 73

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