The Father’s Favour

Father, You are righteous and just, perfect and holy. You are without beginning, without end. There is no measuring of Your days for You flow endlessly like a mighty river rushing into the ocean. You are the Creator who is uncontainable just as the oceans would not be contained had You not drawn a line in the sand and said, ‘this far and no farther shall you come.” Your spoken words set the tides in motion, the moon to wax and wane and the sun to give us light, life and warmth.A place provided

Would you trust Him fully beloved and live in surrendered obedience to His Majesty? He has plans for you that are good. You have heard for years that He has plans to give you a hope for your future and plans to prosper you and cause you to bear fruit.

Don’t be complacent with the word of truth. Lean hard into Him when your circumstances appear to contradict His word of promise. Your circumstances will change, His word will not.

If you would join Him at the river and experience His indwelling presence and power, your roots shall grow deep. Difficult news shall not shake you nor shall calamity strike you down before your time. Instead, you shall bear fruit and bring forth that fruit in its season at the right time.

Be mindful, beloved of our God and His ability and desire to teach you and lead you in the way He intends for you to go. Do not be stubborn like the mule; instead be pliable and trusting in His hands. You always have the choice to follow or not, but it is there in that sanctified purpose where He enables you to get wealth.

Wealth is not always the currency of our day. It may be golden treasures from His word, a supernatural ability to lean your entire being upon Him. His plan is to go before you making crooked places straight and opening doors for you with just a whisper and a breath. His favour on your life is greater than gold.

He knows your way beloved. He knows your rising and your sitting. He fully understands and discerns your thoughts. He knows why you do what you do and why you think and feel a particular way. We can hide nothing from Him.

His word, more powerful and precise than a lightning bolt will divide your soul and spirit; piercing and separating your joints from the marrow and all of you lays bare and open to Him.

Never fear the division of the word for it brings us into alignment with Him.

In the piercing and dividing, He gives you clarity and wisdom as He positions and aligns you with His purposes and plans. Your spirit, soul and body will synchronize with the thoughts and intents of His heart. His word will be alive in you even as Jesus lives within you and the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead shall quicken your mortal body to the abundant life He has promised.

This is fruit bearing beloved. This is why we must allow the Gardener to shape us as He prunes our dead and straggling branches. There is great beauty in the pruning so never run cringing in fear from the shears.
He is creating in you a work that will bring Him much glory, honor and praise. He loves you beloved with a fierce and jealous love and He wants all of you. He loves you and His blessing is upon you, surrounding you with favour as a shield protects a warrior.

Go forth in peace and joy, flow in the mighty stream of love. You will be a light of hope to those who are walking in darkness simply because He lives within you and nothing can hide the light of His presence in you.

Your Redeemer walks with you and there is hope for redemption for all.

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You Are the Beloved of the Lord

You, dear one are the beloved of the Lord and He whispers to your heart all the day long. 

Can you hear Him, Beloved?  You are so loved. Oh, how He wants you to be confident in His love for you.

Beloved of the Lord…you don’t have to wait to be loved. 

You are to Him, His Beloved, His Precious Possession, one He has redeemed by His blood.  He calls to you and hopes you will come and dwell in safety by Him. He wants you to be His dwelling place and thinks of you as His place of holy habitation.

He is calling you to a place of rest and He longs to shelter you all the day long beneath the hiding place of His wings. In that place of sheltered rest He will speak of His love for you and teach you how to live in a way that reveals the image of His nature.  Rise above our circumstances

He is for you Beloved.  He adores you and loves you fully and freely.

You don’t need to be afraid or cower behind in shame.  His love covers you, He builds you up with His lovewords  and He will hold you there in that special dwelling place between His shoulders. He will help you to see from a higher perspective and His love will enable you to see others as He sees them.  Trust Him beloved.

Trusting Him as Abba Father ~ trust His love, His ability to provide and take you to the places He would have you go.  In the times of difficulty you will still be in that special spot as He carries you on His shoulders. Can you hear Him as He calls you to rest in comfort and peace in His Presence?

There is no one like our God.  There is no one else who has promised to ride the heavens to help you. No one else who promises that we would see His excellency and majesty on the clouds.

 He carries you and in the carrying He is and ever shall be your refuge.

Beloved underneath you are His everlasting arms and He will never let go.  You don’t need to ‘hang in there’, you only need to rest in the promises He has made you and know that He will fulfill His word.  It is not by your might and power that anything is accomplished, the forming of the eternal fruit of your life is accomplished as a result of the working of the Spirit of God in you.  Learn to yield to the workings of the Holy Spirit so His work is not hindered. 

He has said if you would prepare your heart and stretch out your hands toward Him, He will receive you.  When you put iniquity behind you, walk away from it and pursue Him with your whole heart, then, truly, with the utmost confidence you can lift up your face to Him being without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

He has promised you steadfastness of heart. A heart free from fear, full of His love.  His promise is sure, your times of misery will be forgotten in the light of His glorious grace.  The past has been washed away by the blood of Jesus, it has been washed away as the the fresh tidal waters cleanse the sands of a beach.  Beloved, in spite of what you may have done, His blood has made you pure, whole and clean.

Your life holds the sure promise of God, held carefully and cherished within your heart.

The promises of God are sure, they are yes and amen in Christ Jesus the Lord. Your Lord.  He has birthed His hope within your heart and since all of your hope and expectation is in Him, you can expect that He will cause your life to shine brighter than the noonday sun. You can expect that the light and glory of God will fill, surround and shine through you because it is His promise.

You shall rest and be secure, beloved because you have hope borne of faith.  Your hope and faith work together and His promise is sure that His mercies and love will never fail.  

He is gracious and compassionate.  Toward you.  Towards all.

Give thanks beloved of the Lord. Give thanks with a grateful heart, sing praise to Him and remember, there is hope; there is always hope for the Beloved of the Lord.

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Arise Beautiful One

Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come away with me, See the winter is past, the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” Song of Songs 2:10-13 NIV  2014-06-15 11.14.54 HDR

This may be the winter of your life BUT this verse is calling those things that are not as though they were! The Father sees the fruit that has been born, the way you exude the fragrance of LIFE. He is leaning over you, hand outstretched, lifting you up, raising you up, banishing the languishing soul and causing hope to arise! You skip with Him, singing your love songs to Him, praising Him for the marvelous work He has done in your body so you are without spot or blemish!

Arise, beautiful one, arise.  Take My hand and let Me raise you up.2014-06-23 21.10.17 HDR

No more languishing, no more being bereft of hope.

I have plans and purposes for you and I will fulfill My purposes in you and for you.

Beautiful one, you are precious in My sight.

Beautiful and altogether lovely you are to Me.

In your weakness, I come that I may be your strength, strong tower and place of refuge.Continue Reading

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He Calls Us His Beloved

He gazed long upon  His beloved.  She was alone at the well.  Scarred by her past. Scared of the future.

Shunned and scorned by others she came to the well alone.  Craving.  Satisfaction and contentment eluded her. Shame haunted her.

This place at the well, this is where she came alone.  And here He was.  Right in her space.  Talking about refreshment if she drank of the living water He wanted to give her.

How did He know she felt so shriveled and dried up on the inside?

He wanted to give her something she had never known before.  She is thirsty. Her voice breaks.  Words choking with emotion she dares to ask for His holy water.

He knows her thirst. He knows her hunger and longing for peace and fulfillment.  He knows her to the core.    She is desperate; she longs to stop hiding and to throw away her masks of indifference and bravado.

She implores.

Jesus invites her to come into the light.  Unfazed by the darkness and shame of her past, He asks.  She hears Him.  He wants to wash away her darkness and shame.   Her heart knew – somehow, she could not explain it to herself, but she knew she could trust Him.   He had revealed to her who He was by revealing who she was.

And that was the thing.  It was who she WAS.  He didn’t see her black listed, scorned, shunned and shamed.  He loved her.  She could see the love in His eyes, see it in the curl of His smile and the gentleness of His spoken words.

He called her Beloved.  Her heart bowed in awe of such love.

His presence was so pure. And yet He neither convicted, condemned or belittled her.  Jesus knew the depths of her  plunge.  He knew because her heart was fully exposed to Him.

He called her His Beloved.  The compassion Jesus showed her melted her heart.  Oh, the mercy and loving- kindness she felt from Him!

Listening to Him, she was amazed at the joy His presence gave her.  All of life seemed to funnel down to this one moment.  Filling her water jug suddenly seemed so trivial.

Deep within her heart and soul, settled peace rests. She knows she has found what she has been searching for all of her life.  Oh, she knew she had not lived as she had dreamed of as a child, but here was the Savior, the Blessed Messiah offering her a newness of life and she was saying Yes! to Him with her whole heart.

She received Him and accepted Him within her heart.  She felt different.  She felt clean. pure. Determined to set for herself a brand new standard of faithfulness.

She bowed in worship as her spirit grasped how faithfulness was a quality she would grow in as she continued drinking of the Living Water.

She would never stand all alone and be lonely again.  She was one with Him, completely known and fully loved by Him.   Jesus, King of the Jews had chosen her as His daughter.

She no longer had to scurry about in the shadows.  She was encircled by the Light of His glorious love,  her sin was forgiven and she felt released from her burden of guilt and shame.

Jesus had set her free from burdens so long carried.  Joy overtook her as she realized she was a brand new woman lovingly fashioned and formed to bear the Image of the Son.


He gently holds us. Speaks peace to our hearts. He calls us His Beloved. Always.

She was Beloved of the Lord.Laughter burst from her lips at the irony of it all.  She remembered all the details of her life as they flashed by in her memory.  She remembered, she saw pictures, she saw shame.  She saw Jesus loving her through it all.

Knowing her place in His heart, she smiled, her face glowing contentment. The joy of forgiveness.  Love unlike anything she had ever known. She loved Him and never wanted to leave Him.

She wanted to shout out her happiness, instead she found herself spurred into town.   The one once shunned, scorned and shamed she had a message of hope to share.  She longed to share His love and goodness.

The Messiah had put a new song in her mouth and she would sing His song the rest of the days of her life.  She was His Beloved and His banner over her was love.

Others would hear this new song and they too would sing.

The song would spread all across the land, throughout the ages.

Today we hear the same song.  Can you hear it? Are you singing?  

He calls you His Beloved and invites you too to drink of His living water.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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It’s No Dream that the Snake is Dead

I awoke with a start the other morning, the sight and sound of cutting flesh vivid in my senses.

I had dreamed a dream so life like, it seemed I could still see, hear and sense every aspect of the dream.

It was a dream to benefit and receive truth from.

I saw a very large snake that was slithering around home. Home was the Church, home consisted of the family of God. The snake would come slithering into view and then go into hiding, only to come prowling again unexpectedly, its sole purpose and intent was to devour.

To devour me and create a path of such destruction, discouragement would disintegrate my hopes and dreams.  Every time it seemed I was making headway toward a meeting of a goal or the fulfilling of a dream out would slither that huge, fat snake.

I never quite knew from where it would slither out, when it would present its ugliness. The Captor had known exactly where to look and triumphantly he stretched that snake out on the floor.  His one foot rested solidly on the snake’s head and the sight gave us a sense of freedom and relief. There were several of us standing just off to the side watching as He held up the  snake and then stretching it  out on the floor, slit it open end to end.

Even in this writing, I can hear the sound of the flesh as the knife rips it open from one end to the other, I see the pallid insides and then the two sides of the snake fell away.

It was dead with no possibility of coming back to life.

Our sin nature is under the Blood and Jesus wants something better, something bigger to live. Christ in us the hope of glory!

The Bible tells me I am a new creation, old things have passed away and behold all things are new. I am to behold the new thing that God has created.

My old nature is dead but I keep letting it slither out of the pit where it belongs. That snake leaves behind a swath of destruction and I keep feeling I have destroyed the work of God in my life.

I don’t know how to find all the places that snake likes to hide, I don’t know when its ugly head is going to show itself or when it is going to slither out into full view.  I only know it appears too often.

And when I am empty of answers and empty of hope, there is One greater than all my despair and discouragement.  He slays that snake and gives me hope for my future.

He sees me standing off in the corner, repulsed by what I have seen and heard. His words surprise me.

He says, “You are My creation, created for My purposes, to be filled with My glory.  Discouragement, despair, disillusionment are dead.  I have watched as you focused on the ugliness you see within yourself.  I have felt your discouragement when the snake has tripped you up repeatedly.   The ugly is gone, replaced by the beauty of love. Focus on the finished work of Calvary. Focus on the marvel of the new heart I have given you and from that place of awe; live.

Let My Word be the joy and rejoicing of your heart and allow My joy to be full in you. Let My grace be sufficient for your every need as you live out of a place of emptiness.  Heart split wide open, filled with My fullness.

In the days of old, men practiced “blood letting” with the hopes of ridding the body of disease. It is only in the letting of My blood your sin is swept away.  Your sin is covered, forgiven and forgotten so do not dwell on your fleshly, natural tendencies.  When you do dwell in that place, all you can see is your inadequacy and inability.  Look to Me, look inward to Me, Christ in you who is the hope of glory. Then you will dwell daily in My presence, abiding in Me. You will drink the sweet fruit of the Vine and My sweet nectar will empower you to walk in the Spirit.

The snake is dead.  I have crushed it with the heel of My foot.  Do not let the fear of what is dead haunt and torment you.  Focus on the victory the Lord your God has achieved for you.  Focus on the mighty torrent of the Blood; be swept away in its power. Let My Word raise you up in new strength.  I am coming for My Bride. She will be spotless, without a worry wrinkle, pure and holy.  You are My beloved.

Learn to live empty, with hearts broken and wide open. As your old nature empties out, your lives will be vessels filled with God’s love, overflowing with the beautiful fruit of the Spirit. Your lives will be testimonies of grace given and received.

Do not try to hide, bear one another’s burdens, encourage one another, strengthening each other in the bond of love.  Live in the light of My glory; know that which is hidden will be exposed.

My glory will be exposed through your lives My beloved, My glory will be exposed!”

Bending low to hear my King,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett


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