You and I as believers have so much in common. You and I, we have this amazing treasure in our earthen vessels.   The name of this treasure is Jesus and He came to bring healing to the sick, sight to those who are blind.  He has anointed us to preach, to share good news. To bring release to those who are bound.

You and I, we carry the richness of His treasure everywhere we go.

Five times, I have sat in the waiting room of Unit 7 while Bruce has had his treatment.

The first few times I took my iPhone.  It was a means of escape and avoidance.

I was squirming. I didn’t want or like to admit that I was afraid. Afraid of seeing fear in the eyes of people. Afraid.

I knew I carried treasure but I compromised. I bought some yarn to knit into scarves.  Knitting meant avoidance too.

Knitting meant I would be more absorbed in the creative process of the scarf. Knitting meant not looking at people. Fully. Knitting meant not seeing pain or fear.

I was missing the blessing of now by trying to avoid the present.

I sit in the waiting room of Unit 7 and the truth is, I am an ambassador for Jesus.

The cheery greetings, the sincere, warm smiles, the friendly voices of the patients, they richly bless me.

I carry treasure in my earthen vessel.  How can I be a blessing to them?

By leaving my iPhone in my purse and knitting at home.

By being all present in my now.

By embracing the moment and finding reasons to celebrate each moment, the treasure is revealed. Our strength and our leaning is in the Greater One, the One who is the Treasure.

The reasons are there, we have only to use the eyes of our hearts to really see.

I can bless them by asking their name.  By being interested in them.

By trusting the One who carries me, living outside of myself, and living completely in Him.

“God, I want to live outside of myself.  Father, by your grace and mercy we are here.  You are here. You are here with me now. Jesus, I want your love to shine brightly through this broken vessel that you have called your own.  Shine Jesus.”

2Corinthians 4:6-7  For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

I carry treasure that will impact the lives of people for eternity. This is not the day to keep silent and to keep to myself the good news of the gospel.

May the grace of God spread to many. May our hearts abound with thanksgiving to the glory of God. May the treasure of Jesus be fully revealed in our lives in these days.

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A New Season

We are entering into a new season in life and we are going to walk the path before us now with joy. We have given thanks and met peace.  Joy has been alongside peace and we enter into the path with the fullness of joy in our hearts.

When our great God has shown us very clearly the path He would have us take, how can we be anything outside of joy filled? Selfishness and fear want to hijack joy and we will not allow that to happen.

We are in a new season of restoration.  Been looking at my garden lately as I have watered, thought much about how the weeds have grown but still the roses, petunias and delphiniums have bloomed, each in their own time.2013-07-25 12.34.41  Monkshood, planted as a wee piece, gifted to me from my neighbour blossomed beautifully alongside the rose and delphinium.  Gifts from the Father, gifts from a friend.

The leaves of the aspen and birch are yellowing with the cooler weather, the north wind blows.

The plants are established and I know the unseen One who will sustain their roots in the cold of the coming winter. They will bloom and give even greater beauty next season.

And isn’t that just like our life?  We have had a hard season of grief and difficult doctor’s diagnosis, but we know the One who has sustained us.  He has watered us so our roots have burrowed down deeper into His Word; He has fed us with bread from His hand.  Oh, how He has sustained us.

In the new season, we will be radiant with the joy and beauty of the Lord’s magnificent hand upon our lives.

Here we are, facing what we feared! It is a new season and we are expecting the blessing of God to be upon us. We know we have been obedient, we know that when Holy Spirit whispered to us to remember the story of Namaan, there was a message in there for us – to obey!

Radiation treatment for Bruce is like the Jordan for Namaan. Not just the act of dipping and showing up for appointments at the Cross-every day at three in the afternoon, but the blessing of obedience.  The healing manifested for Namaan will be for Bruce as well.

We are entering into a new season – not just with the coming of autumn.   Our hearts have experienced healing, grief over the loss of mother and son is no longer heavy in our hearts.  I am thankful for how God brought about healing as well. He was so specific. The dreams brought great peace.

We leave  home at the end of September for a city nine hours away, 39 treatments  – no coming home for weekends. God has blessed us with people to live in our home to look after Shadow and Sasha. We will leave with no worries.

We will be in a furnished condominium established for people like us.  It excited me today when I realized there would be divine appointments for me throughout my days with people in the building.  Would you pray for me, that I not miss any of them and that my words would be words straight from the Throne Room that will bless their hearts and meet their needs?

May I ask you to pray that my heart be sensitive to the leading of the Lord and I pay attention to what’s up around me? I recognize this journey is NOT all about us.  It is about us yielding and being pliable in the hands of our Potter. He gives us a voice and we want to use it for His glory and honor. We want to see Jesus high and lifted up in our lives.

I hear Bruce all the time-sharing his story in the grocery store, drugstore, the hardware store. Wherever he is, whoever he is with he doesn’t miss the opportunity to share his vibrant faith in his Lord Jesus. I have learned to carry Kleenex…

My heart is full of the good things God has been working in me. Thank you for your prayers. When we stand together, we are stronger.

Psalm 119: 71-72 echoes in my heart today.

It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes.

The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

God is beginning to teach me what is in between the lines. It is when we feel His breath and hear His Word that the Word is better than thousands of gold and silver pieces.


In His Palm,

Jeannie Pallett

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Determination of the Heart

I shall run in the way of your commandments, for you will enlarge my heartPsalm 119:32

What a statement of faith the Psalmist is making!  He is declaring that come what may he is determined to run in the way of the commandments of the Lord.

If you look with the eyes of your spirit you will see me! I am standing alongside him declaring with him, that I too shall run in the way of His commandments, knowing as I do so the Lord will continually enlarge my heart, enabling me, strengthening and perfecting me.  What a glorious God we serve!

I have been learning as I walk this crazy journey of cancer that what looked too large to handle earlier on is becoming a natural part of me. Trust, faith, hope and love are anchors that are holding my emotions in place.

I am experiencing the kindness of God as He enlarges my heart to hold His love gifts as I make the decision to trust, to have faith and to speak words of hope and love.

James 3:4-5 “Look at the ships also, though they are so great and are driven by strong winds, are still directed by a very small rudder wherever the inclination of the helmsman desires.  So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things.”

We are the helmsman James is speaking about. We are responsible for our own speech. We are responsible to steer our ship in the direction that God has shown us in His word. Bruce and I are speaking out the healing Scriptures believing  God’s word is true. We visualize healing and the fulfillment of dreams He has placed in our hearts.

We can have the best of intentions to walk in sync with God’s plans and purposes for us but our tongues need to speak the direction, our mouths need to speak out the Word of God.  Yes!

Do you have dreams?  Then speak those out, speak out the fulfillment, the answer from God’s word instead of being critical and negative about what you see about you.

Our speech can change our circumstances and best of all; I have discovered that God’s word changes our hearts even before it changes the circumstances. It amazes me that my heart knows joy today knowing the man I love has been struck with cancer.  It amazes me my heart is at peace.

Today I am practicing obedience to the word of God by not looking at tomorrow and borrowing trouble.  Today I seek God for the strength to make it through victoriously. 

This moment I will live in, love in and speak life into.

We must make a choice as to whether we are going to stay in peace and hold our peace and speak words of life, or unleash a volley of negativity.  Oh, may it be our constant choice to run in the way of His commands and practise speaking forth words of life, blessing, grace and mercy.  As the helmsman it is our choice; there is nobody else who can make that decision for us.

4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Day by day I am learning that if I choose to live consistently within these confines in Philippians 4, my emotions will be in a state of rest; attaining that rest by choosing to “rejoice in the Lord, to always gladden ourselves and delight our souls by remembering the joy that is found by having our lives hid in Christ.”

I have determined that the current circumstances of life will not determine and shape my emotional state. I choose to remain stable knowing we are fixed and rooted underneath the shadow of the Almighty.  We learn that we cannot put any confidence or dependence on what we are in the natural or on outward privileges and physical advantages and external appearances.  (Philippians 3:3)  From what I have seen in the hospital I know that cancer is no regarder of persons.  Rich or poor it can hit us all.

Life is a journey of learning and understanding that our lives are found and known in Christ. As we run our race we experience the treasure of this knowledge.  That recognition for every single one of us is by faith, grace and the blood of Jesus, they are all freely available, and under the Blood, at the Cross we are equal. Jesus is no regarder of persons either; He loves us all with a love that is beyond compare.

We have received grace, truth and blessing by no merit of our own save the fact that we are the ones the Lord God loves; we are His Beloved.

Our merit comes from the fact that God loves us with an everlasting love. Today He is drawing us with loving kindness into His embrace of love. We find joy in Him and gladly surrender to His will so desirous are we of entering into and being in a state of rest.  We begin to learn the art of running gracefully in the way of His commands.

Being in the state of rest, coming to a cessation of our own works ensures the blessing of God as He is able to freely move in our lives in order to polish and perfect, empower and equip.

Let us become master helmsmen in the midst of the storms of our lives and learn to focus on the point of rest so we are able to enter into rest, that haven in the storm.

Our words will always determine our direction.

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Prescription for Life

I’ve been reading lately in the book of Timothy and there are some verses that are really touching my heart regarding the way we are to live.
Did you know that the old fashioned word “chastity” is another expression of godliness?  It means living within the boundaries of innocence, modesty, perfection and purity.
When God chastens us He is doing several things in our hearts.  He is convicting us of our sinful ways and His Word educates and instructs us in the way of righteousness. We are not bound by lock and key ~ His love liberates us!
The chastening of God causes me to rein in my self will and live a life of inward purity which is then reflected through our righteous and holy behavior.
We are to “train ourselves toward godliness” which keeps us spiritually fit, not growing lax in our desire to exercise godliness in our daily lives.  To keep ourselves spiritually fit we must be self-controlled, exercising the fruit of the Spirit.
Resisting the desires of the flesh and choosing to walk in step with the Holy Spirit will result in our looking for places to do deeds of kindness, to speak words that are edifying and bring blessing.  Our hearts will become more tender as our ears are attuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit and our flesh becomes quick in obeying the promptings of the Spirit.
Paul isn’t giving us a list of things to pick and choose from, he is giving us a prescription for life that will bring continued health and healing to us.  A doctor “prescribes” or writes out a particular medication for specific ills and this “prescribed” medication brings about healing.
“Prescribe and teach these things”.  1 Timothy 4:11
“Prescribe” in the Hebrew means to write ~ to engrave, describe, subscribe, inscribe,  inscribe indelibly.
We are, as people who belong to God’s household of faith, to inscribe, have engraved in our hearts and minds the Word of God so that all of our living may be in agreement with the Written Word.  We subscribe to that which is true and right and that which we are instructed through His Word to do we are quick to take action.  We become doers of the Word and not hearers only.
Psalm 119: 111 -112  I have inherited Your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart.  I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes forever, even to the end.
Will you join with me in walking through our days consistently having our inner eye illuminated with the Light of the World, for then the essence of our lives will be confirmed by the love that motivates our faith and actions.  We will have a walk of faithfulness and truth as we set the ordinances of God before the eyes of our hearts.
In times of affliction we will not flinch from the fire. Grace will flow freely and we will escape the snares set by the wicked because the Law of Love is etched, inscribed upon our hearts and no matter the test or temptation, we will not stray in our hearts because we have fully embraced the presence of Jesus with us.
We will be eager and willing to walk out the precepts He has set forth for us to live with liberty, joy and freedom.  We will no longer be torn between two masters ~ there is only one Lover of our souls and His bountiful love is forever entreating us to do that which is right.
We will experience the liberation that comes when we no longer cry out for His grace and mercy to cover us but, instead, live out of the fullness of the Holy Spirit within us.  Purity then brings forth unity as we have learned to live being empowered and emboldened by the Spirit’s holiness.
Doesn’t this sound like a great way to live ~ free.
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Living Free

There are many things is life that happen to us that we do not understand.  We do not understand them in the midst of the difficulty and in fact we may never understand the reason the adversity comes our way.  We must look to the Word of God and receive our answers there.  When we are confused, bewildered, hurt and full of doubt we are to bring all the resulting questions directly to Jesus.  When we come to Him in faith and true honesty God is pleased with our willingness to come to Him.  He is the One who truly understands us and the difficulty we are in and He will answer us by pointing us to His Word.

As we spend time in His Word, our faith is strengthened, the Light begins to dispel the darkness we have been walking in and our tired hearts are encouraged by His faithful promises.  We choose to change our way of thinking and take firm hold of the comforts from the promises in His Word.  As we choose to trust God in our difficult situations, those things we feel imprisoned and held captive by, God promises to turn that suffering into a blessing and also surprises us by His ability to cause us to bear good fruit as a result.

Praising God keeps anger and bitterness at bay.  Anger isolates us, produces ungodliness in us and eventually can enslave us if we choose to feed it.  Anger smothers love, compassion and forgiveness.

We cannot allow the enemy of our soul to be triumphant in his aim at robbing us of the blessing of God.   Walk in forgiveness and love remembering the grace and love of God that has been poured out upon our lives.

Even as God was with the children of Israel when He lead them out of Egypt so He is with us.  He lead them through the desert and the wilderness and He used those years to test them and to prove their character.  May our characters be refined and defined by steadfast praise to God.  This is our choice and an act of will.

It is the heat of the fire that purifies the gold.  We are not in the fire alone, God is an ever present help with us and He knows exactly to which degree to heat the fire, to temper us, strengthen us and ultimately to bless us.

May we praise Him with body and soul as we walk through the fire of testing, the barren desert  knowing that our integrity and uprightness will keep us as we follow Him through the wilderness.  Being obedient to do what He speaks to our hearts to do, applying and living the written Word of God and in all things giving thanks to God and continually offering to God our sacrifice of praise.

Doesn’t this seem a wonderful way to live ~ free?

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